Jessica Alba looks ridiculous

April 25th, 2007 // 93 Comments

What the fuck did they do to Jessica Alba? It’s like they couldn’t get her for the Fantastic Four photoshoot so they just drew her in. Only they got confused and used a picture of Denise Richards as reference. They could’ve put Chris Rock in there and it would’ve looked more like her.



  1. anotheruselesscomment

    She still looks hot…a hybrid of Jessica and Denise is fine with me.

  2. At-Law

    First…and she is STILL Jessica Alba!

  3. anotheruselesscomment

    damn….first for the frist time…jusr realized it..what a self-imposed honor!

  4. anotheruselesscomment

    Sorry At-Law…you were 30 seconds too late

  5. KatieKates

    What the shit is this?

  6. I didn’t know that Denise Richards had a retarded sister.

  7. bellasera

    i am so SICK of this overrated bitch! I can walk down my street and see other women ten times better looking than her every day! I am not saying she is ugly, I’m just saying she’s not THAT SPECTACULAR. good LORD!!!

  8. visiblenoize

    i cant tell where the front of her body is..

  9. islandgirl

    YUP! ur right this is a fucked up pic.They should have written invisible woman without a pic of her, we’ll know she’s there.

  10. sumnersgal

    She looks like Elizabeth Berkley.
    Perfect 10 baby!!!

  11. Skip Smith

    >>”i cant tell where the front of her body is..”

    Me either! I figured out she’s facing right, but you can convince yourself she’s facing left if you stare for a minute.

    It’s like those 3D pictures that used to be popular. Stare for another minute and unfocus your eyes, and you can almost make out the remnants of Jessica Alba’s career.

  12. Hemlock Queen

    gotta agree with #7.

    Her head is taking on an exorcist twist. Who approved this picture???

  13. TheRage

    >>”Stare for another minute and unfocus your eyes, and you can almost make out the remnants of Jessica Alba’s career.”


    i see more Elizabeth Berkley than Denise Richards, personally.

  14. Tracy

    Why did they paste Elizabeth Berkley’s head on a Power Ranger? I’m confused.

  15. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Sanjaya looks great!

  16. julyper

    #15, LOL

  17. kathleen170

    She looks a lot worse with all this airbrushing and crap.

  18. jenniferc

    Thank you #7!!!! totally agree with you!

    anddd lol @ #15.

  19. thesarahficial

    This is like one of those optical illusions. And then when they say to find what’s wrong with it, a picture of the exorcist pops up on the screen and screams.

  20. NCDave

    That beam of light coming out it’s pants looks like he/she’s taking a piss standing up. I have to say though..that’s a powerful stream.

  21. CarnieWilson

    Does anybody else see a little olsen twin in there?

  22. Badmofo210

    I would do the Jessica Alba when she was in Sin City MMmm MMmm GOOD!

  23. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    LMFAO 19

  24. PooPants

    Lol #19

    I was thinking exorcist when I saw this too…but more because her head is twisted all the way around!

  25. Youko

    I don’t even think this is real. If I was Jessica Alba, I’d be embarrassed to have this released. From that angle, her body looks like a man’s.

  26. isitin

    She looked her best in the movie Idle Hands when she did that little dance of hers during their school dance. Man was she hot there.

  27. NicotineEyePatch

    #21, totally. It’s pretty bad when you’re Jessica Alba and you’re still not pretty enough so they airbrush the shit out of you. “She has to look perfect”, yeah, a perfect monkey-chick hybrid. Nice going, geniuses.

  28. Nikk The Templar

    That’s not Jessica Alba.

    That’s Dave Chappelle in white-face make-up….

  29. NCDave

    She looks like she’s a few steps away from turning in to Gollum and eating a fish raw.

  30. Dank

    Looks like it was a tough news day seeing as how this does look like Jessica Alba. You’d have to squint and spray sulfuric acid in your eyes for her to not look hot.

  31. speedyplastic

    she looks like one of the olsen twins.

  32. Usually when you airbrush people, they look better, not like make-up-less clowns.

    Oh, and she fucking sucks as an actress, too.

  33. Conky

    Jessica Alba has always been a butter-face but nothing a paper bag or a 12-pack couldn’t cure. Thanks.

  34. no1justminda

    Just another hot body with no talent. Good for you, Jessica.

  35. D'arcy

    She’s giving a dead fish stare. Me no likey.

  36. Lowlands

    They should take Nicole Richie for the role of invisible woman.3 feet something and a weight of 20 pounds is already quite invisible.

  37. Lowlands

    Anybody knows?Does Nicole like skinny dipping?

  38. kkk

    any 1 knows her email address, She is my love LOL

  39. rtnmac

    dont care. dont care. dont care.

  40. Wow Just Wow

    Not everyone should be blonde.

    Doesn’t work with the trout mouth either.

    She looks like she’s on line at the welfare office.

  41. blueoakleyz

    also don’t forget to notice, she’s usually mexican/brown looking. They made her extra white for the roll

  42. Stick it in her pooper.

  43. kamihi

    this is like some weird optical illusion – I can’t work out which way round she is, those blue eyes and blonde hair do not work for her, although this is so photoshopped as to be utterly luidcrous, way to take a pretty girl and make her look like retarded white trash.

  44. chaunceygardner


    I’m with you, mogambo. I’d mouthpump the stupid gooch, but she’s not the be-all, end-all.

  45. DrPhowstus

    She always looks different without her lips wrapped around my cock.

  46. Truthseeker013

    OMFG! She should *sue*. (That pun was *not intentional*, sorry.)

  47. MrSemprini

    I’m seeing the Invisible Woman. No, really. I am. Honestly. Look, I know you can’t see anyone. She’s ‘invisible’. Understand? Look, just because it looked like I was ‘air-humping’ on the couch…

    I was having sex with the ‘Invisible Woman’!!! Really!!

  48. Debutantejaim

    LOL! When did she become white with blue eyes???

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