Jessica Alba wants you to see her prego-boobs

May 1st, 2008 // 76 Comments

I know what you guys are thinking: “He can’t end on a Heidi Montag post!” And, you’re absolutely right. Where are my manners? To make up for my terrible faux pas here’s something that’s hot, unusual, a bit off the beaten path and won’t be around for very long. I’m, of course, talking about a pregnant Jessica Alba wearing a see-through shirt and no bra to restrain her milk jugs. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Lactation is the bee’s knees. (Except for that whole part where the baby pops out. That’s more like the bee’s taint if you will. Medically speaking.)

NOTE: Uncensored pics are possibly NSFW depending on how good you are at squinting and making out blurry nipples.

Photos: Splash News

  1. BIGsteamyONE

    i love preggo boobies

  2. jesse

    Those pics are totally photoshopped

  3. o.0


  4. Anexio

    Bug eyes!

    She groos

  5. FRIST!!!

    I finger my ass hole to knocked up alba’s tits. I’ll also fuck her child when it is born.

  6. Ted Mosby

    I need some cookies to go with that milk.

  7. L

    #6, if this made your day you should consider ending your life.

    Oh, mediocrity strikes again…..yawn…..

  8. Ted Mosby

    I need some cookies to go with that milk.

  9. restingonlaurels

    #9 i often think that of my own life when i find myself delighting in reading comments such as these and then stumble across one like #1.

  10. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Mmmm….Jessica Alba with bigger boobs. That’s like winning the lottery and waking up to find out your penis is three times larger.

  11. B

    Stupid bitch is going to get saggy tits going around braless!

  12. Barkingrex

    Awe droppin loads all over your fucking nipple

  13. Grace

    lmao – she’s really “glowing”, huh? I can’t even imagine how bitchy she is now, considering her natural starting point.

  14. Rick

    This is just like she is during sex – sullen expression, mouth tightly closed.

  15. Prudence


    And then when you finish she say it good with a sullen expression.

  16. mcbeef

    it will make my day when #6 ends their life.

  17. Buck P Stone

    Ms. Frowny is just askin for milk stains all over her clothes by going braless. She’ll be frowning even more when that happens in 5 minutes.

  18. ldsqtbea

    totally agree with #14

  19. someone not usually here at this time

    are you kidding me? That is the stupidest picture. Wow. You can almost sort of see an aereola. Ka-RAZY!!!! Fucking dipshits.

  20. Ehrm… yeah I think I see something :P

  21. Zipp

    and another one bites the dust.

  22. Overrated Mexican skank

    Is this mongrel whore even married?

  23. fucking bored stuck at work still

    for cryin in the night, I sure am glad I’m usually home by now. This site sucks at this time of day.

  24. Maloney

    cripes, is she still pregnant?

  25. Erica

    Ew, her nips look gross. Who got her pregnant anyways?

  26. fag-hole

    This broad is so Vanilla.
    Besides the generic “pretty” shit, what makes her so appealing???

  27. Nosey

    Boobs are so overrated. I’m a nose man myself.

  28. Fighting to be FHM #1 Again

    Now that Megan Fox took her old title, she needs to do something extra to win it back.

  29. Wowsa!
    ‘Frank’ , from 16th floor, just come over and we have bit of popcorn. We click red stars and ‘WoWsa!’
    Most action we’ve had in month (and ‘Frank’ married.)
    Cliff Notes : Cute Knee, but it’s May 1.
    (Not that I could imagine any ‘action’ ever increasing for you)
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : We have different calendar Notes! And ‘Frank’ say you ‘smarty trousers’ asshole.

  30. Igottabemeeee

    #30 – I’m fascinated. Are small pudgy noses Teh Hawtness, or do you go for the big ol’ Jimmy Durante type schnozola that you can really get a hold of?

    ……………………………………… much?

  32. Anal Fistula

    why are these NSFW? you can’t see anything…maybe “you had to be there”….

  33. j

    25, it’s a great thing we’ve got someone like you with high morals on the prego-boobs site.

  34. Xopher

    Another vote for “I’d hit it twice!”

  35. asscrack

    mmmm those look good, plus some milk!!

  36. Sasha

    I have never understood what is so attractive about Jessica Alba. A lot of people tell me I look like her, and I do not take it as a compliment. She is so plain.

  37. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    @9 what if 6 saw this post at like 1 minute past midnight? Should they still be killed? I say yeah actually – just because it would be fun!

  38. Skank Man Myself (amoral)

    Yeah it certainly is repulsive how women now flaunt themselves. Enlarged mammaries are a product of the need to nourish a baby, right? These tasteless one-trick (that being their whore sex appeal) sluts utilize a biological aspect of maternity to capitalize on selling their whoredom for notoriety.

    So yeah j. And yes I hate that there are millions of mexicans here all over the streets and welfare offices all over the US stealing from us. Look at the bus stops. What percentage of AMERICAN born kids do you see. What will the next generation be like? Dat’s ok. What do you care ? Let em give our country away.

  39. gus

    What do people see in her? She’s no beauty.

  40. bigjerm

    when she hears a baby cry now, those things will start leaking.

  41. Randal

    Porker who was porked. Oink-oink is this bitch a lard-ass. Why must women continue eating their slices of American Pie over and over until they’re bloated circus freaks? Even her eyelids are fat.

    Stop showing us these over-fed piglets, Fish. Now those Sudanese kids have it right: Their women know how to keep off the pounds and not end up looking like Fatricia McFatfat.

  42. Nice funbags….. I wonder if being pregnant made her grow a personality too?

  43. CS

    That’s awesomely awesome. I’ve been dying to see nips since that crap with Dane Cook. Alba boobs make life worth living. YOU ROCK SUPERFISH DUDE!

  44. Peter

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  45. these are the most unflattering pictures of jessica alba i’ve ever seen.

  46. masterless

    Oh man, I would love to suck on those nipples for hours. Got Milk!?

  47. lula

    you all are fucked

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