Jessica Biel: ‘No one will hire me because I’m hot.’

May 19th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Why can’t Jessica Biel land a role in a decent film? She’s too beautiful, that’s why. Us Magazine reports:

“Yeah, it really is a problem,” Biel tells the June issue of Allure magazine. “I have to be blunt.”
The actress — whose latest film, Powder Blue, (in which she plays a stripper) is going to straight to DVD — isn’t handed plum roles.
“I’m in there with everybody else, fighting for the good parts. Yes, The Illusionist has made a difference — but a huge, massive difference, so I can pick and choose what I want? No.”
Biel, 27, covets the careers of Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman.
“I just want an opportunity. If you don’t like the audition, don’t hire me!” she says. “But if you don’t want to even see me — that’s hurtful. And why? You know nothing about me!”

I want to see you. I want to see you all kinds of stuff. I want to see you so much, I want to see me seeing you see me, and then – wait, hold up. Did that just say a movie where Jessica goddamn Biel plays a stripper went straight to DVD? How does that even happen? Actually, fuck it. I’m moving to Sweden. Next post from the fjords, kids.

Photos: Allure

  1. g_girl

    She IS beautiful.

  2. Pat C.

    So in the same interview, she’s saying she can’t get parts because she’s too beautiful, and also covets the career of Scarlett Johansson?
    Why does she think Scarlett is getting good parts? Does Jessica think Scarlett’s not beautiful?

  3. lala

    Yeah, nice looking…maybe for a horse.
    I’m sorry but she repulses me. I can name thousands of hot women.
    She AIN’T one of them.

  4. awc

    one word:


  5. Protoguy

    Yeah…cuz there are no beautiful actresses getting cherry roles….

    I think the plain looking actresses of the world should rise up and make her ugly so she can get those roles she’s being passed over because of her stunning beauty.

    Bitch needs a better manager, plain and simple.

    And she needs to shut the fuck up.

  6. gigi

    poor disillusioned Jessica thinking she’s in the same echelon of talent [or beyond] of Natalie Portman & Scarlett Johansson/ yes she’s got a body that could stop the world from spinning, but her face is very shrill & hard looking… she’s very lucky she’s got makeup & great lighting… what’s JT doing to her??? oooh, I’m so embarrassed for her… the worst part of the illusionist was watching her act…. is she kidding? awwwww… poor thing….

  7. gigi

    um… ok morons, not only are fjords in Sweden, AS WELL AS Norway, they’re in Iceland too… and many other places in the world…

  8. Mama Pinkus

    maybe it’s really because she is a stuck-up bitch

  9. mdkxoald

    Typical ill-informed Yankie: the Fjords are in Norway, not Sweden.

  10. Hello?

    It couldn’t possibly be because you can’t act and seem perpetually sour, could it?

  11. Pilatunes

    a) you can’t act for shit
    b) you really aren’t that hot in terms of your body or your face. you are in decent shape, with an okay face and…
    c) you are at best a c-list actress whose celebrity is completely manufactured

  12. beep beep


  13. gigimc

    typical ill-informed yank?!?!??? I’m no yank, thank you very much, and YES NOT ONLY NORWAY– easy enough to look up… besides, who cares? I’m not having a pissing contest over the goings on in the northern lands with you idiots… this is about uber-talented Jessica Biel & her downtrodden woes… lol

  14. To quote the flamboyant penis-smith RichPort, “… but I find that if you just sweet talk him first, it often slides right in.” True story.

    Oh, and Fish dude, Biel’s not a hot girl, formerly a staple of this site. She’s a rather harsh beard, and she may well have a ( substantial ) penis. More Alessandra Ambrosio, less men please!

  15. Brooke

    She thinks she’s too beautiful for Hollywood? Now, that is some great logic. That’s exactly why I’m not a famous celebrity with bags of money thrown about my mansion– I must be too beautiful for Hollywood, too. I get it now, thanks!

    I’m actually surprised she even considers herself an actress. I thought the word for her was more like “meat”.

    And thank god, other people agree she’s more horsefaced than Mr. Ed…

  16. Beav

    I thought directors won’t hire her cos they’ve seen her work on 7th Heaven.

  17. So....really?

    She wishes she were beautiful. My anus is better looking than her face.

  18. devilsrain

    I love pic #4. A team of make up artists standing around trying to make her look less manish “um this isnt working guys”

    (it’s the mental part, they don’t require NON-TALENTS, folks)

  20. alyssa

    hahah she’s a BUTTERFACE probably a man

  21. Darth

    Jessica Biel and i have the same problem! I’v to comb my hair now!

  22. mystique

    correction: she’s NOT beautiful!

    forget her and check this out! MUST SEE!!

  23. mystique

    correction: she’s NOT beautiful!

    forget her and check this out! MUST SEE!!

  24. want more cool wallpapers

  25. gack

    Talent! Bah, who needs talent. It’s obviously because she’s just too beautiful.

  26. Where’s she say she’s too beautiful? Maybe her shoulders frightened Hollywood. Looks like they went down, though.

  27. click for more

  28. Codefire

    Damn, now I guess she’ll just have to do porn. =]

  29. Queenmab

    I’ve never understood why anyone would think she is beautiful? I think she’s kind of weird looking personally.

  30. goodwolfe

    With makeup and lighting, she looks great, no denying..but just like that wench, Eva Longoria (who basically said the same thing a few years ago), no actress who is known (as these two are) doesn’t get work because they are “too” hot or too beautiful….it’s because they are lacking the acting talent and/or charisma to interest producers……being hot hasn’t hurt Angelina or Charlize has it?

  31. eh ?

    what does full of pork even mean?

    and since when did being against something (abortion) mean you don’t allow others to chose to do it if THEY want to? Hmm.. didn’t read the rest of your cr**.

  32. L

    I don’t see any quote where she says she is too hot to get roles. When she says it is getting to be a problem, we don’t even know what she is responding to based on this or on the US weekly article.

  33. I can not imagine that has nothing to do with the fact that you are not represented by an excellent and you also type a vote on yourself as the ‘hot chick’, and television actress.

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