Jessica Alba makes good with Playboy

jessica-alba-playboy-cover.jpgJessica Alba has dropped her suit against Playboy to pull its March issue after Hugh Hefner personally sent her a letter of apology and had Playboy make donations to two charities Alba supports. In a statement on Tuesday, Jessica said:

“I appreciate Mr. Hefner’s acknowledgment of the distress caused by Playboy’s actions, and I’m happy to put this unfortunate event behind me. This was never about money, it was about setting the record straight about something that was done without my knowledge or consent.”

I think the lesson here is that Playboy should never ever put a clothed woman in their magazine ever again. And also take my advice and remove all text and articles, replacing them with pictures of me doing it with all the models. It’d be a bold step for the magazine, but one I think the public would appreciate.


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