Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson spotted together


A spy for Star magazine spotted Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson out together over the weekend. The two met on the set of a Willie Nelson video a few weeks ago and seem to be hitting it off, according to NY Daily News:

The two dined Sunday at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica before retiring to his Malibu home.
“He couldn’t keep his hands off her,” a witness tells the mag.

Don’t you dare break his heart, Jessica. That man’s been through a lot. What he needs right now is someone to make him appreciate the good things in life. Why, yes, your breasts would be one of those good things. I mean, I wasn’t going to bring them up unless you did. Your dad does it all the time? Ha, that is funny. You are funny. Say, you want to get a drink? Oh, don’t worry about Owen. He’ll be fine. He does great with rejection.