Jessica Alba picks wedgie

August 9th, 2005 // 4 Comments

jalba_yellowbikini.jpgI spent a good half hour staring at these pictures, trying to decipher just what exactly it was that I was looking at. I went in assuming it was Jessica Alba picking her bikini wedgie, but then I saw the cellulite and realized that this couldn’t be Jessica Alba. The Jessica Alba I know is so flawless that a homeless man actually burst into flames after touching her because he was too ugly, and the idea of her having cellulite on her butt or thighs is just plain ridiculous. Plus, whoever this imposter is is clearly masturbating in public, since nobody on Earth picks a wedgie like that, and Jessica Alba would never need to masturbate since the line of men waiting to offer her their penises is so long that it can be viewed from space.

Thanks to Mya for the images.


  1. i still think it’s jessica…which means it’s hot!

  2. Brad pitt is sexi enough to be nude hell he sexii enough to walk around douing the ballz of johnson dance with his ballz and dick swinging left and rite like wosh wosh wosh lmao smh wu the fuck is wrong with u people

  3. fAnonymous

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  4. Even if it is better to have the mud ready to sling geek girls during the dance after. Fingers crossed, none of them think the same thing … Carrie does

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