Jessica Simpson and John Mayer back on

May 24th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are unofficially officially back on. Mayer was spotted at the SoHo Grand hotel sneaking into Jessica’s room around 2am Tuesday, and the two checked out together at noon.

Don’t read too much into it though. If I was in a relationship for every midnight sex romp I’ve had I’d have like, what, zero? No wait, I mean a lot. Like a million. Oh yeah, I do it all the time. I’m very popular.

jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-01-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-02-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-03-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-04-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-05-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-06-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-07-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-nyc-candids-08-thumb.jpg



  1. meg


  2. *yawn* someone needs to make up their minds

  3. If your feet smell and your nose runs, are you built upside down?

  4. bluecrush

    She is SO ugly and stupid and he’s kind of alien looking, but atleast he can sing. Seriously, divorcing her was probably the smartest thing he’s ever done!

  5. wedgeone

    Glad to see that the forced TypeKey signon is off again – that system is so whacked out!
    Couldn’t stop me from being trolled if the programmer’s life depended on it! It did do a great job of not letting me sign on though.

    John must have an attraction to Daisy Duke Denim shorts. Since Jess played the role and all ….
    Why is she wearing a maternity blouse, anyway?

  6. How long can somebody not do anything new and still be famous? I’m just asking because the last thing Jessica did (Not counting her last CD which BOMBED so doesn’t count) was that terrible movie “Employee of the month” but that was over a year ago.

    Why are we still hearing about her?

  7. wedgeone

    Uh … #4 – they were never married. You have John Mayer confused with Nick Lachey.

  8. djthecat

    at least she is (kind of) blonde again.

  9. bing-bong

    Just look at what Johnny’s anal sex addiction is forcing him to do…

  10. WallyBungHoLE

    #6, ask Paris Hilton

  11. star69

    Just a bootycall.

  12. star69

    Everyone gets horny after 2 am. Mayer’s been over it since day 1. Word.

  13. veggi

    @5- I’m even trolled with my URL. That’s awesome!

    I’ll bet John was sad when he found her dad in her bed.

  14. wedgeone

    BTW- Bern (when you show up on this post) – how do I submit a pic for your blog? You don’t have a Contact Me link anywhere.

  15. adeliza

    He just likes titty fucking her.

  16. adeliza

    Oh! Is that grey haired guy her infamous father? I have never seen what that freakin’ creep looks like. In the pictures he’s not staring down at her chest, so it probably is not him.

  17. ^^^^ wedgeone just click on this, it’s where the instructions are listed.

  18. wedgeone

    Bern – here’s what I got when clicking on your URL:

    You don’t have permission to access /wsnm/uploads/WTF.jpg on this server.

  19. AFJ

    @15 – You hit it right on the head. John like’s dem tig ol’ bitties to slide up on.

    I think he is a fucking genius, he has this low self-esteen tramp all figured out! Use her when you are needing some pink, then dump her again. She’s like a stray dog, she’ll keep coming back, and you get to pet her on YOUR schedule.

    Bark, you big-titted bitch!!!


  20. Jimbo ?

    I am so glad they are back together. I was really worrying about Jessica’s happiness and her well being. I think you should all give Jessica a break. I am call for a “No Trashing Day” for Jessica. I think she needs our support today. So who is with me? Who is going to stand up and not say anything mean about this dumber than shit, no talent tranny that smells like piss? Come on who is with me????

  21. iheartcookies

    i think she looks awesome here… cute outfit!!! so much better then her fake tan and boob shirts she normally wears!

  22. jenster

    jimbo,you are a true diplomat.

  23. veggi

    trolls bite.

  24. Jimbo ?

    @22 thank you

  25. Ha. Some dude posted with my name and a bad link again. I do wish someone funny would “impersonate” me, however.

  26. YouRang

    #20 I guess I’ll not make fun of this stoopid monkey faced bitch, but it’s going to be difficult.

  27. CHA

    @21 I wouldn’t say ‘awesome,’ but she doesn’t like a nasty ho. so that’s a major improvement.

  28. veggi

    JImbo- It wasn’t me talking about your blow up dolls. Now would I say a thing like that?

  29. VeeVee

    It looks like her boobs are frowning in that shirt.

  30. adeliza

    #29 it’s because John hasn’t been around to fuck ‘em.

  31. AFJ

    She is a dog-face, but you can’t discount the power of those jugs. Those jugs have launched a thousand ships.

    I’d love to apply a light sheen of man-goo on them, just to watch them glisten.


  32. TrippyGoogler

    Is it just me or is Jessica Simpson looking more like an Arab by the day? I’m really not sure where all of this is going.

  33. So which one of them actually made the bootycall?

  34. this should work

  35. BINKY!

    I wonder if she still believes in Jebus and purity…

  36. leanlikeachola

    sweet baby jesus that was gross

  37. veggi

    Don’t click the bern link! DO NOT CLICK ON IT!!!!! concider yourselves warned.

  38. Again — that is not me. Jesus.

  39. Jessica Simpson

    veggi, now clicking is irresistible…

  40. lemme just say this…a poke in the pink, a STAB in the stink and POW! right in the kisser!

  41. veggi

    Jessica Simpson, don’t do it, unless you like hairy balls and latex gloves. The picture is burned into my cranium and it won’t get out! IT WON’T LEAVE MY HEAD! *sniffle*

  42. What’s so bad about that link?

  43. Wicked Wendy

    OMG 34 !!!! WTF IS THAT?????

  44. veggi

    you are a sick bastard. I’m hungover and did not need to see that!

  45. veggi


  46. No Jessica, No!!!!!!!!!!111

  47. On again off again, much like my love affair with pickles and cottage cheese….Well it’s good together!!! Wait, no it’s NOT!!!

    Hi all, Jimbo, Veggi, Yourang, whoneedsenemies, fishstick, schack, and the rest of you. I’m on lunch so I’m allowed to be on here. Or not. I’m not quite sure yet. Guess I’ll find out when the boss gets back.
    Ok, I need to get a drink.

  48. Wicked Wendy

    These fuckin’ trolls are NASTY !!!! DAMN U 2 HELL !!!!!

  49. Cricket3311

    I dont get it – one day she looks like a tranny and she looks normal the next.

  50. veggi


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