Jessica Simpson shunned from Country Music Awards

November 13th, 2008 // 49 Comments

Jessica Simpson pulled off the impossible last night: She was shunned from the 42nd Annual Country Music Awards, according to TMZ:

In a last ditch effort to save her career, the “Dukes of Hazzard” star released a country album earlier this year — so it would have made sense to make an appearance at last night’s show. Unfortunately, the Carrie Underwood-hosted CMAs had no time to have Tony Romo’s current girlfriend perform, present or sit in the bleachers, since they had already filled their ranks with tried and true country artists like … Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Lil Wayne!

Granted, Jessica Simpson has been giving some shitass performances across North America, how the hell do you get banned from the CMAs? Did she forget to sing a song about a truck? Because I don’t get it. Next you’re going to tell me she’s not allowed in Wal-Mart which would only prove my theory that Jessica Simpson once wiped her ass with the Confederate flag. Otherwise, country music fans just plain hate her big, dumb face. It’s a toss-up.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Matthew

    first and she is an idiot

  2. VdubVdub

    I’d WOOT it!

  3. kop

    Being shunned by hillbillies is about as bad as it gets.

  4. armando

    who cares about jessica? how good did SHANIA TWAIN look? i don’t know what her ex-husband was thinking, her funbags looked outstanding.

  5. natalie!!=)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    haha #6
    who the FUCK gives a SHIT about JESSICA SIMPSON???!?!!!

  6. natalie!!=)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    haha #6
    who the FUCK gives a SHIT about JESSICA SIMPSON???!?!!!

  7. havoc

    Well der…..

    And for the record, I would drink Shania Twain’s bath water….


  8. dude_on

    Granted she isn’t going to be able to go on “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” but she does have assets. I’m guessing she does around the world without allowing a stuck up celebrity ego ruining the fun. Romo likes something about it and that alone tells a story. If he can stand to listen to her sing imagine the possibilities with pig tails alone.

  9. The romo sexuals shunned her too!

  10. Randal

    Jessica, I’m shocked to read this today because you’ve got an amazing voice. Country doesn’t know what it’s missing by keeping such a talented actress, singer and dancer such as yourself away from their piece of the pie.

    Carrie Underwood, pfft! Talk about manufactured.


  11. Parker

    I wouldn’t shun all of her. Just her that thing her dad calls, Daddy’s little cooch. I’d do her in the ass no problem though. She’s got a great ass.

  12. Deacon Jones

    I just hit the fast-forward button on the track titled “Porn Career”

  13. weirdo

    I’d drink Shania Twains bathwater and wash it down with some of Carrie Underwoods toilet water!

  14. LoLa

    Aww, poor little big-boobed bimbo… Not accepted in the pop world, and not even wanted with the cow-people. You belong NOWHERE skank.

    You will now and forever be known as the dumb-blonde who’s cherry got popped by a boy-bander…. LMAO

  15. @11... I HATE YOU

    Country doesn’t know what it’s missing by keeping such a talented actress, singer and dancer such as yourself away from their piece of the pie.


  16. It’s tough when you’re used to being at the front of the line, and now you’re at the back. Maybe, she can sell her California real estate, and relocate to Nashville. Then they will take her seriously.

  17. Big Joe

    Again, the SF writer is obviously a lonely comic book nerd that lives in his parent’s basement and probably was the kid in high school that got caught peeping at his buddy’s sister in the shower. And LoLa…how is she a skank? I’m guessing you’re a fat hog that hated the all the pretty girls in school. Jessica is hot and if any of you douches on here say you wouldn’t hit it, you’re either gay or don’t have a penis.

  18. Sexy Sadie

    Jessica has an average voice and she needs voice lessons to learn how to sing right and get rid of the breathy voice from not breathing right when singing. Jessica should not walk around looking dumpy. I am not famous and you would never ever catch me outside looking dumpy whether I was at the gym or not.

  19. llllllllll

    Why is that Asian girl in the background standing so slanted?
    And please don’t say it has to do with the eyes


    I don’t know what country it’s from? It sure as hell ain’t mine.

  21. Ted from LA

    Her face isn’t dumb. It’s the shit behind her forehead. I like her latest hit, “Get your tongue out of my mouth, I’m kissing you good-bye.”

  22. Big's Joe's tiny Joe

    Big Joe, yes I am fat. And in school, I didn’t just hate all the pretty girls, I hated ALL the girls PERIOD…. Now that we’ve cleared that out the way, what has changed? Abso-fucking-lutely-nada
    So take your comments about your mother being molested by your dog, and your sister being forced to eat your uncle’s shit and that sob story about how you wish you weren’t born because you everyone that every that ever met you instantly hated you, and go fuck yourself… Really hard… I take pleasure in knowing that’s the only way you’ll be ever getting laid or feel loved.

    Choke on a dick and die funky-fat faggot fucktard

  23. turdula

    She sucks.

    Nice job of copying and pasting crap from btw.

  24. steve

    perhaps her country music stinks, but shes still gorgeous. i find her adorable in these, and pretty much every series of pictures that are posted on here.

  25. Maybe she should just show her tits for money. I would pay.

  26. Quonky

    I couldn’t possibly care less about Jessica Simpson than I already do but…4nd?


  27. The Messiah

    Jessica Simpson once wiped her ass with the Confederate flag? Seriously I would wipe her ass with my tongue followed next by my schlong. She is the *perfect* fuck toy-stacked and stupid. I would be boinking her three love holes seven ways from Sunday! Oh, and did I mention that I love her ass?

  28. SATAN

    there was a time when this chick was the most beat-offed to bombshell in the mainstream entertainment industry, but now, if i passed her on the street i wouldn’t even turn around to check out her ass. take a shower

  29. ummm...yeah

    I know you just say stupid shit just to piss me off…well it’s working ,you cocksucking,brown-nosed fag.
    Fuck Jizzica Simpleton….fucking her is about the only fucking thing you can do with that brain dead no talent slut…as long as she keeps her fuckin mouth shut, when she’s not sucking cock that is.

  30. Zanzibar

    This is the 4nd time I’ll say this!

  31. Everyone Poops

    The “Country” music they play on the radio these days sucks. Ball-less, soul-less and polished to the point that any of the grit that it’s supposed to have is totally gone.

    Whatever happened to the likes of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash? I want to hear songs about drinking, cheating, regret and revenge! These fucking floozies the industry touts as “artists” are insults to the legacies of Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, women who lived how they wanted to and didn’t give a fuck what sanctimonious, moralizing buttfucks in Nashville thought about it. Then they sang these beautiful songs that will break your fucking heart everytime. That’s country music!

    Fuck the CMA. Fuck Carrie Underwood and fuck Jessica Simpson.

  32. I am Barack Obama and I approve this message

    take a shower-wow, how original

    true story-i heard satan is into showers-yeah golden showers from dudes

    fag-would turn around if she was with tony romo (homo to you)

    to check out his ass

  33. missy


  34. Joejam2845

    Is the owner of this website that bored to make this Jessica Simpson/CMA deal an issue?? Hollyweird must be really slow right now!!

  35. huhe

    I heard that she appeared on a millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^with a personal account there. Maybe you have the chance to talk to her online or meet some celebrities there. It is amazing.

  36. Ann

    I watched the CMAs and they had people that had nothing to do with country music presenting but they couldn’t make room for Jess. This is a slap in the face and a well deserved one. Everything about this girl is manufactured by a very ambitious dad and not because there is talent there. We are all sick and tired of this girl. Too many are wondering about how long her dad is going to keep up her never ending fifteen minutes of fame. Her creepy dad needs to give it up once and for all. I think he is finally running out of ideas and hopefully Jess will finally get to fade into the sunset.

  37. Joe Bill Jim Bob Billy Jack

    She forgot to sing about traditional cuntry topics….

    The Bible
    Beer, Whiskey
    Gettin’ Drunk
    Momma & Poppa
    The River
    WWE Wrestling, Female Mud Wrestling
    Writin’ Hot Checks
    The Rain
    Horses, Rodeos
    Bars and other drinking establishments
    Assorted acts of Dishonesty
    Jeezus (By God!)
    The Wind
    Shootin’ Guns

    Copyright © 2008
    Gonad the Ballbearing
    Shithouse Monkey Productions

  38. meh

    she needs to plump her lips again, they are getting thin… and she should seriously consider a nose job. she also needs to lose about 15 lbs…. even then she will be so… meh

  39. meh

    she needs to plump her lips again, they are getting thin… and she should seriously consider a nose job, that bump of hers is hurting my eyes…she also needs to lose about 15 lbs…but even then she will be so…meh

  40. porka

    double chin alert!!!!!

  41. tits_won't_save_it

    her face looks bloated

  42. Voltage

    She truly looks beautiful all glammed-down like this. I’m not being sarcastic. I’m not a fan at all, but she has natural good looks. She should totally ditch the star look.

  43. Prof

    Lil Wayne got a invite to the CMAs, LIL ‘fuckin’ WAYNE, but Jess (the big tittied blond from Texas) was rejected. Oh Jess, I still think your cute, but as the kids would say your country career is now an epic fail. She should try softcore cable porn that’s always a choice with a built in fan base.

  44. Aww

    The Bish is washed up.

    She’s only good at being a Romo-Ho.

    She needs a famous keep her in the spotlight.


  45. Lauren

    She was at the CMAs. I was there and saw her

  46. Mark

    What asshole took the picture focusing on the asian chick? I mean the NY logo looks so clear.

  47. Allie Hampton

    I was THRILLED to pieces that she wasn’t at the CMAs!! The people in Country music are extremely welcoming and have been beyond kind to her – but she belonged there about as much as Fiddy would :-D

    Plus, we would have heard more about this totally invented “feud” between her and the always classy Carrie Underwood. The Simp needs to stop being jealous, and back off – Carrie has no interests in her sloppy seconds.

    (And aren’t Christians not supposed to live in sin?? Why is Jessica always finding a way to announce that she and Romo sleep in the same bed? She sounds like a high school student. Did she even graduate from highschool?LOL) And don’t try that “stop judging her” crap with me – she can’t have it both ways.

  48. Allie Hampton

    To #11 – cite me one example of Jessica being a great DANCER?! lololol. Stop looking at the ho’s boobies and then you’ll get what the other 99.9999999% of us are talking about! I’d also love to know what you think makes her a great actress s- did you SEE Blonde Ambition? I want that 90 minutes back!!

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