Jessica Simpson blamed for Cowboy’s loss

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is catching a lot of heat for his trip to Mexico with Jessica Simpson. The Cowboys lost to the New York Giants in the division playoffs and fans are blaming Tony’s bye-week get-away, according to the Dallas Morning News:

A lot of people thought Tony Romo made a mistake by taking off for Mexico with Jessica Simpson on the club’s off weekend. He had a chance to prove them wrong by delivering a typical Pro Bowl Romo performance Sunday.
It didn’t happen.

I’m sure you can probably get away with anything right now in Dallas by blaming Jessica Simpson. You could rob a bank and when the cops catch you outside you just sort of shrug and say “Jessica Simpson made me do it.” Then everybody has a big laugh and some of the SWAT team guys ask if you want to go grab a beer. “Not so fast,” says the mayor. “First, this man- no, hero deserves the keys to the cities.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News