Jessica Simpson can’t remember her lines


Just days after messing up the lyrics in her Dolly Parton tribute, Jessica Simpson is reportedly having trouble with her lines on the set of Blonde Ambition and had to get an earpiece so a crew member could read her her lines. A source on the Louisiana set says:

“After the seventh take on one shot, the director hid a microphone in her ear so a crew member could feed her lines,” a source told the tab. “Everyone was embarrassed for her, but she laughed it off, saying ‘I’m sorry, everyone. I’m sorry.'” Co-star Luke Wilson was sympathetic, reports the source, and “patted [Simpson] on the back and told her it would be okay.”

But it’s not okay, is it, Jessica? Soon everybody’s gonna realize you never learned to read and that you didn’t really attend Princeton like you’ve been telling everybody. And inside the fake cover of that book you’re always looking at? Pictures of butterflies. Oh woe is you, Jessica. Woe is you.