Jessica Simpson and John Mayer back on

May 24th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are unofficially officially back on. Mayer was spotted at the SoHo Grand hotel sneaking into Jessica’s room around 2am Tuesday, and the two checked out together at noon.

Don’t read too much into it though. If I was in a relationship for every midnight sex romp I’ve had I’d have like, what, zero? No wait, I mean a lot. Like a million. Oh yeah, I do it all the time. I’m very popular.

jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-01-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-02-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-03-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-04-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-05-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-06-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-07-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-08-thumb.jpg



  1. wedgeone

    wow…ummm…FRIST, is that you on the linked page?

  2. MissPMS

    Everytime I see her I want to punch her in the ovary.

  3. lawpunkut

    Jessica is coming across way deserate right now. Pretty sad if you have to beg Edward Scissorhead over for a late night bootie call to feel good about yourself. Apparently, she thought is was “Chicken of the Sea” giveaway night.

  4. Alright, now it’s funny. That pock marked cooze was pretty awful, but I can’t resist clicking on something when someone says “don’t click,” even if I know what is coming. I also can’t blame anyone for using my name to help accomplish this feat, as my boss and I send each other e-mails every day with titles like, “IMPORTANT CONFERENCE INFORMATION” that end up being a picture of a giant, disease ridden penis, or something. Good times.

  5. Jimbo ?

    @45 Veggi – Thank you for posting that comment. tobad I did not read it before I clicked on the link. I make a Costco run and my Troll comes out with something like that.

    Actually I thought the blow doll comment was kind of funny, it just did not sound like anything you would say to me unless I pissed you off.

  6. FRIST – How are you doing? Are you going to be around for a while? It is not the same with out you

  7. Wait. Forget my other post about that short-shorts model. I’m new here. A co-worker told me to check this site out. Hot women pics and all that. nice. But after looking at this site for a few minutes, I’ve figured it out.
    This is a gossip rag. Which means you’re a gay man.
    So forget the not getting girls slam.
    Ragging on any woman not built like a slim boy is part of the whole Hollywood fag trip, right?

    Should’ve been tipped off by the pink motif.

  8. Looks like jessicas puppies are back on too…

    work it you skanky hooker!

  9. check this place out, lots of good stuff.

  10. Karlin

    Superficial is the bomb, but is up and coming for sure

  11. Jimbo ?

    @58 Kurt – that is some pretty fucking ballzy statements coming from and asshole with a link to his blog site. I just love the pictures of Bill Moyer and Sally Bonepally. I am not sure who is gay at this site, I know I am not, but at least we are all getting laid. the closets thing you are getting to a blow job is by putting peanut butter on your dick and letting your dog lick it off. So get the fuck out of her you butt plug!!

  12. RichPort

    “Should’ve been tipped off by the pink motif.”

    not bad, not bad…

  13. schack

    jim, i love all the freudian slips that come out when you get worked up.

  14. KurtsProlapsedAnus

    #58 way to go big guy, it only took you a few minutes to figure this sight out. You my friend are a fucking genius. Now you better get to work figuring out that pesky VCR before it’s time to walk your cats. chop chop, frisky’s waiting…

  15. adeliza

    Damn go!

  16. bungoone

    4, you are also confused about her singing abilities.

  17. bungoone

    is that hair color suppose to look bette than the brown? i’m still on the fence. i will say it does look better than britney’s hair, but that’s not really saying much.

  18. BostonFreak

    Ah yes, vertical stripes do wonders for the bosom. Not that it needed accentuating.

  19. Jimbo ?

    @64 Schack – accroding to you everything is Freudian. I knew you were trolling around her somewhere. It is funny that you always show up right after someone has been trolled.

  20. schack

    jim, as long as you’re unconflicted about your “closets thing” about gays, and telling guys to
    “get the fuck out of her” i won’t offer unsolicited pychological interpretations.

  21. WallyBungo

    in other news TCLTC

  22. Jessica..
    where are all the young cute men who are suppose to be in your life..

    he must a crazi son of bitch
    to hang out with,
    coz hez ugly..

  23. DahliaRose

    At least she changed her hair color back to Blonde. She looked like Mick Jagger, only worse, when she was a Brunette. And, she did it just in time before the killer bees tried to attacked!

  24. lickmybutt

    this outfit choice is better than some of her past choices… but seriously, what is wrong with her face? she used to not be so ugly, she was almost pretty… but this… WOW. John’s ugliness must be rubbing off on her.

    oh god… i hope her retardedness doesnt rub off on him!!

    this could get really bad.

  25. Kurt

    #62 Jimbo.
    I’ve never thought of something like this. Ever. I mean, who does think up stuff like this?
    But I think if you can visualize someone putting peanut butter on their dick and having a dog lick it off, then you’re probably, so-super-secretly-that-your-conscious-brain-doesn’t-realize-it, gay.
    Or something.

  26. wedgeone

    #55 – Bern – THAT’S fucking funny. Gotta like having a boss like that.
    Sorry that I had to start this whole mess. All I wanted to know what how to submit massive breast pics to your blog for publishing. Next thing you know, we get pics of people’s colon’s falling out, babies heads poking out of mommy, and worse. The trolls are out in full force!

    #73 – wouldn’t that be “Jezzica”, “zuppoze”, and “crazi zon”?

  27. shanipie

    Seriously does anyone else notice all it took for this bitch to lose some weight was for this fathead to dump her ass for like a week?

    LOL She should be dumped more often.

  28. captain obvious

    They’re on they’re off…stop toying w/ my emotions already! I can’t take it anymore! Ha, yeh, right…like I really give a crap abt these 2. Boooring


  30. I know it’s probably the horizontal lines, but she’s got some great tits.

  31. AFJ

    Apparently Jessica does NOT like the dark meat. Check this out:


  32. AFJ

    Actually, this photo reeeeaalllly shows you what is happening inside that empty fucking head of hers:

  33. Wayne Moores

    Oh well, at least in these pics she doesn’t look like she dipped herself in iodine before she went out. Still can’t figure out John Mayer, one would think he could do better than that, a lot better. Guess he likes the stimulating conversation.

  34. Me

    Jessica has nice breasts.

    You can tell it’s a different gay who’s writing right now.

  35. no1justminda

    THANK GOD SHE WENT BACK TO BLONDE!!!!!! I thought John Mayer got smart, but uh…apparently not. Boooo.

  36. Sheva

    John Mayer puts a dent in the phone sex market so with his late appearance to chestica, that’s going to hurt the NY phone sex workers in a big motherfuckin way.

    He rings up bills in the thousands of dollars.

  37. LoL

    ALL for PUBLICITY!..

    Can anyone say “fuck buddies”..”FWBs”.

    It’s obviously ALL for show.

    too funny~

  38. Jessica Yuckson

    Just looking at her I can tell she reeks of fishy vaginal smells.

  39. moomoo

    fugs and jugs

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