Jessica Simpson’s breasts at something

April 13th, 2010 // 123 Comments

Here’s Jessica Simpson at the Good Housekeeping Shine On Event in New York last night and I almost want to comment on her weight except I can’t stop staring at her chest and thinking about ways to have sex with her that doesn’t involve an intimate sharing of hopes, dreams and human emotions. Which is probably the greatest compliment a man can give to a woman that doesn’t involve pretending to know she even has feet. “Shoes?! I thought your bodies stopped at the vagi– Well, I’ll be…


  1. Uk_Matt

    So she’s not a rocket scientist. But then sometimes, sheer outrageous hotness is all a girl needs.

  2. Valerie

    It’s “lose” weight, not “loose” weight, 15. Dumbass.

  3. Frank

    Nice change from all the amish nazi tat bearers that have been gracing this site lately. yum!

  4. Shitballs

    I ain’t jerkin’ off to her music.

  5. jake_ryan

    38 & 54, fucking hilarious, thanks. Am I the only one who notices how fucked her nose is?

  6. jake_ryan

    I think the funniest part about this post is that she was at a “Good Housekeeping” event. The only thing this bitch knows about housekeeping is to yell at the Mexicans when they don’t fold the towels right.

  7. @ 15, 37 – Yeah, looks like her breasts would rather be at something else. They’re pulling to her left.

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  9. Angel

    Is “The Fish” being mind controlled by Joe Simpson now?

  10. Nut

    I nutted on pic #10

  11. They went a little too over board w/her nose job. She had it done so long ago when she was young. You can tell her original nose was like her sister’s original nose. Hmmm. Always wondered where that big nose came from? Cherokee?

  12. She looking awesome, mind-blowing, gorgeous, more beautiful in this pics, and looked her eyes, it’s so deeply, and i have totally loseted my self in her eyes,

  13. She look so pretty in this costume.She is really a beauty I love to watch her all photos and films.

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  16. She looks kinda retarded in these pictures. She has the empty eyeball look. Maybe that’s the reason behind her sexual napalm – she is all animal instinct brain, no higher thinking brain.

  17. Brooke

    Last night, you say? Her hair grows back pretty fast… ahem. Unless that boyish cut she got was just a wig (I liked it short, actually, made her look thinner).

  18. Darth

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  19. Jessica’s worst days- as now she has lost her dog daisy to a coyote attack right before her eyes. “Daisy was her security blanket. When people let her down, she always had Daisy.”

  20. Rhialto

    It looks like she’s trying to push a truck with engine trouble from the road.

  21. All you losers complaining of appearance and ……. Blind, if all the beautiful girls p and of course a big busted, and then there would be no need for surgery, all in a bid to be something they are not … … Is ….. Hot hot hot ……………… Oh yeah, and her breasts are 100% real … The way it should be. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her curves.

  22. Bellatrix

    Thank you #56!
    WTF? Good housekeeping event? Seriously who invents this stuff?
    Do they hand out awards shaped as feather-dusters with a free sample bag of the latest cleaning product to the maid of the year?

    As for Jessica – hon, a word of advice. Stop with the tranny-like poses.

  23. captain america


  24. turd da third

    she looks like she has her dress in a knot and her tits are about to pop like pillsbury dough out of one of these spiral cardboard tuby things..

    she seems to be dressed for another hump and dump..

  25. XCBD

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  26. Hugh Gentry

    I bet those tits are close to her belly button. I’d have her wear a thin white tank top when I’m pounding her. She’d be so much fun.

  27. Amalei

    People who think this woman needs to lose weight are fucking retarded. She’s plenty skinny! Granted, you can’t count her ribs or see her shoulder bones but they have a word for women like that… ANOREXIC!!! She may not be the brightest crayon in the box but she’s still a really funny and kind woman. Kudos to Jessica for keeping herself at a HEALTHY weight!

  28. mathew

    @86 fat ass like would think shes skinny!! Shes out of shape and flabby

  29. LK

    I think she looks wierd in these pics cause she is sucking in her stomach. Every girl has done this before. Hence it looking like she has no neck. She still looks beautiful.

  30. Katie

    WOWWW. She looks fucking amazing and people are calling her fat, ugly, wold and worn out? JESUS LOOK AT HER, SHES BEAUTIFUL.

  31. Once upon a time i thought she was slender, seeing these pics i think i was completely wrong in this regard (obviously).

  32. Anonymous

    Wish to add, that I think she looks like a stuffed sausage now.

  33. dude

    Her tits look ok but her fuckin gut’s out of control and makes her rack look half its size. Try some situps you cow.

    @34-36 you’re either gay or Jessica. Buy a clue, guys who can get girls don’t dig this shit unless there’s nothing else for a hundred miles and it’s closing time..

  34. I think she looks wierd in these pics cause she is sucking in her stomach. Every girl has done this before.

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