Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake don’t look broken up

September 30th, 2009 // 36 Comments

Reports are coming in that Justin Timberlake kicked Jessica Biel to the curb (Possibly for Rihanna according to Star.), but here’s the two of them together last night after a romantic dinner. Then again, this could just be the always awkward “Please stop nailing dead bats to my door” dinner that inevitably ended in sex because Jessica Biel’s ass was sculpted by cherubs on a magic cloud of assy goodness. It’s in the Bible.

Photos: Splash News

  1. jaja

    I’m first? I’M FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRST. Look @1, that’s me, first, first, first Oo Oo Oo Oo


  2. Yum

    While it is true that her ass is, indeed, heavenly, it doesn’t end there.

    She really has the whole deal. A lovely face, great hair, great figure… and, yeah, an incredible ass.

    She’d have to be pretty psychotic for me to not allow her to have her way with me. In traffic. While I was driving. A truck full of live scorpions.

  3. Fistard Executioner

    Death to the firstards!

    If your getting rid of her, can I have it?

  4. JADE

    uugghh who really cares, they are both fugly.

  5. PJ

    They don’t look very happy. Jessica isn’t even looking at JT.

  6. Kim

    JT can have any woman he wants. He should not be attached to one woman, unless Jessica permits an open relationship and does not have a needy personality.

    If JT was my boyfriend, I’d let hm play around all he wants, just as long as he gives it to me good on a regular basis. It would be unrealistic to expect otherwise.

  7. Hank

    Haha. Looks like he just sat her down for “a talk”. She’s got that “my world has been shattered” look on her face; he looks like “that wasn’t easy; lets have one more goodbye fuck (because they are always the best) and then GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

  8. They are so cute together =)

  9. Amy

    #7 Kim, it’s okay. This is the internet. You don’t have to act desperate to get male attention on the Superficial. You know you’d never be okay with your man being with different women.

  10. Kellie

    God, she is so disgusting looking. Skeletor beyotch!

  11. Kellie

    God, she is so disgusting looking. Skeletor beyotch!

  12. Helen

    #11 (and #12) – She used to be nice and meaty. Almost too meaty – she had linebacker shoulders. But her ass and cans benefitted from those extra pounds. But, as she realized JT’s eye was roving, she got spooked, and started dropping the pounds…classic insecure reaction.

  13. Cool I haven’t came across it yet but hopefully everything works out for the best..

  14. gigi

    oh yes they do… I feel an intense frostiness….. meh, who cares

  15. PsyKo

    rhianna or Jessica… come on easy choice… lemme have Jessica!

  16. Reggie

    DEER Ms Biel –

    Please gain the weight back, we miss it

  17. Melissa

    I have that jacket.
    God, Jessica Biel sucks.
    Why couldn’t someone of substance, style, and sex appeal be wearing my jacket?

  18. me

    #13 Helen you are a dum dum. Jesisca is eating what we all should be eating, a raw food diet, and she has dropped significant amounts of toxic fat all you people on this site are carrying around with you. Google “raw food” and get a clue people. Are world is comming to an end cuz you losers feel the need to eat FLESH! How fukn stupid are you all? I was ten and realized it’s not right for me to be eating coagulated blood and veins and fat from a creature that was living and breathing last week but killed for my dumb ass. google slaughter houses if your still being dum

  19. Darth

    You can tell that they’re still in a passionate relationship together! Look how tight they’re holding hands!

  20. Galtacticus

    I can tell from these pics that it probably won’t take long until he’s going to drop on his knees.Begging her to marry him!

  21. Gando

    My faith in the world and human beings is growing when i see such a happy couple like them.

  22. Nero

    Aww! It looks like they’re looking out for a bush to make out!

  23. Spunge

    He couldn’t look any more gay in this first pic. You can pretty much hear the lisp.

  24. obvinot

    Dump Jessica Biel who is a 8.5-9 for tranny looking Rhianna??? Ha! Rhianna is a fucking 4-5 at best (and that’s on the NatGeo scale, she’s a -1 on the regular scale).

  25. Dump Jessica Biel who is a 8.5-9 for tranny looking Rhianna??? Ha! Rhianna is a fucking 4-5 at best (and that’s on the NatGeo scale, she’s a -1 on the regular scale).

  26. Who knows with this couple, one minute they are on the next they break up. I heard he cheated on her bad but they are still trying to work it out but then there is Rihanna in the mix too!

  27. No, they don’t look broken up but I heard at least a hundred of times that they weren’t together anymore. Good to see it was all just gossip.

  28. They are lovely and happy, nice sharing.

  29. It looks delicious, thanks for sharing

  30. good article,thank you

  31. Why they looks depressed unhappy?

  32. i think i know….

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