Jessica Alba pays the meter

September 1st, 2006 // 57 Comments

It’s always weird seeing somebody like Jessica Alba paying her parking meter. Especially when it’s for her invislbe car. You’d think the filthy rich would be exempt from doing stuff like that. You’d also think they’d have pet midgets and be carried around on solid gold carriages. Rich people can be really surprising sometimes.


  1. bigponie

    dead man’s chest

  2. well albadamned.. she is paying for her own meter!!!
    (i’m from kentucky, we really do talk that way)

  3. purplepuppy


  4. Fugurself

    Did her boobs take a vacation?

  5. McRican

    This is newsworthy?

  6. Tabroid

    Typical American woman … blathering on a cell phone at any possible opportunity. They ought to just start gluing those things to the sides of baby girls’ heads. Health risk? Maybe. But, it’s not like brain cancer could degrade the average conversation you overhear.

  7. combustion8

    The black horn must be her coke storage container.

  8. I would “pay” her meter all night long.

  9. I like the really long chili necklace she is wearing… the shape reminds me of a sex toy we sell-

  10. Star Maker Machinery

    I’m not sure why this site is so fascinated with her. Wow, a good looking girl in Hollywood. Turn down Vine St. and you’ll see a whole row of them open for business.

    Plus, I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that the admin for this site is gay. His comments on female appearances have a bitchy, detached vibe to them. Maybe that was him getting on the plane with Travolta?

  11. bigponie


    do you have any pictures of yourself using your products, if so can you direct me to them…

  12. #10: How dare he not bend at the feet of all hollywood females.

    You should email the admin with some tips on how to boost the popularity of thesuperficial. Maybe he could increase his ranking from the #1 celebrity gossip blog to the……wait….nevermind

    i heart thesuperficial

  13. RichPort

    I just saw this on a milk carton:

    MISSING: Jessica Alba’s knockers
    DESCRIPTION: Plump and Delicious; Able to amply fills bikinis and cause instant erections in those with erectile dysfunction
    LAST SEEN: The set of The Fantastic Four
    REWARD: The gratitude of men everywhere, plus you get to wack me off while she watches

    ANY INFO: Call Wilder Valderama
    REWARD: Wung douseeng dahlers gash muhnee

  14. jrzmommy

    I get that it’s the Friday before a long, holiday weekend, but I’m working…maybe Superfish guy could keep up the pace, too? Slacker. A Lindsay Lohan story and now this. With the MTV VMAs last night and this is all he can come up with?

  15. jrzmommy

    The Awful Truth ( has a great lead story WITH CLOSE-UP PICTURES of what looks like hair plugs on good old Tom Cruise…

  16. She’s looking a bit on the… Nicole Richie side…

  17. Jacq

    Uh, her “invisible car” sure casts a shadow…

  18. Jacq

    Maybe Superfish guy went on vacay with Jessica’s sugartits – no stories and no boobies…

  19. Nikk The Templar



  20. piratekuhnbeard


  21. RichPort

    #15 – I knew TC got plugged, but this is just taking it too far!

  22. #4

    No, they didn’t take a vacation. They hardly existed in the first place.

    Sigh, another no talent skank who needs to get naked soon.

  23. Sheva

    Okay this is a monkey like troll feeding the meter.
    I want my dark angel back and feed her meter all nite long.

    Down with monkey girl, down.

    Well this just goes to show you that there’s plenty of other lovely girls not far away at all. Alba looks pretty ordinary here.

    And where did her breastasis go anyway?

  24. Bioplant

    She could have a set of anti-breasts – concave depressions like two small meteorite strikes – and I would still feast on her supple skin. She is a deliciously bitchy morsel of sweet, sweet heaven.

  25. spatz

    slow day eh?
    you could at least talk about how shitty the vmas were and how stupid p. hilton looked! get with it superfish guy

  26. pagebetty

    == Number #22. She’s already gotten naked, even if people argue it is a body double. So what. It’s still her. Clip is on YOUTUbe, of course. ====

    She is so overrated anyway. And she’s top heavy, too.

  27. Doc

    She is looking a little bit waif-ish… I’m very disappointed… oh, well, can we get more pics of Lohan instead? Oh yeah, already got those today… hahaha

  28. what happened to her tits?

  29. PostAcidYouth

    #12…I think the perpetrators of this crime may be messrs Wonderbra and Airbrush.

    The only newsworthy thing about this is Alba’s amazing expanding lips.

  30. maddyhatter

    She lost 10 lbs and it was all T&A. Sigh.

  31. TODAY’S TOP STORY: Jessica Alba pays Parking Meter!

    TOMMORROW’S TOP STORY: Jessica Alba has Belly-button Lint!


  32. JacksonWallace

    The woman is in hollywood, therefore shes gonna end up skinnier than she should, because it works in the magazines. They can always add fat, but its harder to take it away.
    Plus, her stylists always tell how good she look the skinnier she gets. This girl would be smokin if she was next door, but shed be fat and a mom already, too. Alba seemed ot peak last year with the fantastic four and those beach shots of her all tan and exhibitionist from last summer. She’s been drying out and getting thinner – maybe some tragedy, or maybe shes prepping for an emotional meltdown Richie style.
    Either way, its too bad that she interviews like your typical stuck-up moron. I had hopes that this girl had flair and smarts and fun, but shes pretty dull afterall. And shes starting to look like a dried-out woman, not a hottie anymore

  33. PCJunkie

    #13 – thanks for that. I laughed so hard, I almost pissed myself.

  34. brittany1202

    #29 —
    I think you’re completely right. Her boobs are what they always were, just minus airbrushing and custom fit push-ups for movies.

  35. brittany1202

    #29 — you’re right. Definitely.

  36. scrooge

    Hopefully her vagina will become tighter.

  37. Am I crazy or did she lose her boobs…

  38. thesarahficial

    This is all you could come up with mr. superficial? for shame…

  39. hotintempe

    Granted her chest is flat, but I prefer to see her with itty boobs than big fake ones. BTW…..I have some shorts just like that. I wonder if she got them at Mervyn’s for 11.99 like I did?

    P.S. Jessica, they make my ass look flat too.

  40. emoatwalmart

    I’m so sick of this Jessica Alba kid. When did she become so important and popular anyways? One day she just popped up, she’s a bad actress and yes she’s pretty, but she’s not a supermodel. She acts fake in interviews too.And now, now we have news about her paying the meter?

  41. ReelWorld

    Where’s the beef?? I can’t believe that’s Alba!? Where’d the cleavage go???? Only explanation is she’s getting a little too into her role as the Invisible Woman!!

  42. beanncheese

    A picture of her paying a meter!!!??? WTF is next, a picture of celebrities pulling mail out of their mailboxes…..who the hell cares!

  43. happy_bunny

    Who gives a shit.

  44. herbiefrog

    hello super fish
    if you insist
    in putting up minor
    usa only starlets
    can you point out
    who the fuck
    they are
    cos we
    who live
    in the rest of the world
    i.e. most of us : )

    have know idea who they are

    now that is anoying
    or.. annoyying
    …or anoy… [oh bugger]

  45. @43 h bunny: For a happy bunny, you seem down in the dumps.

    Come sit on old uncle Hopeless’ lap and we’ll talk about that first thing that pops up.

    When I’m feeling blue, I grab my scrotum sac with a pair of locking pliers, the heavier the better. I meander down to my basement with the pliers swaying to and fro walking like Sasquatch. Every now and then, I will give the pliers a gentle tug.

    It cheers me right up.

    If your a female, substitute scrotum sac with taint skin.

    Just happy to be of service


  46. happy_bunny

    I am female, and thanks so much for the advice, but girls don’t have taints. Nor do we buy things like locking pliers.

  47. PrincessMuMu

    Why does this girl always look like a fucking ape?

  48. PrincessMuMu

    #41, where have you been?? She has never had tits.

  49. biatcho

    Speak for yourself happy bunny… I own about 5 different pairs of locking pliers in various, sparkly colors…it’s really great for those days when you’re having some sex with someone who has a herpes sore on their mouth and you don’t want it near your nips & clit.

  50. BurnedBright


    There’s enough boobage to be pushed up and look close to a large B/small C-cup.. she’s got everything else, so as far as breasts are concerned, that’s all she needs.

    She comes off as genuine, and she is half mexican, which gives her that beautiful caramel colored skin.

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