Jessica Alba’s brother didn’t get the invite (Awkward.)

May 21st, 2008 // 29 Comments

Jessica Alba’s own brother, Josh Alba, didn’t even know his sister got married. In fact, he seemed quite stunned he even had a sister. That’s odd. If Jessica Alba were my sister, I’d be more stunned by how often I drilled a hole in the shower wall respected the boundaries and social mores of the time. Us Weekly reports:

“My sister!? I’m going to have to call her!” Josh Alba said when Us Weekly alerted him to the news Tuesday.
When asked if Warren will make a good husband, Josh told Us “Well, he’s my brother in law now!”

Us Weekly, you guys are aces. Way to A.) tell a man he’s not invited to his own sister’s wedding while B.) essentially calling his new brother in law a dick. I mean, couldn’t you at least slipped it in there that Jessica Alba has the acting ability of a bowl of soup? Yeesh. Talk about sloppy reporting.

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  1. LB


  2. cm

    Why is this news worthy? She has the personality of a rock!!!!!!

  3. mimi


  4. roastbeef

    Yuk I can’t stand her and her stupid face and her better-than-everyone-else attitude.

  5. eh

    that is so freaking funny. image how he would feel hahaha thats Gold !!!!!

  6. Poor Jessica

    Why can’t anyone understand that it is very embarrassing for the world to know that I’m such a bimbo that even my nobody boyfriend wouldn’t marry me without a shot gun?

  7. Speedy Gonzalez

    I think she didn’t invite him cause he is Mexican.

  8. Speedy Gonzalez

    I think she didn’t invite him cause he is Mexican.

  9. DS

    The Alba bitch strikes again

  10. Expert on Everything

    While Jess is visually hot, as soon as she opens her mouth it’s obvious that this girl has been told her whole life how pretty she is and has skipped over any learning regarding substance. Now that she’s preg. she looks like a bitch. A fat mean dingy bitch empty shell of a human being. PS. who the hell is cash warren and who names their kid cash? they’re both one step up from spencer and heidi.

  11. Productivity Improvement

    Thanks for posting a bunch of boring shit this week! My productivity has increased at work!

  12. tyer

    @ 11. Die.

    Alba is the epitome of talentless.

  13. sj

    He finally agreed to marry her, but only after she agreed to being pimped out by him in order to promote his brilliant “business idea” of online staring contests.

  14. Mississippi

    I didn’t invite my brother to my wedding.. He’ll get over it haha..

  15. This really is a “DANGEROUS” whore.
    This is the person who would sell her own mum or dad because of her “CAUSE”!!
    She is an extremely egomaniac who thinks the other celebs are her friend.
    There is simply no place/room for ORDINAIRY people!!

  16. shocked

    wow is she ever fat! Lay off the beers!

  17. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    She’s looking just like Angelina Jolie here.

  18. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    She’s looking just like Angelina Jolie here.

  19. BunnyButt

    Sounds like she was trying to limit the embarrassment of marrying a guy named Cash by not inviting family members to the wedding. Her only smart move in an otherwise stupid situation.

  20. Fucking overrated average ass moron, she’s the most overrated woman in the history of the world and she was just average to begin with before getting pregnant to catch her husband, now she has turned into an ugly fat pig, ewwww. And she doesn’t invite her own brother to her wedding? what kinda person does that? only this moron, pathetic, ewwwwww.
    #19, are you fucking kidding or just blind? Alba only wishes! Angelina is stunning, this bitch is an average overrated moron who would kill to be half as good looking as Angelina.

  21. Friendship

    That was pretty fucking funny

  22. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    @21 -I am sure YOU resemble a whale more than her! If you are American its pretty much a given that you are either an obese negro, white or mexican whale

  23. girlagirla

    I think she looks cute here! Her clothes look nice. When I’m pregnant I hope I’m this cute!

  24. The Pretty One

    To #22. first of all why does race have to be an issue. Why do you have to call people negro, white or mexican whales. That’s rude and ignorant. And you must not be American and if you not keep yo foreign ass over in your country.

  25. monae j

    why are you ppl talking about her like that. Im going to be the one who takes up for her, i love her alot, and she’s not stuck up or anything, yes she pretty and when everyone tells you that your whole like your going to believe in it so much.

    I dont think she’s a bad actress either, i seen her movies and realized she was actually better than i thought. I thinks shes pretty pregnant too and im happy for her and cash.

    My brother didnt invite me to his wedding, and it wasnt the end of the world, we’re close and i got over it. Doesnt mean your stuck up or anything, could have been the spare of the moment.

  26. SteveP

    Jessica Alba is probably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She is such and etheral beauty. Sweet personality, honest, loving, and funny. She is a good actress. its not her acting ability thats bad ITS the films she is in. If you watch “Dark Angel” you’ll see she was good in that show. She didn’t get the show because of her looks. Max (Jessica Alba) was funny and had personality a door knob could not play that. Jessica was great in “Good Luck Chuck”. Either way she has a happy life and a pretty baby and i’m sure she doesn’t lose sleep at night over people on here talking shit about her.

    To Post 21,
    Are you serious….Jessica Alba is HOT! AND Angelina Jolie looks like a man You must be gay and like men because Angleina Jolie looks like a fucking male gorilla with white skin. Jessica Alba could take a shit and it would be hotter than Angleina Jolie dried. Hell Megan Fox is hotter than Angleina Jolie’s Old ugly ass.

    and so what her brother didn’t go to her wedding. Big fucking deal! Maybe she knew he would not approve or maybe he one of the family members that does not want to be bothered. Whatever reason its none of your business anyway. Are you Mad because you didn’t go, and about her looking like a whale…hello pregnant….you dummy.

  27. Sumslim

    I think that jessica alba is pretty (prettier than the women she has been compared to) she does not look like a whale and is far from an ugly duck.

  28. I did not know she had a brother?

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