Jessica Biel got dumped

October 1st, 2009 // 70 Comments

Here’s an emaciated Jessica Biel returning to Vancouver today to film The A-Team, and she totally got dumped by Justin Timberlake. I can tell by the way she’s trying to smile at the paparazzi instead of her usual response of punching through their car window and knocking their heads together. Poor thing.

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  1. no thank you

    she has ass lips.

  2. elaine

    Wow, Are you people serious?

    I came upon this site for the first time and reading your comments make me sudder for the future of this country.

    You people are bunch of asses with mentality of 7 year olds.
    Grow up, please. Be a productive citizen, rather than sit and badmouth celebrities who are 10times more talented than you will ever be,

  3. IamLegend

    she smiles thru the tears & says “This isn’t the first time you know,, there was this boy in 6th grade named billy, then in 7th grade there was kevin, sam, waldo, wilber,…….bla bla bla….poor little rich girl

  4. puhleez

    Like it matters; she’s a girl and now she’s available to anyone that she wants to bone so it’s definitely on.

  5. tc

    Jess won’t do anal, whereas the Rihanna loves it (like all nigs).

    I’d still go for Jess’s cunt than Rih’s ass any day of the week.

  6. Darth

    She doesn’t look dumped though.Anyway,it’s time for her to move on!

  7. farty mcshitface

    if anyone looks close enough, they could see how the jeans are loose on her yet they can’t hide how bony her legs are. then throw in all the baggy clothes (an olsen twin trick) and it is obvious that she has an eating disorder.

  8. How Dumb Can Some People Be?


    Sweetie, most girls have no problem finding someone to bone. However, not to get a guy sick of her like JT of Jessica or Cameron is another matter.

  9. Mary

    Her shoulders are bigger than yours? LMFAO. Little fairy boy, go to the gym. Sounds like you like men anyway.

  10. Over Megan Fox

    I think she’s fine. I’d like to see her put some more weight back on. Obvious the relationship wasn’t that great or else she wouldn’t have started dropping so much weight. Go find a man who can appreciate you and eat a goddammed cheeseburger with the works while you’re at it. I’m sure there are plenty of worthy guys who would love to watch!

  11. Milk Man

    Bah who cares what you jackbags say. I say show me the tits. That’s where it’s happening! Women with little bitty titties have no purpose in this life and if she has lost them than off with her head I say!

  12. Special Delivery

    Poor baby Jessica

    She got dumped means her ass needs to get pumped

  13. wtf

    I could care less about JT, but Jessica isn’t worth what she thinks she is worth. I defiantly used to think she shit roses until I saw her on a late night talk show and realized that she thought she shit roses as well. It was as if she felt she was having tea with the queen, and she was the queen. Her narcissism is the likely culprit for this latest development.

  14. Dread not

    Jess is filming the A-Team. But the question is: what team is she REALLY playing for? Okay, okay. She broke up with Justin Timberflake. Or did she break up with his cousin/assistant? Hey, I’m not judging, I’m just asking. I’m still going to tape her picture to my hand and whack off with it. I just wanna know if I need to tape a picture of Michelle Rodriguez, or, Kristanna Loken next to it. You know, for the sake of realism.

  15. puhleez

    She needs to stop dating men who can also bone anyone they want. I don’t think any man in his right mind who could rail anyone he wants would only stick with one vagine. It just doesn’t make sense. She needs to go after non-famous dudes but I’ll bet you anything she’s way too shallow for that. Well I don’t know her so I can’t say that but this type of thing will keep happening if she goes after in-demand cock.

  16. Bob

    Didn’t know she had lost a lot of weight. She has the most boneable ass in hollywood and she could probably suck a mean dick with that wide mouth of hers.

    If her ass deflated, maybe JT should trade her in for a better model.

    (Note: That’s the problem with having basically one attractive thing about you. When you lose it, you’re just like everybody else.)

  17. qtpie

    She’s SO beautiful but why does she look so ill recently. She needs to put on some blush and stop with the nude lipstick it makes her look sickly!

  18. She’s SO beautiful but why does she look so ill recently. She needs to put on some blush and stop with the nude lipstick it makes her look sickly!

  19. Jimmy

    The majority of these posts are stupid. She is beautiful… let’s see the women you guys can get with. She looks amazing without makeup… maybe you guys are used to seeing women with your beer goggles on and/or 2 pounds of makeup on. It looks like she has lost weight, but not anything severe. She still looks in a healthy weight range… she’s definitely not skinny enough to be the typical runway model.

  20. Such a nice post! Jessica is looking dam hot in that costumes. Hey she got dam hot figure i must say . I love her smile so much. Thanks for sharing this .

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