Jessica Biel learning to strip

April 24th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Here’s Jessica Biel learning how to be a stripper for her upcoming movie Powder Blue. If you’re looking at the picture above, there’s no doubt you’re noticing the same unbelievably obvious thing as me: Why am I not the rope?!


  1. I’ve got a pole for ya Jessica…

  2. first

    talent !

  3. Veenus Envy

    Best Ass in Hollywood. JT is luckly when she lets him get her from behind.

  4. smarg

    How come her boyfriend is homely as hell??

  5. Rick

    SweatsGirl is lucky. I’m sure she got in lots of daily licking before Jessica had to go home to her “boyfriend”.

  6. Danklin24

    Fish you’re way behind on your news. This and the video were already posted on other websites. The video of her nude has already been posted at Egotastic. . Step up your game man.

  7. Jezebel

    That is the most unnaturally curved spine I’ve ever seen. Please tell me this is photoshopped – her top half doesn’t even come close to matching her bottom half!

  8. She’s bootylicious!

  9. yeah boi

    you are waaaaaaaaay behind

  10. I think Jessicas career path is mimicking Lindsay Lohans…Has she ever been in a decent movie?!

  11. Argyle

    Didn’t they already make a movie named Powder? Is Jessica Biel playing the kid who gets struck by lightning and turned into an Albino with super powers?

  12. Newcastle

    #3 is spot on!

  13. hot

    i don’t think it’s photoshopped — google image her and you will see, she has a tiny waist and a big ass. god bless.

  14. I’d like to poke her in the pooter.

    I’m sure she’s in need of a REAL man.

  15. Jebidiah

    I keep hearing about Iraq as an illegal war; please explain how it is illegal. It was voted and approved by congress. The original cease-fire (not truce or treaties) approved by the UN had been violated for 12 years. The many UN resolutions had been ignored and in those resolutions the use of force was authorized. So please show FACTS not fiction in your arguments. Unfortunately for Libs fact always get in the way of their arguments.

  16. Fatty Arbuckle

    Yes, best ass in Hollywood. One of the worst asses in Hollywood hangs like a cottage cheese filled trash bag (thanks Paris for the imagery) below the waist of one K.K.

  17. 7. Jezebel

    Dont be jealous love, thats bc she has an ass

  18. Jesus

    #15 – Jebidiah – you’re as stuck in the past as the Old Testament. Don’t you have something to do with a goat?

  19. Jeezy

    @11, yes, this is a remake of the original film, only this time Jessica will be playing Powder. I saw the story on a site somewhere. I’ll see if I can dig it up. Not sure what stripping has to do with it though… (?!?)

  20. Autism 4 Ever

    I’d like to bend her spoon.

  21. AteIsEnough

    I never wanted to be a length of rope more in my life! I could see motorboating those sweet cheeks!!

  22. gotmilk?

    it looks more like she’s realized her film “career” is shit and she’s trying out for cirque du soleil. isn’t that more realistic? me think yes.

  23. g

    THe movie is actually out. The English paper ‘the Sun’ has her nude/topless photos already on line. Great boob shots

  24. g

    Correction> the movie is not out. but it was sneek peeked. But the stills are on the Suns web page and there is a dandy trailer there too.

  25. Curly

    #6, if you go to more than a couple of these kinds of websites, your life is a circle of fail.

  26. Darth

    Aww! That’s a good looking bum!

  27. Galtacticus

    Holy shit! Any ass-up pics?

  28. Why is the surfboard next to her the coach? Strippers have nice bodies, not like the gross gal next to her.

  29. marc

    she is so boring!

  30. Cherry

    Wow! I don’t think she’s anything special – but her ass is AMAZING and her tiny waist is to die for. Justin is a lucky man (if she’s not a lesbian as is rumoured…).

  31. Peaches

    The movie is Powder Blue, now Powder… she’s a stripper.. not some albino super hero kid.

  32. Peaches

    The movie is Powder Blue, not Powder… she’s a stripper.. not some albino super hero kid.

  33. PunkA

    She flosses. I love good hygiene in a hot chick.

  34. surprised

    She has thigh muscles and a respectable ass! Good for her.

  35. tc

    A room with two healthy smiling adult females.

    I’m willing to overlook the fact that their breasts appear to be out on loan. I need to be in that room.

  36. astronaut

    well that will be an easy movie to market…

    she is fuckin hot, goddamn

  37. Pilatunes

    I am her thong. I love it.

  38. Fas(c)hionista

    What the hell happened to her face?!? She used to be pretty- bad nose job and lip plumping have turned her into a fug.

    Hey, Superfish, what beef does wwtdd have with you? He took a snipe at you in the Selma Hayak email hack story.
    Clearly he’s a douche.

  39. Kitty says

    That is photoshopped, her waist and spinal curve look completely artificial. I have a 23″ waist (Jess has a 25″ waist) and I can tell you there is no way that photo is not altered. Sorry : (

  40. just being honest, folks:
    …………………………….FOR WHOM?

  41. salawhite

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  42. Holy crap look at that bod, she is so yummy sexy!

  43. Gando

    That’s one of the best arched backs i’ve seen so far! Yoga?

  44. nightwolff

    all I can say is that I would eat the peanuts and drink the bathwater.

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  46. salawhite

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  47. Fred

    Id jackoff at these two bitches

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