Jessica Alba White Bikini

January 5th, 2005 // 4 Comments

I would have posted these pictures earlier but I think I passed out for a couple of hours after seeing them. I didn’t examine the photos too closely for fear that I would suffer heart failure and die, but I’m fairly certain that there isn’t a shred of cellulite on Jessica Alba’s butt or thighs. I’m also fairly certain that I shouldn’t be left alone in a room with these pictures for fear of what terrible things I might do to myself.


  1. papaping

    everytime i click on a photo, it just redirects me to the main page. is there any way i can see the blow ups so i can… err… blow up?

  2. bammargeraswife2b

    my bro had that ass shot of hers as his desktop =D HAHAHAHA

  3. KTN

    shes totally a bitch, she should do porn

  4. As a site he has listed as one the sexiest woman in the world and it really deserved.

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