Jessica Biel wears bikinis for GQ

June 20th, 2007 // 232 Comments

Jessica Biel put on a bikini for the latest issue of GQ, and in her interview talks about what it’s like being named Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2005. She says:

“At first I felt really embarrassed about it. You know, it’s a weird thing to talk about. Like, ‘Hey, guys. Guess what?’ You don’t just go telling everybody that. But after I got over that, I just started to embrace it. I started thinking, If I ever do have kids, and if they have kids, I can tell them: ‘You know what? Your grandma in 2000-and-whatever was the Sexiest Woman Alive. How about that, kids?’ That’s what I started to think about. I’ll always have that picture to say, ‘That’s what Granny used to look like.’ “

And I don’t want to alarm anybody, but looking at these pictures may or may not cause your penis to explode. And you know those pictures of me posing sexily in my basement? I wouldn’t recommend looking at those either, unless your fond of spontaneously catching on fire.


  1. i never saw stealth

    two thousand whatever?

    what year is this?

  2. Nitr0

    damn you Timberlake…

  3. wrong wrong again


    quit spelling “you’re” incorrectly. it’s not “your.” it’s not “the fond of you.” it’s “you are fond.”

  4. JackOff

    This is fun! But since you said please…

  5. Ally

    #203 schools out and we’re not being graded on our english papers anymore, relax

  6. Yourfairytale

    #121 – There’s nothing wrong with being small. I’m 5’1″ and small boned but I have curves just the same. I’m not talking about small. I’m talking about waaaaaay too thin. I’m sorry but if you’re as skinny as Paris Hilton, you aren’t feminine. She has a manly figure.

    Biel’s body is great though.

  7. domingoflores

    oh adriana. its hard to say this but if i don’t ever find a girl like her, i hope my daughter looks like her. i mean i wouldn’t fuck her but damn it would be nice to look at her…HAHAHAHA

  8. domingoflores

    who loves dadday?

  9. domingoflores

    hey thanks for that bend over picture of adriana…perfect not many bitches can pull that picture off without some cellulite….anyway its just nice to have the other broad in the way too…you can really see how nice adriana’s behind is.

  10. Naomi

    she’s got a ROCKING body.

    she’s a classic case of butterface, though.

  11. domingoflores

    you fag buttherface is like sarah jessica parker and shit…not jessica biel come one…ok you may not think that her face is sexy and whatever but its definetely not UGLY….anyway adriana i can’t stop dreaming of you

  12. HeavenScent

    Ehhh, Biel, Alba…..same difference…..nothing to write home about…..

  13. brad pitt

    what? the poor man’s scarlett johanssen someone said?? how about a better sj who got some of her potato nose taken off, who goes to the gym and has a nice ass, and who doesn’t have a huge dome.

  14. joebO

    her faces is kinda sexy… not the big eyes button nose cupid lips ( like britney had in 2000 ) . she has good bone structure though.

  15. JT

    too bad britney got used up and her face and neck blew up and started saggin. and she forgot how to get ready in the morning

  16. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Great body but face not so good. Plus she ruined a perfect body with that shitty tattoo. I’d like to quote Al Pacino in the movie “Heat”. “SHE’S GOT A GREAT ASS!!!!!”

  17. Emily

    Actually she matches well with Justin Timberlake. She’s kinda masculine; he’s kinda feminine… They’re like, almost a gay couple.

  18. frenchie

    It’s weird…everything looks good but she just looks like she would be a cold fish. She does not have sex appeal and looks pretty vacant. Kind of dull.

  19. Holliewood

    Hot bod, face looks a bit horsish but she looked hot in rules of attraction

  20. Manboobs

    It’s official. Jessica Biel has slaved to build the hottest, hardest, most spectacular physique of all time! Personally, I think she’s cute as hell too: but with a body that hot, who even cares if she has a pretty face?

  21. oh, I’m first, I’m first
    pick me, pick me…

    dickbrain, Frist,,,can’t
    even spell and zhez the
    one who actz like zhe 11.
    dumb bitch…

  22. yukadoozer

    one of those women other women can say is “so beautiful” because she’s pretty and not amazing. No woman ever admits Angelina is “so beautiful”…she’s “weird”.

  23. are you kidding me?

    YOUNG TARTS should take notes from Biel. She’s healthy and beautiful, and she’s not an uneducated, classless skank like La Lohan, Hilton, Spears and Richie.

  24. PsychoChild

    @223 People seem to be forgetting the finner things in life


    I pray that the Lord Jesus will have His blessings upon your walk… where you are today; as well upon walking out the door…

    I have only one statewment to make:

  26. Flofromfrance

    PHOTOSHOP YOU FUKING IDIOTS!!! ever of that? tsss

  27. I’d fuck her if I put a bag over her
    ugly face. Her body is ok, but that
    face has to go.

  28. dave

    Hotter than the sun, pure heaven. To hell with lindsay, britney, nichole or tara!!

  29. jake

    Great body, fugly face

  30. Jinxy666

    photoshop of course….her face is so ugly that not even photoshop can fix it

  31. mrw

    What a body! Maybe Elle McPhersone’s nickname “the body” should be transitioned to Jessica. She’s gorgeous and seems very “down to earth.” I love her style… I mean, obviously this isn’t the best pic to reflect her style… But, she’s truly yet classic. I found a pair of Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses at that she also has… They’re so cute!!!!!

  32. Lanny Pope

    I agree with #228, i believe she was carved by angels. but what i can’t believe is all of you who say she has an ugly face. Her face is Beautiful. She is Beautiful, and do you know how fuckin lucky you would be if jessica Biel liked you or possibly loved you? But you wouldn’t care cause you’d be so busy tryin to find that “Trophy Wife” that you would’nt even realize what you lost, or maybe you don’t like her cause you know she could kick your ass. She is Beautiful, probly one of the few beautiful things left in this world, and who the hell are you to judge her

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