Jessica Biel has some issues with the paparazzi

November 12th, 2007 // 55 Comments

Jessica Biel seems to have an axe to grind with the paparazzi lately. First she attacked them with an umbrella and then yesterday she decided to start taking pictures of them. Clearly she hasn’t realized that they’ll just keep taking pictures of her. Even though she’s taking pictures of them. Taking pictures of her. And so on and so forth. Cut to the chase: Jessica Biel gets a parking ticket. See that transition there? That’s how you know I’m a professional. People have lost their lives attempting transitions like that.

Photos: Splash News

  1. zip!

    Good plan!

  2. marme

    Its cause she wants to prove that shes famous now. Hey look guys I’m not just a shitty actor who takes her clothes off for more press. Now I’m like famous and stuff cause I’m fucking JT too!! look look I swear its true look!

  3. get naked

    i think she looks kinda good when you click on the pics and make them bigger. i like her pouty lips and cheek bones

  4. J-Sin

    This may be the dumbest broad ever.

  5. Superbad

    hey fellas,

    who’s the hottest? Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes , Petra Nemcova, Bar Refaeli?

  6. Soy

    Grey is this seasons trend color .

  7. This is the best the Fish can come up with on Monday morning?

  8. people are too picky, and everyone has diff opinions.

    they are all hot. why are people so picky, like there is only one type of hottttness, like only a few people can be hot>?…. that being said, though Alba is pretty she has cutesy child-like mannerisms that bug the hell out of me.
    if looks could tickle indeed. petra talks like a deaf person, but she seems really sweet.

  9. joeypants

    I’d wreck that.

  10. this girl is really funny! she’ll start throwing used condoms tomorrow!

  11. people are too picky, and everyone has diff opinions.

    for #5

  12. people are too picky, and everyone has diff opinions.

    for #5

  13. mmlobe

    Why does she always like to wear a pair of sunglasses. Is she single now? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebrity dating club not long before! “She is very picky about guys,” according
    to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches or she won’t date them!”


    #3 & # 5
    She’s very hot and gettin trendy
    everyone knows
    makin bastard babies
    is all the rage

  15. lamb

    show me more GAY Karl Lagerfeld over this stupid boringtool

  16. coDependent

    Karl Lagerfeld looks hotter in the BigSunglasses

  17. WhoIsThis?

    Wow, she’s really quick witted! I’ll bet the paps never had that happen. It really threw them off their game.
    She is such a jackass! She wasted all of that time snapping the paps that she earned herself a parking ticket. What a genius!
    BTW, my Grandma called and she wants her sweater back now that it is getting cold.

  18. I think she may have issues… period!

  19. She is definitely losing it.
    Thank God she’s smoking hot to make us forget it fast!!!

  20. hedge

    she has that short space between her nose&upperlip
    indicating she wore braces

  21. MsMilf

    WHERE’S Brittney???

  22. Jonas

    Is she still in NYC? They passed an anti-stalking ordinance not too long ago and if you can prove the same papparazzi is following you 24/7 you can file to get a restraining order to keep them away.

  23. WhoIsThis?

    @22 – Yes, we have palm trees in the city.

  24. caleb

    She is actually on the right track.

    Now she needs to use those photos and start a Paparatzzi Blog talking about the shutterbugs. You know, start rampant, unsubstansiated rumors about this papa, or that papa. I saw this one drinking on the job…….that one cheating on his wife/GF….this other guy was tapping his foot methodically…that might be for gay sex…I don’t know……

    You know, stuff like that. She if she can ruin any lives in the process.

    It’s all part of the fun!

  25. gotmilk?

    22, i’m sure the papparazzi are hardly following her 24/7. she’s not THAT important. she probably thinks she is though. so sad.

  26. em

    #13, didn’t you say that about jewel or somebody, and didn’t you have a different name last time?

  27. combustion8

    the sad part is… she think’s she’s clever.

  28. jesus

    What an ass!

    And also: what an ass!

  29. IWONKY

    What is the point of taking pics of the paps? Just so you know who’s making money off your pics? Unless she is going to call them stalkers and sue them, what’s the point? Everyone knows, when the paps go away, you are no longer of interest. So what is the point? She doesn’t seem capable of starting the website #24 mentioned because to get these pics she got a ticket on her car. If she starts a website on paps she might get an internet virus that causes her house to slide down Mulholland Drive and crash into Britney next time she endangers her kids by running the RED light while using her cellphone.

  30. gotmilk?

    i think it’s funny how she’s trying to be bad ass by taking pictures of the papparazzi. then looks like a complete fool taking the parking ticket off her car. what an ass.

  31. pooflinger

    Although she looks dumb, she may have succeeded in at least looking genuine by the camera trick; she probably called them all beforehand . . .

  32. ssdd

    I dont know why but everytime I see this bitch I think she looks like a Sphinx. The gap between the bottom of her nose and top lip is hideous and large.

  33. I personally can’t stand her and I don’t know why..

  34. Bitchy McBitchington, III

    Shouldn’t she be thanking them for even giving a shit enough to take her picture? She’s BARELY famous and quite frankly I can only recall her being on “7th Heaven” and posing for Maxim…the latter leads me to think that she ENJOYS attention.

    This is a big problem with actors. They want to pick and choose which factors of fame they have to deal with. “Hmmm, I’ll take wealth, free stuff, and people constantly telling me I’m beautiful. However, I refuse to sacrifice anything in return, including but not limited to, criticism and letting people take pictures of me…when it’s not on MY terms….like, have you seen me in the next Vogue?”

  35. me

    shes hot, love her body in that cat suit.

  36. WTF?

    Why don’t these people take a lesson out of Cameron Diaz’s book?

    Hold your middle finger up directly infront of your face so that the pics cannot get published…seems to work every time!

  37. spam lips

    i think she’s using the camera to block her face rather than to take pics of those vultures.

  38. George Best

    Another hot chick with a horrible personality. Show us some hot chicks who have their act together.

  39. RENEE Z...

    What a stupid lesbian

  40. retrochica

    She is such a tool! Why do I hate her so much???? I almost hate her more than Shitney. Funny that she never had a prob with the pap unitl JT entered her life.

  41. Nathiest

    Fuck the paparazzi fuck them up their stupid asses.

    Really I say we all get baseball bats and go out and rip their fucking heads off.

  42. Michelle

    Ooooo, she showed them, I bet they won’t do it anymore (sarcasm).

  43. Henry

    This was posted on on Friday. Get with the times.

  44. kris

    if she takes shots of the same people often enough could she prove harassment??

  45. Danklin24

    Someone needs to tell Jessica the only time its worth it to take pictures of the paparazzi is when one of them stupidly puts his foot under the tire and gets it run over so he can whine like a bitch that you ran over his foot. Otherwise you’re just taking pictures of douchebags who are one step above being homeless.

  46. flattery

    who is this chick anyway?? what is she famous for, other than giving it up to JT?

    oh, right…she’s nobody….useless.

  47. The Superfish guy is on coke!

    Fuck this! I just wanna see some shots of that wonderful ass.

  48. Jim

    she has nasty horse teeth… gross…

  49. Nick

    Another talentless twonk who is going to let her fleeting fame get to her head. Jessica, Kim K is the new ass in town. You are just another b bordering on c actress. There are a lot of those. Time to sleep with someone famous or get with the ‘oops’ shots of your ass or something.

  50. makemepuke

    Jessica, “I’ll show those mean fuckin paparrazi (whom my livelihood, wealth and fame depends upon) what its like to get phtographed and hounded all the time..then they can see that life as a media whore is no joke , its hard and people don;t respect my privacy ..what’s that, Ok , one more picture, this angle OK??”

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