Jessica Alba wants to sue Playboy

March 1st, 2006 // 106 Comments

jessica-alba-playboy.jpgJessica Alba is threatening to sue Playboy for putting her image on their cover, claiming that Hugh Hefner & Co. are trying to make it seem that she appears in a “nude or semi-nude pictorial.” The Smoking Gun has a copy of the legal threat letter which requests that Playboy cease distributing the magazine and provide Alba with a “monetary settlement” for its unauthorized use of her image for commercial purposes.

The ploy might have worked better if Playboy had picked a somewhat new image as opposed to the Into the Blue promo that everybody’s already seen. It’d be like Newsweek putting the Ghostbusters poster on their cover and pretending they’ve got exclusive pictures of Bill Murray with real live ghosts.



  1. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    POST ACID YOUTH i am SO with you on EVERYTHING you have said, on EVERY LEVEL! oh i wish someone would bash her face into the concrete and do what ed norton did in american history X, oh i would LOVE that

  2. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    no jealousy here, i know im sexy ;)

  3. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #94 says “Jessica Alba is a master thespian and a national treasure.”
    can i stop laughing now????!!!!!!
    PostAcidYouth im into girls as well( as boys heehee ;) ) and you fuckin ROCK!!!! and as for #94, PLEASE!!! thats a complete joke!!! i cant (gasp) stop laughing!! PostAcidyouth, you with me on this one? and XD? you SO rock too!!! as for her talent, like i said above, if i may dust off an old chestnut…more like a “WRETCHED THESPIAN ABORTION” …and did we all forget the talentless “thespian” more like skanky skankerton if you ask ME!

  4. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    PS– good one Sally #22 !!! SERIOUSLY i cant stand mismatched bras and panties, bikinis, whatever! remember in “empire records” when liv tyler took off her clothes and her bra and panty set didnt even match!!! like, a satin red bra ( sexy! ) and like, tightie whities….BIG GRAMMA undies!!! yikes call me a snob, but im a debutonte, and were bred to make sure that it all matches when were out!!!!!!!!

  5. Skyangel_2

    Jessica alba didn’t even pose in playboy. Her not posing in playboy had nothing to do with her being stuck up because she’s not, it had every thing to do with her morale values and what she belives is right or wrong. She is not just a woman with a great body she is smart. As a matter of fact she graduated from highschool at 16, so she does have a mind to speak, to have opinions. She is very sophiticated and classy and if Jessica thinks she’s above posing nude for Playboy I agree 100 percent.

  6. i hate Jessica!!!! hate her, she is ugly as shit!!!!

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