Jessica Simpson allowed to attend Dallas Cowboys games

September 10th, 2008 // 38 Comments

When the Dallas Cowboys blew it in the playoffs last season, fans blamed Jessica Simpson for distracting her boyfriend quarterback Tony Romo. However, it looks like some sort of truce has been reached this season which allows Jessica to attend games. Provided she doesn’t wear a jersey. Extra reports:

Despite criticism she got for jinxing Romo’s career (“that was absolutely ridiculous,” Simpson has said), she plans on cheering him on again this season.
“I won’t be wearing the jersey to the game, but I have been there and definitely going to support the Cowboys all the way,” Simpson told Extra.

While Jessica Simpson isn’t allowed to wear a jersey, no one said anything about using it at a tablecloth. “Now, who wants sloppy joes? GO COWBOYS! WOO!!” Ha ha ha their team is fucked get me my bookie.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ph7

    short, fat, big cans, stupid and loved by rednecks:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the next Dolly Parton.

  2. sixpack

    Yeah, but who wouldn’t want to shoot one on those cans. C’mon…

  3. Laura

    Her boobs looks saggy and gross

  4. Sasha

    shes on the chub train again

  5. Great Dress and Fabulous Shoes

  6. Anonymous

    “absolutely ridiculous”

    You know that line was written for her. She couldn’t have come up with it herself.

  7. Fat Chicks Suck

    She’s definitely getting way too chunky. She used to look great…now she looks average at best. Big tits don’t make up for a gut and fat thighs. Look at those arms! Not hot.

  8. Spanky

    She is an idiot. I don’t think the “chicken of the sea” comment was scripted. But #2 is correct. Most guys would tap that in a heart beat as long as they did not have to talk/listen to her afterwards. Someone to do deparved things to, not someone to marry.

  9. You just know she goes Full Retard when Romo is nailing her.

  10. rough daddy

    Just have her on the stands when they play the Giants! thats all im asking…

  11. Nique

    WOW she looks bad here. Fat and old.

  12. rough daddy

    what is she too good to flash her pleasure cave?

  13. havoc

    Dumb, chubby, old or not, I would still rail the fuck outta that.


  14. Ted Mosby

    I want to get into her endzone.

    I’ve heard she has a nice backfield.

  15. James

    I think she looks great. She can “Come on Over” to my place any time.

  16. sameshitdifferentyear

    She cannot sing.
    She cannot dance.
    But any guy’d sure love to get in her underpants.

    #1 lol
    #9 lol


    To quote a little black kid sitting behind me at a softball game: “…she need to step AWAY from the dessert table…”.

  18. 1 MILF Hunter

    Yoko Romo needs to stay away from the Cowboys.

  19. Mia

    Poor desperate Jessica hated football when she was with Nick. She let John Mayer use her as an easy booty call. She can’t sing and act. The only hope for her is charity work.

  20. FACE

    Looks at photo #2 and tell me she isnt beautiful. You fat heifers and fags wish you looked a fraction as good.

  21. debagger

    Stupid Romo… Carrie Underwood was way hotter. And you were winning then!

  22. Felicia Nilson

    She is a ‘bobblehead’, about as smart as a box of rocks.
    Ever notice how now all of a sudden she has a southern drawl. “Whoa, cowwwboys, der my tame”.
    In addition to, I love how MSN is displaying her new love and new sound. Is the Romo and Simpson relationship new? I thought this train wreck has been in motion for sometime.
    Who the hell is Joe Simpson blowing for all this publicity? She and her acid-reflux sister need to GO AWAY! WE DON’T LIKE YOU IN POP OR COUNTRY!!!

  23. be certain: THIS WASN’T TO COMPLICATED FOR HER, folks!!

  24. nick

    what a porky piglet. she so fugly.

  25. Gary

    She looks inbred.

  26. Turd Ferguson

    Also, she is now allowed to use the restroom again in the locker room after taking a dump in a sink.

    It’s true!! I read it on one of the internets!

  27. how pathetic

    All you haters out there putting her down as short, ugly, fat, stupid..thing is even if she is all these things (I’ll give you short & stupid) she’s still waaaaay richer than any of you. Sure her daddy pimped her out but she doesn’t have to worry about making rent unlike you jackasses. HA Go back to your computer screen, eat your donuts and put her down all you want. She’s still doing better than you’ll ever do.

  28. Crystal

    HOW ON EARTH does she look fat? This is why women have such a complex about their weight!!! She doesn’t have any brains but she definitely is a beautiful girl!

  29. Tim

    “HOW ON EARTH does she look fat? ”

    1. Huge, Thick, Flabby Upper arms with fat rolls.
    2. Big, round, protruding gut, rising almost to the bottom of her breasts.
    3. Hamhock like thighs, with no tone due to fat.

    Any more questions?

  30. dew

    She looks better than she did a year or so ago, but she still looks like had a baby, and hasn’t lost all the baby fat yet. She can’t carry an extra ounce before she could be called plump, and her extra “curves” are failing to gravity (at such young age too).

    Lose ten pounds for sure, possibly 15 , and she’d look much hotter. Twenty would probably too too much like Nicole Ritchie before she had her baby (gag).

  31. Anonymous

    #27: You’re a teenybopper, aren’t you?

  32. Hey Tiny Tim

    What is fat about this person? Dumb (maybe) but fat? Please.

    Tim is either:
    A.) An angry gay man
    B.) A pedophile who prefers Nicole Richie.
    C.) A jealouis female
    D.) A actual heterosexual male who couldn’t get the time of day

  33. NY Ted

    Dumb as rocks…but Tony likes playing with her ‘double-footballs” no doubt!


  34. Why do the non-skinny females always have to make try to talk shit about thin girls and the men who desire them?

    I am “average” but thinner than most.

    When I was a younger cokehead with a body like Nicole Richie, those supposedly “desirable” guys (type A, professional, athletic, tall, over six-figure income, flashy cars) definitely were more interested in me than they are today with my current body type, which is athletic.

    Back then, even if I left my house in pajamas to drive 5 miles and back, guys would be trying to give me their numbers or get mine at every red light. And I had a really stupid personality. Presently I don’t get hit on by more than five guys in one month. Everything else is the same, the only difference is the weight.

    There really is no reason to be so jealous of skinny girls, it really is not that great or enviable to be an object of some guy’s schoolgirl fantasy. You aren’t really proud of yourself and love your own body if you have to put down another female for having a different phenotype than your own.

  35. Spanky

    She can wear the jersey when I am nailing her in the stands watching the mighty Giants killing Romo the Homo.

  36. Guest_1

    She looks pregnant.

  37. ummm...yeah

    Who the living fuck cares about this numb cunt?
    Fish, come on dude! WTF!
    The bitch is dead from the neck up…quit fucking posting about her!

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