Jessica Simpson and John Mayer get it on in public

January 2nd, 2007 // 179 Comments

  1. Libraesque

    149, like I said, only people who are rednecks or who identify as gay call people dyke and fag, and since you are CLEARLY the most vile kind of homophobe, why would you work in a community that is about 95 percent gay??????? That would kinda be like your Grand Master daddy working in Harlem, wouldn’t it????

    You SO don’t work or live in NY

    What blurb is on the bottom left hand corner of page 5 of the Post today??

    Quick bridge and tunnel girl, lets hear it!!

    and 150…..yea, no, just no, you fucking ridiculous douche

  2. NotANiceGirl

    Gee, well I guess you told me!!! Oh no. What ever will I do now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA!
    I’m over it but you’re still a total cunt!

  3. Libraesque

    no, actually 152, I didn’t tell you, but the gay male community will.

    I’ve posted your rant on several message boards, asking the boys to chime in on your AIDS comment, and that your gay male co-workers who are dying of AIDS told you the comment themselves, and that it was funny.

    we’ll see.

  4. Libraesque

    AH, the douchebag sisters have been silenced

  5. lawyergirl

    Actually I think everyone has moved on to the newer posts. Don’t know why. This exchange has been hilarious.

  6. Libraesque

    I was actually trying to get this thread up to 500 posts………but I guess proving that biatcho is in fact completely stalking me (she hit my myspace 23 times!!) and proving that she is in fact a trailer trash redneck that doesn’t live anywhere near NY, and the overwhelming consensus online at Craigslist is that N.A.N.G’s AIDS comments make her a half baked pile of horse shit, that would get her ass beat down by any queer who met her….well that’s good enough for me
    My work is done here.

  7. biatcho

    um yeah, you got me. I haven’t lived in New York all my life. You’re smart for a lesbo. I wasn’t born & raised here. Yep, you got me. I have no idea that by taking 5th Avenue down by Washington Square Park and going around the Park is an easier way to get to Houston than going down 7th Ave & running into the Holand Tunnel traffic. I have no idea what McCoy’s in the 50s on 9th Ave used to be an awesome bar where I would play poker with the guys from The State. I have no clue that McSorley’s used to be a men’s only bar and is one of my favorite places to hang out, even though the sawdust is kind of icky. Yeah, I also didn’t see the twin towers collapse from my office window on September 11th and never had to walk 3 miles home in 100 degree heat the day the enitre east coast lost power.

    Honey, don’t be jealous that your bitch ass can’t afford to visit Manhattan, let alone live here. Please enjoy the confines of your smelly, hippie Haight Ashbury commune you live in with the other rug munchers. my civilized world is a better place without you.

    cocksucker… no wait, you’re a dyke, i take that back : )

  8. biatcho

    Oh & your apparent jealousy of non-fat people is quite embarassing. For your street relief from all of the envy I would suggest a bacon rubdown, followed by a lovely bath drawn for you consisting of hot grease for which to throw yourself into… I hear that burns all of the fat off in a big hurry!

  9. Libraesque

    bridge and tunnel girl, just answer the fucking question…….about the Post

    and as soon as you post a link to a picture of your gorgeous skinny self you can call people fat and ugly all you want until then, really, shut your cake hole.

    They don’t have a Two Boots Pizza in Chelsea, so how can you possibly work in Chelsea????

  10. Libraesque

    oh, and just a little fyi honey, no one, and I mean no one from Palos Verdes Estates would live in the Haight, or in a commune

  11. biatcho

    You can’t call me honey because that creeps me out, lesbo. Wow, you must need more self justification than your buddy Ang Jolie. You always feel this need to lie about your so-called life. And just because I’m gonna have fun tonight I will leave you with this:
    (did you ever see Team America? or was that too offensive for your “taste”?)


  12. Libraesque

    HONEY, this girl doesn’t need to lie about her life AS YOU ALREADY KNOW, you know, my little stalker.
    Now you on the other hand……..given the fact that you STILL didn’t answer a simple question about what was on page 5 of the Post today PROVES you don’t live in NY

    Team America, yea, no, never heard of it, but Bevis and Butthead must be in it if you saw it

  13. Libraesque

    okay one more thing before I sign off for the weekend
    it just occured to me HONEY, that you smoke cigars apparently, AND play poker, two things this “dyke” has never done.


    my my , who’s the big ol’ lesbo now?????

  14. biatcho

    You poke you girlfriend with cigars??? Oh my fucking god, you crazy-ass freakbitch dyke.

    eeww, you’re fucking disgusting and I bet your vaghole smells & looks like old cottage cheese. blah…

  15. Libraesque

    wow, what a GREAT comeback!
    13 posts later and you STILL didn’t answer the question.
    YOU are a pathetic, lying loser
    your new name is redneckhickchickfromthesticks

  16. Libraesque

    Clearly the FIsh took my advice and banned both of you

    And THAT is kicking your ass

  17. biatcho

    uumm no, some of us have better things to do and we’ve grown tired of a 50 year old college student with the mentality of a 12 year old.

    We’re moving along… now follow the rest of your fat-assed herd. And please stop obsessing over some of us, you’re creeping us out.

  18. Libraesque

    it’s crystal clear bitch-ho that you have better things to do, since you posted Sat. morning at 8, and then after DAYS it took you 20 minutes to respond to my last post


    WOW, you really went over my Myspace with a fine tooth comb, although I guess a dyslexic fucktard would think 43 was 50

    Nice to know you were satisfied graduating from junior high, while others have an insatible appetite for higher education, and several masters not just one


  19. biatcho

    Well actually fatness, at 8am the other morning some friends & I were just getting in and I was telling them about how stupid people are on this site & just had to show them for myself. We all got a great laugh at your expense though! Although one friend did have a fat nightmare & still can’t eat bacon to this day.

    What did someone on another website say about you today? Oh yeah, you’re so fat you would fall over if you were pushed while sleeping. It’s so easy it’s criminal making fun of you.

  20. biatcho

    And just to keep with your maturity level… like, you’re a loser & stuff!

  21. Libraesque


    maturity level


    I guess your idea of maturity is quoting somthing you saw on “Yo’ Mamma”


    you’re such a ridiculous jackass


  22. Libraesque

    I love how you’re such a LOSER that you’ve been on the Fish for YEARS, and you also don’t have anything more interesting to do on the weekends but show your friends what you’ve written
    So sad, and yet SO FUNNY

  23. Libraesque

    I just realized, if you’re claiming you “just got in” at 8, YOU’RE TOTALLY LYING about living in New York because this thread is clearly on PST, because I’m in Calif. and it is in fact 1:55


  24. Libraesque

    you hung yourself……….TWICE



  25. Libraesque

    aaaahh, shamed right off the thread.
    You know what’s been really hilarious about the last couple of weeks? Realizing you were the biggest douchebag on here, giving you enough rope and watching you hang yourself!!
    How completely hilarious that you actually lied about where you live!!!


    What’s more pathetic than that…OH WAIT, I know!!! Your entire existence
    Lets see….who had the most fun making fun of who?…..OH WAIT, that would be me outing you as the most pathetic douche ever!


  26. danigirl

    psh…i would get it on with her in public…

  27. Libraesque

    one more thing biatcho….if you would lie about something as stupid and irrelevant as where you live, on a gossip site, then that can only mean one thing, you lied about being skinny too, which means….

    you’re fat

  28. uh, who’s that in the picture?

  29. wow, she’s really desperate these days, huh?

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