Jessica Simpson almost quit singing

Jessica Simpson almost quit singing when she screwed up her performance of “9 to 5″ at the Kennedy Center Honors Tribute to Dolly Parton. But Jessica’s picked herself back up and is ready to give this thing called music another try. Also, Joe Simpson told her breast implants don’t grow on trees. Anyway, here’s what Jessica had to say to E! News:

On almost quitting:
You know, what happened at Kennedy Center, I really thought I was done singin’. I was just at a place where I’d lost a lot of confidence and I didn’t even know who I was. But Dolly totally took me under her wing and helped me up and over the cares of the world.

On holding off on acting:
When it comes to acting, it’s gotta feel right for me at this point in my life. It’s gotta just be a really incredible director and production with an awesome studio and great cast…But for me right now it’s just Jessica Simpson is music.

On her recent shows where she proclaims her love of flatulence:
So I think more than anything, when I say, “Thank you for giving me a second chance,” I feel like I’m having a comeback. I’m on solid ground again. They can look to me for inspiration. I wanna be a role model.

I guess Jessica Simpson’s definition of “solid ground” involves being only one week away from watching her album completely tank causing her to contemplate a spread in Playboy to pay the bills. In the meantime, who do I pray to to make that happen: Jesus? Zeus? Joe Francis?