Jessica Alba tired of sexiness

jessica_alba_unsexy.jpgJessica Alba is sick of playing sex kittens on screen, and would love to star in a romantic comedy. She explains:

“I’ll leave the slutty girl to other people and I’ll play the sweet, moral girlfriend who believes in love – roles that are more interesting than playing a vixen. That’s where I want to go next – a romantic comedy or something like that.”

There’s something Jessica doesn’t grasp here – which is fine, because it’s not like it takes a PhD to cook breakfast in a bikini (though if she burns the toast again, I swear to God…) What she doesn’t grasp is that romantic comedies are for pretty actresses with terrible bodies. Meg Ryan, Reese Witherspoon, and Julia Roberts are all very cute girls, and all about as sexually attractive as my microwave. Jessica is not one of them. Thank God.