Jessica Biel got dumped

October 1st, 2009 // 70 Comments

Here’s an emaciated Jessica Biel returning to Vancouver today to film The A-Team, and she totally got dumped by Justin Timberlake. I can tell by the way she’s trying to smile at the paparazzi instead of her usual response of punching through their car window and knocking their heads together. Poor thing.

Photos: Splash News

  1. shift

    She’s looking rough. There is such a thing as too skinny.

  2. Fermented Ghost


  3. J.T.

    Yeah…she’s a goner

  4. Fermented Ghost

    Awwww man! I never get first! :-(

  5. Kellie

    It’s about time! She’s so fug!!!!!

  6. Kelley

    What’s hilarious is that this woman whines because she thinks she’s too beautiful to get work … huh ? There is nothing special about her looks in the least … in fact someone needs to call the lip-collagen police. Hey, that rhymes.

  7. lololololol

    she has the posture of a gorilla.

  8. Super Dude

    I will comfort her. Perhaps some champagne and qaaludes, my dear?

  9. Erica

    Why couldn’t she have retained that broad-shouldered, athletic-chick hotness and nice thick ass? WHY?? This newfound skinniness really brings out her horsiness, doesn’t it? I wanna feed her hay through a fence.

  10. The Rough report

    Are you kiddin, where does a mutt like JT get off?

  11. MaryJane

    I’m just not seeing it, she has so many layers of clothes how can people tell she is super skinny? I guess I don’t pay enough attention she looks the same to me..

  12. Delgo

    She’s another one that’s weak as shit now.

  13. terri

    shes ageing badly shes only 27 i liked her body before shes way too thin now we knew they were gonna breakup so its not really news they always look unhappy together as for her being too beautiful shes not even pretty her face is ugly get a clue

  14. Pot Lovin' Mc Lovin'

    She is nasty! She can’t act either! Go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! LOL
    Justin and her are both snot-bags…

  15. Rico Suave'

    She is a beautiful woman. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also gracious, which is a combination that is hard to find here in Hollywood.

    Justin’s problem is that he isn’t good enough for ANY of the women he dates, and it’s a fact that gnaws at him day and night. If it is true he is with Rianna, then I’d say that they deserve each other… low-lifes.

  16. Randal

    There’s nothing better than a beautiful smile and Jessica Biel brings that in oodles of warmth! Not sure why you worry so much Jessica. You’re a top rated actress with a venus like beauty. You’ll find love and work again.


  17. alisa

    you all must be so fat… you can only see her legs.. doesn’t look too skinny to me. she looks good. well except the face.

  18. gotmilk?

    without make up, she looks beat! never thought she was very pretty with make up, but here she’s just sickly looking.

  19. freebie

    Betcha Cameron’s laughing her ass off right now.

  20. Hefe

    She had the most edible ass in Hollywood…’s a shame what she’s turning into now.

    Looks hideous.

  21. gotmilk?

    sorry Rico but anyone who says she doesn’t get decent roles because she’s too beautiful (which clearly she’s not) is the opposite of gracious.

    she doesn’t get decent roles because she sucks at being an actress. i’m sure she’s off ruining The A-Team as we speak.

  22. Nameless

    Justin Timberlake is a f@g so it shouldn’t be no big deal for Jessica. She is looking a little too skinny and rough recently. If she’s trying to shed her “too pretty to get good movie roles” (her words) typecast. Well, its working.

    Lose more ass and t!ts and plump up those lips more and she’ll be ugly enough to star in a award winning movie.

  23. el ces

    JT is bringing stupid back, if he did.

  24. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Justin’s going to have to turn to his former Nsync bandmates for a squeeze of a tight ass.

  25. tom wilson

    Legs do look thin. God let the ass be okay. Jessica, if you’re reading this, please get yourself to a McDonalds. If you won’t do it for your ass, do it for my penis.

  26. think

    Many an actress has said that they are often overlooked for serious, not superficial roles because of their appearance. It’ s not exactly brain surgery to realize that a gorgeous woman who would make an every day person eat their hat in jealousy isn’t going to get the Ugly Betty role, is it? God forbid any of these people have an actual opinion about their careers.

    She doesn’t look too skinny, and she rarely wears make up unless she’s acting or on the red carpet.

  27. Stephanie

    Waiting for another “Rhianna gets the shit beat out of her” headline. I doubt Justin would have to apologize hand over fist like the other guy. Because he’s white? OR could it just BE…Rhianna is a violent cunt. At least with these two Aquarius’ off the market they can’t impose themselves on anyone else.

  28. Sally

    she doesn’t look too skinny to me, you can barely tell in these pics w/all the clothes

  29. Jake

    Hey, I think she’s cute, sporting a tight body, and I”d drill her like a dentist at a saltwater taffy convention.

  30. CHristina

    Oh, yeah she’s gorgeous. psyche.

  31. Valerie

    Anyone else think her nose looks like Michael Jackson’s when it was STARTING to get….really fucking nasty?

    That has always got me. The nose. She looks plastic, which is weird because she probably isn’t. It’s really fucking creepy. Other than that she’s OK, in a F.A.S. way…

  32. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Sorry to disappoint the retards but here’s a news flash. A woman can’t look like she’s 16 for ever. A perfectly normal, attractive woman. Turning into a pedo society when chicks are over the hill in their 20′s..

  33. @8

    roman polanski, get off the superficial! she is too old for you, anyway.

  34. Not sure what all the complaints are about, she looks great for someone getting into their 30′s

  35. DT

    Oh look, its Skeletor!

  36. Milk Man

    Her tits aint shit so the Hell with her.

  37. Annie Loves Anal

    Poor kid. To be dumped by such a virile man. She is really going to miss his dark good looks, not to mention that deep voice, I bet. Oh, and Justin’s muscular build. Wait a minute, did I just describe Jessica Biel?

    27. I highly doubt that Justin Timberlake could beat the shit out of ANYBODY. It would probably be the other way around. I can just imagine Riahhna punching that boosy bottom repeatedly while he screams like a Japanese school girl, begging her to stop, then running from the car, the fairy dust that’s shooting out of his ass providing enough momentum for his escape.

  38. ac

    i didn’t realize she had such a horse face.

  39. richard

    I guess I’d throw her a pity fuck. I’m just that generous.

  40. Danklin24

    Justin dumped Jessica for Rihanna because he was tired of Jessica Bench pressing him every night before they had sex. He finally decided he had enough of Jessica’s cock poking him in the back when they spooned.

  41. Danklin24

    #16…you’re a fag, you know that right?

  42. Danklin24

    Umm guys, her ass isnt that great. Actually she has a man ass. Did you see her nude scene in Powder Blue? I couldnt watch it because her shoulders were broader than mine and her ass looked like the guy’s behind her. Sickening.

  43. lettusaurus

    JT’s Motto:

    the thing I love about these girls; I keep gettin older, they stay the same age. yes they do.. yes they do.

    Biel is old news. Why stick with the roast beef when you can have prime rib any time?

  44. Ferregamo

    She looks really pretty when she’s all done up, but she looks kinda freaky and gaunt without all the makeup contouring and whatnot.

    And a shit personality too, to boot, I hear. Maybe years of being an asshole to autograph seekers is catching up to her physically?

  45. Gary

    This woman is not as good looking as lots of people have been fooled into believing. Homely.

  46. Peter Salt

    Alot of celeb chicks lose the makeup when traveling at airports, kinda keeps people off of them & many don’t recognize…She’s a hotty, most are jealous.

  47. vito

    Do you motherfuckers like ANYBODY??? Fer fuck sake!

    Superficial isn’t the name of this blog…it’s a description of the shitheads that read it and complain about everyone (and everything) from Asshole to Teakettle.

    Fuck all y’all. In the ass. And REALLY hard.

  48. How do you guys know she’s too skinny? Are there other pictures of her in less clothes looking thin or something? ‘Cause she looks the same to me in these photos…

  49. Danklin24

    You can tell how thin she is in pic 6. Her legs are insanely thin.

  50. zuzuspetals

    Good for her- she is now free to date a man who *doesn’t* wear Underoos.
    I’m positive Justin Timberlake still wears Underoos, just by looking at him.

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