Jessica Alba isn’t a prostitute

jalba_4prem.jpgJessica Alba has slammed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for using their high profile romance to boost both their careers, taking the position that celebrity couples prostitute their relationships when they reveal intimate secrets, and insisting they only do so to sell movies and win roles.

“I don’t date actors and I don’t date people to get ahead in my career. I don’t want to comment on Tom’s relationship with Katie, but I’m a very private person and I don’t feel you should talk about your private life. I think it’s best to keep this sort of thing to yourself.”

I agree that prostituting your relationship for your career is wrong, but I feel that prostituting your body for your career is totally okay. That said, somebody needs to convince Jessica Alba that I’m a big shot director (which I am) and the only way for her to star in my next big film is to perform sexual favors for me. Sure, it might be a little degrading, but that’s the price you have to pay if you want the leading role in Casablanca 2: The Reckoning.