Jessica Biel shows off her bikini butt

January 22nd, 2007 // 110 Comments

  1. azalie


  2. chris_83


  3. wow. she’s hot!

  4. BarbadoSlim

    That third picture from the back makes her look….masculine. To anyone wanting to tap that, I say tap at will, but watch out for a strap-on.

  5. Nice Spine, while she’s being done from behinde you can look all her shoes hanging from that skeletal shoerack.

  6. typekey

    That dude’s hot! And all-around hot, the real total package (she might even have a package). I bet she can squat more than most guys in the gym. She can out-bench them for sure. The pictures make my dick hard and my sphincter tighten – talk about the anxiety of being in love (or fear of anal pain, I’m not sure which).

  7. mynameismynameismynameis

    S/he looks like a young Val Kilmer. Except way tougher.

  8. RichPort

    I’d love to tap that ass. With this butch bitch, it’d be against her will, but that only makes it hotter. Guys know what I’m talking about.

  9. She could use about 6lbs.

  10. Want to touch the heinie……….

  11. BarbadoSlim

    @8….yup there’s a little Kilmer there circa Top Secret, but also, she looks like Josh Hartnett,

    if Josh Hartnett were a man that is.

  12. cerwin18

    my goodness…

    why do I always confuse her with Jessica Alba? maybe its the first name..

  13. hotguy

    There is just something about her that never adds up. I remember in my youth watching 7th heaven, i eventually had to stop when in my dreams her head would morph into the lil white dog(crap, did i just confess?). then that dog would do things to me, horrid,horrid things in my sleep—tear. yup, she gives me chills.

  14. DieFrau

    her shoulders are about 10 inches wider than her hips, not hot. Whats up with her butt in these pics it doesn’t look as plump as it does when she dresses up. I guess booty cushion is her best friend?

  15. RichPort

    … and I’m gay!

  16. hotguy

    somehow richport i would have thought otherwise

  17. cerwin18

    I was going to say the same thing about her ass cushioning

  18. jrzmommy

    I was hoping to start the week with a post about a white hetero person, but one out of two ain’t bad. At least she has the decency to stay deep in the closet.

  19. Beeyotch

    I’m not jealous of her manly shoulders or protruding vertebrae, but I am definitely jealous of her firm round ass!

    Also, she pings all over the place. So I’m sure guys who already find her hot will have their heads explode whenever they find out she’s a lesbian.

  20. crookedlawyer

    Dear Mischa Barton: See? Cellulite is not universal.

  21. My day is made!!!

  22. mrs.t

    What is she-carved out of a slab of golden-bronze marble? She is a buttery-smooth superhero.

  23. mrs.t

    Yes-upon a second inspection, that IS the Justice League speedboat. I knew it.

  24. That is a keen observation and I do believe you’re correct. Please subscribe me to your newsletter.

  25. Donald Rack

    Hi, Peter!

  26. Celine

    He is very sexy, but since I’m not gay I’d rather tap the green bikini gal.

  27. jrzmommy

    19–Good morning to you fake jrzmommy. You’re up and at ‘em awfully early this morning. Did the “voices” wake you up again?

  28. Dead_Yet

    Why do her tits look screwed and bolted on?

  29. DancingQueen

    She’s definitely a dude. Shoot,look at her her two gigantic balls in the last 4 pics.

  30. wedgeone

    Sorry, but the rack in the bikini doesn’t look as big as the one in the P.Daddy photo from Friday. Something is rotten in Denmark – damn WonderBra’s!!

  31. RichPort

    Mr. Fish, please list an address where I can forward my dry cleaning bills to you. I’ve torn through yet another zipper. And I had this one reenforced with kryptonite, to no avail. Many thanks.

    #28 – Did you every notice that the word ‘awfully’ is an anagram for FU Wally? Wierd how that works…

    #17 – Trust your instincts… someone’s got a raging hard on the size of a rice grain for me…

  32. jrzmommy

    I notice it NOW! And you are so right.

  33. magickal

    What a fatty. She should really stop eating.

  34. Bob Costas

    I think there’s some confusion because pics of Jessica have been mixed here with archival pics of East German olympic swimmer Kornelia Ender (note the steroid-enhanced musculature in the deltoid and trapezius regions).

  35. checkyourshorts

    her ass brings me to tears.

    and, doing a quick check, she seems scoliosis and kyphosis free.

  36. farty mcshitface

    her buns could really use my hotdog right about now- give her a good piece of meat to fill her up right!!

  37. Iceman


    … hehe

  38. It does appear that she has scoliosis, as her back is all pinned up to make it straight. Which would explain those pictures about a month or so ago of her doing exercises outside, throwing the ball up against the wall, and bending her legs. All on the doctor’s order I’d surmise.

  39. karifarrell

    I am so sick and tired of seeing these hot celebs in bathing suits getting SUNTANS, and I’m in the Pacific NW freezing my ASS off in 3 feet of snow!!!

    I know I said before that I didn’t know who this chick is, but I finally remember. I loved her in Flashdance!!!

  40. Edna Bambrick

    The fact that this site continues to post pornography in plain view for kids to see has prompted me to co-found a new organization I call CLAMP (Christian Legion Against Media Pornography). Many people have left their old places of worship and have joined CLAMP to stop disgusting posts and images in media. They have realized I am in direct communication with the Lord and will lead them straight up to heaven. Amen, and I have REPORTED! this site once again.

  41. SVA1994

    With Jessica Alba’s anorexic body looking more and more like that of a pre-pubescent boy’s, I think it’s official:

    Jessica Biel now has the best ass in Hollywood.

  42. magickal

    We rap all the time.
    Oh, we are so good at rapping!
    Who wants to mess with us?
    You’ll totally get shot with a gun!

    Boo- boo- boopidy – boop – boop di doo!

  43. magickal

    We rap all the time.
    Oh, we are so good at rapping!
    Who wants to mess with us?
    You’ll totally get shot with a gun!

    Boo- boo- boopidy – boop – boop di doo!

  44. magickal

    Sorry for the double post….

    Yo, check my style out…

    What a fancy shindig,
    There are some real bodacious babes!
    They see our soggy trunks!
    And they shake their boobies, and my thingie gets excited!
    Boo-boo-boodily boo-boo-boo,
    Doodily-doop-de-doop-de-doo doo…

  45. here

    Sometimes a man must spelunk in a valley between perfect hills.

  46. BarbadoSlim

    You can start by CLAMPing my schlong Edna.

  47. Edna Bambrick

    #48 Reported!

    You are on thin ice.

  48. highknee

    i’m a little worried, that pic has been up a long time…she might have to pinch off her midday loaf…ruins the mood…or does it?

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