Jessica Alba’s brother didn’t get the invite (Awkward.)

Jessica Alba’s own brother, Josh Alba, didn’t even know his sister got married. In fact, he seemed quite stunned he even had a sister. That’s odd. If Jessica Alba were my sister, I’d be more stunned by how often I drilled a hole in the shower wall respected the boundaries and social mores of the time. Us Weekly reports:

“My sister!? I’m going to have to call her!” Josh Alba said when Us Weekly alerted him to the news Tuesday.
When asked if Warren will make a good husband, Josh told Us “Well, he’s my brother in law now!”

Us Weekly, you guys are aces. Way to A.) tell a man he’s not invited to his own sister’s wedding while B.) essentially calling his new brother in law a dick. I mean, couldn’t you at least slipped it in there that Jessica Alba has the acting ability of a bowl of soup? Yeesh. Talk about sloppy reporting.

Photos: Splash News