Jessica & Ashlee Simpson get their drink on

January 9th, 2009 // 53 Comments

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson had a girls night out at Bar Deluxe Thursday. I’m going to assume Ashlee wasn’t drinking since she’s breastfeeding, but hey, it’s not like Pete can’t fill in for the night. Xanax-flavored breast milk: Kids love it! In the meantime, whoever’s working the collagen gun at Jessica’s doctor’s office really needs to stop having Nam flashbacks on the clock. This shit’s getting out of hand.


  1. FU

    I see fat women syndrome in Jessica’s future. Tony Homo better bail while he can.

  2. #51 Is right on with that fat syndrome comment. Better to have her make you lose games when she is hot rather then ugly.

  3. It’s sad that I now know it, but when a mother who is breastfeeding goes out drinking alcohol and breast milk so that the entry as it will make it will not taste terrible, they are what they call Like a “pump and – dump.”

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