Jessica Alba wears napkins in her hair

February 8th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Jessica Alba was spotted on the set of The Eye without her makeup on. And I’m not going to pretend I understand why she’s wearing napkins in her hair because I don’t. At least she’s got two in there. Can you imagine if she only had one? Man, she’d look ridiculous!

A bunch more of Jessica Alba with napkins clipped to her head after the jump.


  1. llllllllll

    NEWS FLASH: Anna Nicole was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital shortly after 2 pm. EST on Thursday after collapsing at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.

    Local police were reportedly forced to shut down the streets to expedite rushing her to the hospital.

    According to reports, fire crews and emergency personnel performed CPR on Smith and put a tube down her throat.


  2. llllllllll


  3. Prazzie

    And still prettier than that living dead twin girl…remember what her ass looks like and nothing else matters.

  4. Meritocrat

    I don’t know *what* style they were trying to create, since it doesn’t look like much of anything. I do know, however, that they put paper around the hair while they style it so the clips won’t leave crimps where they were squeezing.

  5. Napkins in the hair is hot. I can see thousands of teen girls doing it just to imitate Jessica…..

  6. whitegold

    Further proof that even the hottest celebrities generally look pretty crappy without being all done up.

  7. Chuck

    Damn, she looks like a beaner.

  8. llllllllll

    Anna Nicole Smith Likely Dead!!!

  9. llllllllll

    Anna Nicole Smith Likely Dead!!!

  10. Niecy

    What is this movie supposed to be about? She looks really bad.

  11. DumBlonde

    wow… someones been having some late nights. she also looks REALLY pale without makeup!

    not as pale as that zombie that used to be mary kate, but still pale…

    yeah she definitely needs some sleep….

  12. combustion8

    I bet it (the eye) wont be nearly as good as the original.

  13. Prazzie

    #11, According to imdb it’s a remake of the Hong Kong film “Jian Gui”, about a woman who receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world.

    I guess here she was doing the “this is what I look like after a harrowing ordeal of seeing spooky things for nearly two hours” scene.

  14. Yikes, Jessica Alba is demonstrating the wonder’s makeup does for people.

  15. LAUREN

    you guys are SOFA KING RETARDED! it’s a remake of the eye… her hair is messed up looking because thats the way they styled it.. they’re obviously filming the hospital scene where the little boy ghost comes up to her. i dont think they’d give her glamorous makeup for that.

    she looks into a mirror and sees the girls whose eyes she has instead of her actual self..

    i bet the remake is going to suck so hard.

  16. lambman

    Wow, what a difference a few days makes huh?


    Lets all go back to talking about Jessica Biel, she’s hot!

  17. lambman

    Wow, what a difference a few days makes huh?


    Lets all go back to talking about Jessica Biel, she’s hot!

  18. lambman

    sorry, for the double post. It was accidental.

    PS An Asian horror re-make, Alba really does just copy Sarah Michelle Gellar afterall

  19. LAUREN

    that is her makeup, you doofus. getting surgery and being up all day and all night and seeing ghosts will mess with you and i think the makeup artist was trying to portray that. good job.

  20. Jnicole28

    i THINKING that the napkins are to keep from getting bumps in her hair from the clips, which are to pull her hair back for make-up
    but i could be completely wrong…considering shes walking out of the trailer WITHOUT make-up on…
    she’d be hot if she’d just cover those dark circles around her eyes, uck



  22. WiseMan

    She looks like that after she got the siht fucked out of her.

  23. WiseMan

    She looks like that after she got the shit fucked out of her.

  24. artie_lange's_liver

    the napkins are for cleaning her face after i shoot my load on it

  25. kbb

    if anyone really cares…its so her hair doesn’t crimp while being in the clips. and she is probably on her way to makeup – hence, the clips so her hair doesn’t get in the way. but she is looking beat up…yikes. glad i dont look like that without makeup on!

  26. hamacus

    Splooge protection…nuff said

  27. leland

    I’d still hit it

  28. Forbidden

    Oh don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with Jessica Alba, she has always looked like this. However, you usually have the media trying to sell you and to make you believe that you had to think she was hot or something special with photoshoped, airbrushed pictures and movies and gallons of makeup, so they could make more money off her (and off you), and America is dumb to the point it believes and buys whatever the media tells them to, with a blind faith.
    She looked hot in Sin City just like any ok girl would have looked with all the makeup/effects/slutty clothes and slutty dance moves being flashed and ass showing/shaking on she had on the movie. Forget about her being anything special, plus her body is nothing special neither, a stick with no curves and a flat ass whose waist is as wide as her hips with tiny boobs and a little celullite. But yet it’s so much better than the average North American female body, no wonder why some think it’s special, but funny how the vast majority of the people who do are other females.
    Yes, probably your girlfriend is way hotter and prettier, with a way nicer body. It’s not hard to find a hotter/prettier girl than this one.
    Me… never found Jessica Alba special. No thanks, whoever wants this average mega overrated chick can keep her all to him/herself.

  29. Shit,

    She looks like one of the Villagers in the movie “Borat”.

    Amazing what coke will do to you.

  30. hermione_q

    Still a beauty, she could just do with some undereye concealer.

  31. greatestntheworld

    I was looking for my spooge-rag.

  32. Lowlands

    With those napkins in her hair she looks like a dutch girl dressed up traditionally.Err,funny though.

  33. I see cute/attractive girls walking down the street EVERYDAY that don’t need a team of stylists or gallons of makeup on in order to look “hot/sexy”

    So guys, look at your gf, kiss her, and be thankful she doesn’t look like jessica alba without makeup on.

  34. Lowlands

    Maybe she stuffed her finger in a leak and is now waiting for some fresh coffe.

  35. wedgeone

    #28 – yes. Twice in the same night even!
    She can bring the napkins along to clean up the bucket of spooge that I’ll shoot into her hair. yes, I make Pete North look like a dripper!

  36. Lowlands

    Look the last photo,she’s still having her finger in the leak.

  37. Richard

    I don’t know what people are ragging on … she still looks hot as hell. No makeup, hair all whacky? Still a babe.

  38. Ravenjade

    Rag curls. They actually look pretty nice when done, but with the rags in it’s hillarious.


    Flat-chested bitch never shows her twat, never drives north in south-bound lanes, never smokes dope or gets her titties felt-up, she never enters re-hab or steals another celeb’s boyfriend, or throws-up in public…She’s just boring and cold.

  40. Lowlands

    Is Jessica Alba still Dating with the same guy??

  41. Carsten5577

    Looks like an average spic. Nice body, though.

  42. therapture

    Those napkins are there for cleaning my mouth and face off after I give Jessica 2 hours of dedicated oral sex. Not to mention she could use them to wipe her eyes because she’ll be crying in pleasure after I give her 4 or 5 orgasms, with nothing but the oral. :-)

  43. mella25

    she’s still beautiful without makeup on

  44. Fawlty

    #44, YES! You’re obviously one of the only sane people here. She still looks great.

  45. beifiori

    wow! she’s kinda chola-ish without all the glam glam

  46. beifiori

    I guess the one exception would be that you don’t have to hide the sharpies from her

  47. Jenn

    #40 you made my day!

  48. kitty_kat

    Considering how some other celebs look without makeup on, she’s not actually that bad.
    Not beautiful, mind you, but not bad.

  49. drowningfool

    Why do hot girls always have that mean, pouty look on their face when they’re not posing? I guess I’ll never understand the heavy burden these people have to carry on their shoulders day in and day out. Fighting through life as people worship their bodies, never bothering to care for that which lies beneath. < >> Poor Jessica Alba.

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