Jessica Simpson allowed to attend Dallas Cowboys games

When the Dallas Cowboys blew it in the playoffs last season, fans blamed Jessica Simpson for distracting her boyfriend quarterback Tony Romo. However, it looks like some sort of truce has been reached this season which allows Jessica to attend games. Provided she doesn’t wear a jersey. Extra reports:

Despite criticism she got for jinxing Romo’s career (“that was absolutely ridiculous,” Simpson has said), she plans on cheering him on again this season.
“I won’t be wearing the jersey to the game, but I have been there and definitely going to support the Cowboys all the way,” Simpson told Extra.

While Jessica Simpson isn’t allowed to wear a jersey, no one said anything about using it at a tablecloth. “Now, who wants sloppy joes? GO COWBOYS! WOO!!” Ha ha ha their team is fucked get me my bookie.

Photos: Splash News