Jessica Alba wants to sue Playboy

March 1st, 2006 // 106 Comments

jessica-alba-playboy.jpgJessica Alba is threatening to sue Playboy for putting her image on their cover, claiming that Hugh Hefner & Co. are trying to make it seem that she appears in a “nude or semi-nude pictorial.” The Smoking Gun has a copy of the legal threat letter which requests that Playboy cease distributing the magazine and provide Alba with a “monetary settlement” for its unauthorized use of her image for commercial purposes.

The ploy might have worked better if Playboy had picked a somewhat new image as opposed to the Into the Blue promo that everybody’s already seen. It’d be like Newsweek putting the Ghostbusters poster on their cover and pretending they’ve got exclusive pictures of Bill Murray with real live ghosts.



  1. displayname

    Yeah where are LaydeeBug and PapaHotNuts? Oh, they are the same person along with many other usernames he/she used to banter back and forth with.

    She did mention she got a new job Monday, so probably got fired from the last one for being on the internet all day and now doesn’t have internet access.

    What a loser. Just a mild case of MPD that fell apart. Expose’D.

  2. amma

    I’m a girl, and I have to say, Jessica Alba is a girl I get. She’s not too fat, not too skinny, not too gym-bodied out. She looks almost normal, albeit better than most. Good for her!
    Shame on Playboy! They shouldn’t be able to use her to promote their magazine without paying her for her image! And I usually consider them pretty classy–I mean as far as skin mags go, they are sooo tame.

  3. Binky

    It seems like ‘true confessions’ blog ce soir – so: I’m a guy who swings both ways. I like both str8 women and lesbians.
    (Hummm, ok, maybe not the really short-haired butch type, who spend their day pressing weights. Well, unless they can service my car.) Where was I ?
    If you read the Smoking Gun thingy (a legal term kids)- Playboy agreed not to put her on the cover, ignored her, and did it anyway. Sue their ass.

  4. Otto

    Ok HollyJ #45…let’s keep our eye on the ball…this is about Jessica, not about you and your plantains…or even about my saggy grey balls. This is a cage match and there’s only so much room in the cage. I think we can fit you, swings-both-ways and mostly in there, but that’s about it. You three will have to scratch and claw and pull hair and whatever else you crazy chicks do to figure out wether Jessica is hot or not and us guys will just have to stand on the outside and watch. No tears…that’s just the way it hast to go down. Peace…out.

  5. #1 -s anyone else sick of Jessica Alba?

    I’m definatly NOT sick of Jessica Alba and that sweet little ass. If you are [sick of Alba], you probably voted “No” on measure 36.

  6. #1 -s anyone else sick of Jessica Alba?

    I’m definatly NOT sick of Jessica Alba and that sweet little ass. If you are [sick of Alba], you probably voted “No” on measure 36.

  7. HollyJ

    LOL Otto
    “Eye on the BALL” (Eye on the grey ball?) LOL! Excellent!

    Alba’s hot. No debate from me. I have EYES.

    (But I’ll still share my plaintain with you) =)

  8. Jayne

    I understand why she’s pissing and moaning.
    After all she can appear nude or semi nude all by herself without Playboy profiting from it.

    go figure.

    And the only thing I’m sick of when it comes to Alba is either when she opens her mouth to speak. Shut your mouth and pose for the camera.
    That’s really you’re only use.

  9. Otto

    First off HollyJ, what the fuck does LOL mean? Excuse me If I’m old and have saggy grey balls, but I have no idea what anyone is saying. And second off, I have a vague idea what a plantain is, but I’m not sure and I hope it”s not some fucking rap reference. Frankly, I thought we were discussing Francis J. Alba the inventor of the rubber band. (cue Leo Sayer song).

  10. hafaball

    I like Alba…who doesn’t like the Alba, thou shalt not see another day or night if thou has forsaken her! Plus I’d do it. I mean the magazine, not Alba, because I like having my penis attached.

  11. lohans8ball

    I look at girls in hollywood here like ja and I cant help but think theyd be so much better suited for porn. I am 100% serious. When you think about it, they would actually be contributing what I think they are truly good at. Lord knows they are not worth the insanely inflated salaries they are receiving for their pouty lips and high school grade performances. I simply avoid all films of this girl and other girls like her simply because they are NOT naked and performing sex acts for money. I dont like scantily clad, suggestive, flirty, sexy..blah blah.. its either you’re NAKED and sweaty and screaming or you’re not. Get off the big screen and magazine covers and get in front of the VIDEO camera where you really belong..

  12. Dee

    She probably has nerve suing Playboy, I’m sure she needs the money. I never cared for her in any of the movies/shows I saw her in.

  13. BadassFred

    Why do people act like if your buttcrack and nipples aren’t showing you aren’t technically nude? Jessica Alba is always prancing around half nekkid anyway…

  14. gogoboots

    uhm jessica who? oh yeah the new tits and ass girl of hollywood…i forgot, she does movies where she’s either a prostitute or a surfer chick. yeah, real compelling roles there jess!
    in fact, why don’t you stop posing for playbody while you’re at it? and then suing them for more money you greedy whore! aside from that, she definitely has a body that i envy besides…

  15. veggi

    #7- Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That’s funny shit!
    And she is just too hot- it’s just not normal how hot she is!

  16. Hey the girl can do what she wants! I would bang the hell out of her!

    loooooooooool@ #7

  17. xd

    Oh god, am I sick of her… this chick really SUCKS very badly… she’s really a big moron!!! So Playboy puts one of her best not to say the bestest picture of her that exists on its cover and she says she does not like it… oh girl, your success exists only thanks to those retouched pics of you thanks to amazing makeup artists and stylists and photographers that make you look that way you know very well you don’t look like that when you look at yourself in the mirror… they appear in magazines and people think you’re hot… that’s all about you and your success, nothing else. Why would this moron complain for getting the best publicity she can get?? oh because she’s a REAL MORON.
    God people… this is how the girl you adore looks::

    do you really think she’s hot?? NOT ME, NOT AT ALL, I’M NOT FOOLED!!!

  18. PostAcidYouth

    xd, that was a bit too enthusiastic. The girl isn’t ugly, sure, but I don’t think she’s as hot as everyone claims. I’ve seen better looking women in the queue at Tesco buying bread. She’s just one of those lucky girls who can afford an excellent stylist, personal trainer and makeup artist. Nothing special, but nothing vile either.

  19. PostAcidYouth

    I’ll give the girl her due…at least she’s got the balls to admit it -

    still, whining about playboy taking advantage of your semi nude pictures/film shots when that’s practically all you do is a bit, well, stupid

  20. A2Bcom

    Jessica is a victim of American morality. Nothing more, nothing less. She believes it would hurt her career if people think she has posed nude in Playboy Magazine. And lets face it. She is probably right. America is a pudish state. Any such liberal move by a woman like this makes her a ‘whore’ or a ‘slut’ and makes her less of a person and more of an object. This has been clearly demonstarted by many of the responses here. If it was Cosmopolitan that published the photo, there would be now lawsuit. But there is a lawsuit becasue its Playboy, a magazine of questional morality in a prudish state.

  21. robot_turkey

    No, it’s not just females who aren’t impressed by her. Me and my guy friends don’t think she’s all that. I think she’s ugly and EVERYBODY in the galaxy knows she’s a mattress-back. That’s how she got her roles (she’s so much as admitted it in other interviews) so she’s no better than a common whore, selling her overused twat to the highest bidder and sucking her way to the t&a roles she wanted. That puta thinks her shit don’t stink, but it does in a big way. She’s a hypocrite and now a liar, trying to go all Miss Ann and act like she didn’t crawl out of the gutter. She is only suited for hardcore porn.

  22. Those fucking assholes at Playboy have gone too far…First showing titties on glossy pages and now this. What’s next crude cartoon jokes?

  23. PostAcidYouth

    The girl played a stripper and starred in what must be the most poorly disguised piece of masturbation fodder (into the blue) and yet she’s afraid of hurting her career? She poses semi naked all the time. (side note – It never hurt Pam Anderson’s career, or any other hollywood female for that matter) in any case, it’s a bit late for her to get all prissy now, really.

  24. lysistrata11

    Hey, I think she’s pretty hot and I’m a female. I’m straight so I’m not gonna go have a threesome and tape an Alba picture on the girl’s face or anything but I think she is pretty. I wouldn’t mind having her figure.

    #50- Laydeebug was working a temp job and now she has a new one (not sure if it’s another temp one or not) so that’s where she’s been.

  25. A Nobody

    I have to agree she really does have a nice body, but her face is… Average. It makes her so overrated. Her acting is, frankly, quite bad. She was almost completely emotionless in Fantastic Four. Especiall that part where that dude asked her what she was feeling when she became invisible. The way she said “anger” was so fake and heartless. She’s a good dancer, but her acting is bad.

    P.S. See that shadow right on top of her belly ring? That means she’s “sucking it in”. Don’t get fooled.

  26. PostAcidYouth

    I’ve also heard she had a boob job…she is looking a lot bigger and perkier these days, but who knows? In any case, it’s clear that her rise to fame hasn’t got a thing to do with her acting talent…quite frankly I’ve seen more talent in the bottom of a binbag

    Not sure how true it is, but they’re right, real breasts of that size would spread out

  27. Isn’t this the same skank who would not do nudity for Sin City (even though her character was a stripper)because her father would kill her, yet shows up on the red carpet in a see-through dress? And Playboy for years has put actresses on the cover (i.e. Goldie Hawn, Paris “cumpster” Hilton, etc.) without anyone suing. Only Ms. Alba, the Meryl Streep of our generation, litigates the free publicity. I guess those rumors about her being a “fantastic” money-grubbing bitch are true. You go, girl! And get as much free swag as you can while your ass holds up.

  28. Oh Please #69 “A2Bcom” It isn’t American Morality that Jessica is Afraid of. It’s that they are using her pic to boost sales and she isn’t getting paid for it. Lets be honest here, if you want to rant about cultural differences between America and your country fine, but if this was all about morality they would be asking Playboy to print an apology prominently on the front page of next months issue, but no, she is asking for a buttload of cash. God Bless America. LOL

  29. BabyBayBayLeigh010

    Jessica Alba is a ‘serious’ actress. Her film credits include…

    1) Into the Blue
    2) Never Been Kissed
    3) Sin City
    4) Fantastic Four
    5) Idle Hands
    6) Mad TV
    7) Flipper

    And my personal favorite example of her MOVING and INSPIRING acting abilities…

    8) Honey

  30. ShanDourdan

    Gotta agree with the posters who say Jessica should shut her cakehole. I think she’s attractive, not the prettiest girl I’ve seen, however she has got an amazing figure but you know what?. We know it, she knows, everyone freaking knows it, so why act like a complete ass and pretend like your career is made up of anything but being hot?.If you wanted to be taken serious you wouldn’t have chosen films where all you’re needed to do is wear a bikin and grind your ass. Get over it.

  31. acuraintegralover

    I am a woman (happily married) and I adore Jess. I have loved her since “Camp Nowhere”, “Flipper”, and “Dark Angel”. So she has done some movies lately that show her body but if you’ve got it, don’t hide it. There are way to many jealous women out there. Everytime there is a story about Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, or even Pam Anderson…everyone’s always putting them down because of what God (or plastic surgeon) has given them. Everyone freaked out after Britney had her baby because one month later her stomach was flat again. Well I’m sorry but some people are naturally lucky to be so beautiful and have beautiful bodies. *Me not inlcuded* but I’m not going to sit here and put people down because i’m jealous – that’s crazy. LIVE ON ALBA!!!

  32. acuraintegralover

    By the way that pic on Awful Plastic Surgery was taken when she did one of those ‘indie’ movies which was like 7 or 8 years ago – which would have made her about 15-16 years old. I’m sorry i didn’t get boobs until after i graduated from high school and stopped playing sports and stuff all the time. Everyone’s body is different.

  33. slinkhard

    ‘It seems women are cut all the slack in the world for harboring impossible fantasies for the sensitive Brokeback Mountain lads while men are chastized for drooling over the splendid J.A. or the bodaciously cute Jennifer Love Hewitt.’

    Hardly. When was the last time you saw pictures posted of guys even topless? In fact, the last Heath Ledger (who by the way, leaves me cold) topic was about politics, iirc.
    And it’s half the guys here who seem to have a resentment for women what with the constant ‘bitch/whore’ comments, and snapping at any anonymous commenter you suspect might be a women with the endless and boring ‘I bet you’re really fat/ugly/jealous.’

    (Me, I think Alba’s cute enough. Wouldn’t see a movie of hers, but I agree with her suing Playboy over this.)

    A2Bcom, I liked your comment.

  34. PostAcidYouth

    #81 – we’re on a site called ‘the superficial’. That’s what happens here. And besides, if I put someone down, doesn’t mean I’m jealous. I’m jealous of Kate Beckinsale and Shirley Manson (as well as having a girlcrush on both) but you don’t see me slagging them off. Believe it or not, not everyone in this world thinks Alba is that hot

    #82 – yeah, I kind of ignored the first picture, but I was quite interested in how her boobs retained the perfect round shape on her back. In my experience that just doesn’t happen with real breasts, no matter how big. Like I said, I don’t know if it is real or not

  35. HollyJ

    58 Otto…

    “LOL” means “laugh out loud”

    Plaintain is a large banana-looking veg.

    I don’t speak “rap.” But I grew up in Hellabama, so I DO understand a bit of ebonics.

    The rubber band was invented by Thomas Hancock (which could’ve made for a GREAT JOKE had it been spelled “hand cock”)

    I bet Leo Sayer has really old saggy grey balls.

  36. Binky

    re: my last drivel. #52
    ATTN: JA legal team
    The only way this will work is if she donates any cash to charity. Everyone has a point. Can’t get away from the ‘bitchy’ thing, although I doubt this was the first time Hef has taken advantage of a young woman…
    PS : Don’t forget the retainer

  37. Bo_Smith

    I am sick to death of that skanky non-actress Jessica Alba she has no class and she is BORING BORING BORING. She doesn’t make good gossip stories like Lindsay Lohan, she has done no movies that looked remotely worth watching and she is UGLY. Even if her body is one of the hottest around her face is reminds me of a monkey. I don’t care if she is on Playboy, so what but do we have to get so excited over her?

  38. Bo_Smith

    Correction do People on this site have to get so excited over her. For a site that is supposed to mock celebrities and poke fun at them the Superficial is very quick to bow down to this celebrity

  39. Bo_Smith


  40. Cindylover1969

    “For a site that is supposed to mock celebrities and poke fun at them the Superficial is very quick to bow down to this celebrity”

    There are exceptions to every rule, Mr. Smith (how’s life treating you since your show was cancelled, by the way?).

  41. PostAcidYouth

    #41 (otto)…only just noticed that post…my plantain skills are unparallelled. ‘Mostly Hetero’ won’t see the second round

  42. Ok, I have to say that you gals are Crazy! Jessica Alba is beautiful! The only explanation for the madness is A) You all live on some planet far away where everyone including you are supermodels, or B) You are insanely jealous! I hope the answer is A cause I would love to visit such a planet.

  43. PostAcidYouth

    ahh, yes, the jealous thing. Because nobody can have their own personal taste in what’s hot and what’s not. It’s all influenced by jealousy.

  44. Foxbase Alpha

    Jessica Alba is a master thespian and a national treasure. How dare Playboy drag her name down with this shameless muckraking! Exploiting this poor woman’s modest body for all to see. Her acting skills alone have the power to cure cancer and end world hunger three times over.

  45. Jealous or not, anyone who can look at Jessica Alba and honestly say that she’s not a VERY good looking young woman, needs to get their fucking eyes checked. Notice I said VERY good looking, not DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. She is however DROP DEAD… ATTRACTIVE. Everything from her slightly rhaspy voice, to her gorgeous, genuine smile, to her cute mannerisms are sexy as hell.

  46. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #94, i have news for you, shes QUITE stupid ( not hatin! ) i mean she dropped out of school to “persue ” her “dreams as a succesfull acress”…please! if she didnt have that ass shed be working at taco bell! everyone EVEN SHE KNOWS shes got NO acting ability. and although shes cute, in a 4-year old way ( what are you people, pedophiles???!! SICK! ) she couldnt act her way out of a paper bag. and that “dance” in sin city? A) GOLDIE would have made it MUCH sexier and hotter and B) was a complete idiot parade. she needs to know her life is a wretched thespian abortion

  47. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #89 Bo Smith you forgot “TALENTLESS”

  48. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    oh man GET OVER HER!!!! i have so many girlfriends who are wo much hotter than that 4-year old face skank who plays the virgin mary in hollywood! come on we all know shes just the new T & A in hollywood/NYC. get iver her….remmeber britney spears???!!!!

  49. Pedestal

    It’s not her fault she’s famous. Blame the people who go watch her movies. I’m surprised no one said anything about the crude comments made on her being nothing more than meat. No woman deserves to be treated this way. If society weren’t so hung up on sexuality we wouldn’t see so many young actress exposing their body in movies. Here’s a new concept: sex sells! And who’s freakin fault is that?? And to those who think she’s ugly: you have right to your own taste but why so hateful?

    On the original issue, she didn’t pose nude for playboy and refused to pose for the magazine yet they still used her photo for the cover without her permission. This is an issue about her legal rights. Last time I checked, America was still big on individual’s rights. Don’t blame her if she wants to exercise that now!

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