Jessica Alba’s butt looks terrible in a bikini

January 3rd, 2007 // 178 Comments

  1. colt45joe

    am i the only one that sees a big nasty scar on her butt? maybe i be imagining things.

  2. kitty_kat

    I’ve noticed that there are certain women in Hollywood that guys feel obligated to call sexy even when they look awful… Jessica Alba is one of them. I don’t understand it. Maybe peer pressure? I think so. I mean, she used to have an okay body, but now she’s way too skinny. She has no ass, no breasts, no hips even! There is nothing on her that would suggest that she is a woman. Honestly guys, its not blasphemous to admit it when celebs like Jessica Alba and Angelina JOlie look terrible. Even the best-looking people have their off days.

  3. kitty_kat

    #144- I would rather have Halle’s body any day of the week.

  4. SeverianB

    Jessica ass is amazing. Even though she has lost a little too much weight, that ass is still perfect.

    The fact she is all-natural, healthy and nicely toned just add more to her allure. The fact she has a great smile and seems genuinely happy with her non-famous boyfriend make her seem even more accessable and appealing to the public. She also comes across in interviews as a regular person, not some stuck-up bimbo. It doesn’t matter if any of these things are true, what matters is the image.

    Between those things and the fact that she has looked stunningly hot in every movie she has done, every magazine shoot, and almost every candid, and now you know why many, many people around the world love her.

    You might think she is a bad actress, and you might think she is simply average looking, but there is so much more to being a celebrity.

    As for the morons comparing her to some damn porn stars with fake boobs and 2 tons of body makeup… please shoot yourselves.

    Take a look at Jessica in “Into the Blue” sometime. Most of that movie is in the water, with NO makeup, just a really great tan. She looks incredible.

  5. Pretty lady. Bad bikini choice.

  6. Wild Rose

    The two women in the pics “Forbidden” posted are far too made up. “SeverianB” is right–women who look stunning without makeup are the true beauties. Personally, I think Eva Mendes is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood.

  7. uuhleesuh

    yah every girl wishes her ass looked like that..but she needs boobies

  8. sharpei dude

    Are you fucking stupid from the fumes or what??? That girl’s ass is hot and even if it isn’t at 100% condition, even if that ass was at 50% it would be far better than what you probably pry your jeans over in the morning.

  9. Forbidden

    I guess some people is into flat ass and have never and will never touch or see a hot chick and a hot ass.

    ROFLOL @ all the losers who think that ass is nice, man is it one hell of a bad an ugly flat ass.

  10. RichPort

    It ain’t easy being me, … a retarded cock whore.

    Seriously, go to Ferret’s place, he invented the Internet you know!

  11. BrazilianHoney

    to post 141:


    i completley agree with normella!!
    i actually DO airbrushing because iv studied graphic art and trust me THOSE GIRLS have been MAJORLY airbrushed!
    if you wanna know what i mean go here :

    ..and see some shocking before and after shots of airbrushing.

    those girls are NOT role models, Forbidden. They have no reputation or self worth and thats why they have nothing to lose.. they pose like sluts for the camera and thats NOTHING to be proud of! jessica alba has obviously NOT been airbrushed here, in these candid photos and shes 10 times more beautiful than those skanks with makeup and trailer trash poses. They have been airbrushed, but i think your the kinda girl who likes to look up to them because they make you feel better? like its acceptable to sell your body, and be a whore?
    Well its not respectable.

    and i totally agree with normella that if your gonna try and show us “real women” DONT show us amature porn stars :) they are the worst of the worst- the fakest of them all, drugged out and depressed/desperate for attention/something wrong in their childhood history.

    to conclude: those girls are ugly. and just looking at them you know they must be ugly on the inside too to lower themselves to that standard.

    hell, im way prettier than them and i HAVENT been airbrushed and i dont pose like a whore. and i see prettier girls in the street than those skanks screaming for approval. i feel sorry for them and anyone who looks up to them and their trash. dont come running to us, saying that women with hard lives to have to resort to posing in a g-string with greasy hair and a drugged out face is perfection. its not, and you have a very deluded sense of reality if you strive to be like them.

  12. meh – doesn’t look that bad!

  13. meh, i’d still tap that

  14. sharkbeach

    Ha,ha,ha, how cute! I would smack that if I were into teenagers boys…
    These cheeks wouldn’t turn a head in a Brazil’s beach!!!!
    Just stick with the tits cause the girls here work hard on keeping our attention on something they can fix. Hell, I don’t mind a fake boob, either. Thing is, trust me on this, if you think that’s an ass worth drooling about, really, you guys need to travel more.

  15. sean

    oh please,shes gorgouse and these are just pics taken when she was playing and squesing her but thats why some of them look weird but who cares,shes beautiful,not hot.

  16. Fudge packer

    I’d so finger her ass hole and lick it out.

  17. jade.xo

    jessica is fucking smoking

  18. Heather

    How about this…

    Let’s just stop insulting other people’s bodies altogether! Wow… Girls who are dissing, stfu. If you have a big ass and think you are better than her because you have curves then good for you! But putting a other women down to make you feel better about yourself is not the way to go. If you value yourself based on how nice your ass/boobs are then I feel sorry for you because one day they will be droopy and gross and since you obviously don’t have confidence in who you are as a person you will have NOTHING. NOTHING! WOMEN-STOP OBJECTIFYING YOURSELF AND OTHER FEMALES. When you can accept others for who they are you will be able accept yourself.

  19. pop

    i would love to tongue her asshole…

  20. greg

    i would love to tongue her asshole…

  21. ilovejessicalba

    how does it look bad??

    i wish my butt looked like that!

    somebodys jealous…

    or homosexual

    depending on if you’re a guy or a girl

  22. Clarence Fields

    I agree–she would look much better in a thong showing off her really great
    looking Ass but by wearing the bottom she is wearing all you want to do is
    see either her ASS or her front/privates exposed. Which is something I would
    like to see anyway so maybe that was her intention all along. Seems a shame
    though to wear so much when she has such a dynamite figure.

  23. mr. payne

    you people are crazy. so you’re gonna sit here and tell me that not any of you males, if somehow you got that close to jessica alba, are gonna say that her a butt looks terrible in a bikini. come on let’s be serious. or.., find something else better to do. period.

  24. Mathias A.

    terrible?! wtf… She has one of nices asses out there! Its just the bottom part of the bikini going inside her “crack”. A thong wouldnt hurt though… So noo nothing wrong with her sexy little butt.

  25. apro

    your gay if you think Jessica Alba’s butt look’s terrible in a bikini.

  26. Well Jessica Alba is a big bombshell for indians .. She is sensuous !!! Her butt rocks !!!

  27. Who wil not like to marry such an angel …. She is one of the most beautifull women .. May be next to angelina jolie

  28. Ur stupid

    1) Ur stupid.
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    4) Ur jealous.
    5) Ur stupid, jealous, and could only hope to have her ass. :)
    P.S., Ur stupid.
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