Jessica Biel wears bikinis for GQ


Jessica Biel put on a bikini for the latest issue of GQ, and in her interview talks about what it’s like being named Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2005. She says:

“At first I felt really embarrassed about it. You know, it’s a weird thing to talk about. Like, ‘Hey, guys. Guess what?’ You don’t just go telling everybody that. But after I got over that, I just started to embrace it. I started thinking, If I ever do have kids, and if they have kids, I can tell them: ‘You know what? Your grandma in 2000-and-whatever was the Sexiest Woman Alive. How about that, kids?’ That’s what I started to think about. I’ll always have that picture to say, ‘That’s what Granny used to look like.’ “

And I don’t want to alarm anybody, but looking at these pictures may or may not cause your penis to explode. And you know those pictures of me posing sexily in my basement? I wouldn’t recommend looking at those either, unless your fond of spontaneously catching on fire.

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