Jessica Alba is tougher than sharks

July 1st, 2005 // 2 Comments

jaf42.jpgAccording to a report on Female First:


  1. TheBreadGirl

    If you knew anything about marine biology, you would know that, considering sharks have bad eyesight, they probably wouldn’t be able to make the connection between a fist and pain. Also, if you knew anything about animal safety, you would be aware of the fact that in circumstances with shark attacks, you’re supposed to punch the shark in the nose or gills. This is actually a universal animal safety method, excluding the gills part.

  2. This story is both random and irritating! First, is not responsible for their own actions in his "apology" What is that brainwashed to do this? Forced? Secondly, the cast in a lineup of United Way? Seriously, the least we can do is offer to pay for them to replace it, and they will do.

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