Jessica Alba’s butt looks terrible in a bikini

January 3rd, 2007 // 178 Comments

  1. BarbadoSlim

    Oh god that’s horrible, I think my penis just exploded.

  2. ph7

    I’m thinking I’d hit that.

  3. Italian Stallion

    Are the 8th graders back in school yet? Or do I still like little boy parts? WTF was that all about? Fucking sick faggots………..

    P.S. Fuck you troll

  4. Ramdonomo

    #1, if I had a penis, I think it’d explode, too.

    All over Jessica Alba’s butt.

    Because, wow. But since I don’t have a penis, I’ll just sit here and be jealous of Jessica, since MY butt doesn’t look anything close to that.

  5. pat robertson

    she’s hot, but an ordinary guy would strike out with her. still, if you like that type of thing, you could aways just go after that boy who’s staring at her, he’s probably got about the same body (plumbing details aside). not being judgmental (not my style), just sayin…

  6. PapaHotNuts

    @5- If your cock doesn’t smile from nut to nut when see her ass, you need to accept the fact you are a homesexual.

  7. biatcho

    We were starting to worry about you Stallion. Glad to see you didn’t go out & become a priest over the holiday break.

  8. DancingQueen

    That is SO not fair! Excuse me while I go kill myself.

  9. BigJim

    Hey, MACARENA!

    Sorry, but I just had this overwhelming urge to ruin everyone’s day.

  10. kickservebt

    Pardon me miss…would you like me to lick the sand out of your crotch?? Or perhaps you’d rather have your spleen given a tongue bath!

  11. Danner

    She would have been better off with a thong or g-string rather than fighting to keep the one she is wearing in the right place. :)

  12. Ramdonomo

    PS: The group of guys standing around in the first pic on the second row? REALLY SUBTLE, yeah?

  13. BigJim

    Another school shooting:

    Looks like the fucker didn’t even have the decency to kill themselves afterwards.

    Speaking of which, it sure would be nice if these murder-suicide minded folk would try doing it in reverse order for a change.

  14. NipsyHustle

    all this time i thought cash warren (jessica’s boyfriend) was white but apparently his father is black. that means she’s had some black cock in her after all.

  15. biatcho

    Cash Warren must be splitting that ass like a hot knife through butter daily, those cheeks almost seem permanently outstretched.

  16. biatcho

    Cash Warren must be splitting that ass like a hot knife through butter daily, those cheeks almost seem permanently outstretched.

  17. biatcho

    oohh, doubelpost. sorry.

  18. fearsarewishes

    I’d tap her in the dumper. That’s probably her cleaner hole anyway.

  19. RichPort

    It’s like a car accident with fatalities… I can’t bear to look… but I can’t fucking turn away. My eyes haven’t blinked in 5 minutes.

  20. An ass is an ass.

    paris hilton struck in face with ice at crabbie’s

  21. I like little boys’ butts.

  22. bnawtee

    You are INSANE! There is nothing about Jessica Alba that looks bad. She’s stunning.

  23. jesseeca

    perhaps she should get a bottom that fits and perhaps that dude should stop sucking her dick in that picture and maybe all those guys wouldn’t be standing around trying to take tips from his techniques.

  24. Pointandlaugh

    oh my God……what a phenomenal ass. I would like to kiss it, lick it, sleep on it. mmmmmmmmm

  25. Dude, no. That is hot.

  26. Missallanpoe

    I don’t quite comprehend why you need to keep posting pictures of Jessica Alba..if you’re that desperate to look at a nice ass, than go to a Brazilian beach. I can’t express how much I don’t care about her. She has a hott body but her acting sucks quite a bit. Time for you to get a girlfriend.

  27. No, I can’t just leave it at one comment. I repeat, no. That looks god damn good in a bikini.

  28. Italian Stallion

    Guess the 8th graders are still on vacation…………..Niiiiiiiiice……

  29. misanthrope

    @22. Ummm… duh?!?

    Anyway, look at all the dudes in that one picture! Even the kid is staring.

  30. Man, she looks awful. lawlz jk

  31. mudflaps

    these pics are better than the last ones – she’s got a wedgie and she’s facing away. maximize your assests (haha), minimize your flaws. she does have a great ass, but she burned off the rest of her naughty bits with too much dieting, her face is just cute (certainly not “stunning” jebus), and she’s annoying. pull the wedgie aside, do your business, then just calmly hold her head under the water afterwards, that’s the ticket.

  32. Missallanpoe, you completely missed the stupidity of his post. He said her ass looks BAD. Which is a step down from “GOOD!” You have to hunt down those pictures, go through the trouble of posting them and THEN say it looks bad when you know 99.999999999999% of people will disagree.

    In other words, Missallanpoe, you were on the right track but not working hard enough at it. He has even LESS of a life than you said.

    Of course, this is coming from someone who reads/comments every day and thinks the butt in question looks good, so take it as you will.

  33. Jenster

    is that a bruise on her ass?(in the 1st pic)
    Looks like Cash likes to smack her butt.
    Thats so retardedly hot.

  34. Iceman

    if I ever have a kid, I’m going name him (or her for that matter) ‘Cash’ … since then he’d be able to hit it with hot movie stars even though he’s just an average joe … man it must be a rough life to fetch coffee during the day and spank that all night

  35. lincoln

    Hopefully she likes her own ass. Actually the taste of her own ass. Because the second she starts talking I’m going ATM.

  36. combustion8

    shes got a 30-40 something ass now… time to tone it up a bit jes.

    having said that I’d still hit it and watch it jiggle.

  37. nothing

    Okay, I’ll concede that that is an ass slightly lacking in development…what did this bitch stunt her growth? Woudn’t kick her out of bed of course, but…for god’s sakes do some squats lady, make that rear a bit ore rotund so there’s something to really sink my paws into when I am a big movie star and pulling the likes of yourself.

  38. danielle

    Smells like raw hamburger meat and boiled sardines =)

    But if you’re into that kinda thing…..

  39. danielle

    Smells like raw hamburger meat and boiled sardines =)

    But if you’re into that kinda thing…..

  40. bigsteamyone

    That is some high quality ASS!!!!!!!!…..very nice , nuttin’ wrong with that ass. :)

  41. sol

    ok, great butt and all that, but i hope all these pics are leading to a post tomorrow with 3 ten-second video clips. the guys know what i’m talking about.

  42. I for one would like to thank you for another opportunity to admire Jessica Alba’s ass.

  43. Italian Stallion

    @38 maybe you should start cleaning your pussy………

    P.S. I like little boy butts……..

  44. danielle

    That’s the problem with you Itallian STD…you reply to things having nothing to do with you.

    You can resume shaving your back hair now….or doing whatever you were doing with little boys butts..or something of that nature.

  45. pinky_nip

    I haven’t commented on this site in well over a month… now I’m reminded why.

    It’s like being in the middle of special olympics competition without the talent.

  46. pinky_nip

    Although I would like to say “hey” to Papa & BigJim…

  47. Italian Stallion

    That’s the problem with you DanYell, you’re a fucking cunt who’s parents couldn’t afford an abortion. I would have done it for free with a steak knife if I knew you were going to turn out like such a dumb monkey. Other monkeys know how to fling shit too, you just spit it……….

  48. jrzmommy

    Hey, Sasquatch is back! Happy New Year DanYELL! How bummed are you that you had to wait a TWO extra days to get your First of the Month paycheck?

  49. jrzmommy

    Crackwhore/mother comment coming in 5, 4, 3, 2…..

  50. Italian Stallion

    I don’t have hair on my back, but if I did, I’m sure it would be less then that thing you call a pussy. CUNT!!!

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