Jessica Alba wants you to stare at her as long as you can

The Superficial | May 8, 2008 - 5:12 pm

Jessica Alba seems to be cuckoo for staring contests. So much so, that’s she willing to engage in them online. I included a video of her staring prowess after the jump which is either the most seductive and/or creepiest thing I’ve ever seen without my pants on. Anyway, who the hell competes in online staring contests? That’s just retarded. Unlike my newly launched Online Rock-Paper-Scissors competition. It’s easy to play and fun for the whole family! Simply pick your weapon and I’ve already lined up my predetermined responses. Let’s go!:

If you chose “Scissors,” The Superficial Writer chose “Rock.” Contemplate suicide.
If you chose “Paper,” The Superficial Writer chose “Scissors.” Holy crap, you have a vagina.
If you chose “Rock,” The Superficial Writer chose “TANK!” I AM THE L33T! And, also, your biological father.


Damn, that’s good fun. Thanks to Brandon who needs to blink, man, blink!

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