Jessica Alba pays the meter

September 1st, 2006 // 57 Comments

It’s always weird seeing somebody like Jessica Alba paying her parking meter. Especially when it’s for her invislbe car. You’d think the filthy rich would be exempt from doing stuff like that. You’d also think they’d have pet midgets and be carried around on solid gold carriages. Rich people can be really surprising sometimes.


  1. andrewthezeppo

    she used to be hot…now she’s like Nicole Richie plus 10 pounds….and that braid is stupid looking

  2. biatcho- You’re talking about the last time we had sex huh?

    My mouth has pretty much cleared up, thanks to your ointment.

    Never Hopeless
    Never ninja

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  3. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @52 ImSuicidal: Look ImStupidcidal, if you’re going to use my signoff, I want your toothless mother to give me a gumjob as payment.

    Use my alter ego again, she’d better be grabbing her ankles!

    GOT IT?


  4. PostAcidYouth

    #50…you can tell you’ve never had a pair of boobs. Those are A-B cups. Even a small C is fairly big.

  5. ChicaInDC

    Uhm, ok I get all the uproar about her missing boobies, but dammit, what is up with her TOES? Am I the only person to scroll past her abdomen to see that her Hilton feet?

  6. bunniixo

    HAHA. it cracks me up when i hear how Albas one of hollywoods most “curvacious women” with a “huge ass” and a “great rack”. LOL. What are u now Jessica, a negatve AAAA? she makes keira knightley look busty. And i had a bigger ass when i was 12, buddy.

  7. yeah, you’d figure she’d have a goon with a hacksaw following her around everywhere to saw off the meters…

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