Jessica Alba is stuck-up

December 14th, 2005 // 58 Comments

alba2342.jpgWhen a member of your own entourage calls you a bitch, you might want to reconsider the way you conduct yourself. Then again, if you look like Jessica Alba, it probably doesn’t matter much.

When head promoter Gordon Nicol asked if she would pose for a photo, Alba turned him down flat. When Nicol pointed out that celebs like Madonna, Hilary Duff and Selma Blair had all posed, Alba supposedly snapped, “I don’t care!” and walked away. At that point, one of Alba’s entourage told Nicol, “She’s a bitch


  1. lol its soo funny to see all these girls get pissed cuz “SHES NOT HOTT” becuz a) she really, really is and b) its not like being hott is some amazing, super incredible thing here. good genetics, she has them, you don’t. she’s just lucky, that’s all.

  2. niki

    Look, you people need to stop bein piss heads towards pete. It isn’t his fault someone got the pics off of his sidekick. The person should have respected his privacy and stop being such a pussy. I still like pete for him, and how he is a real person. I don’t care about peoples mastakes unless they told someone, “here put my nude pictures on the internet for the who world to see.” If you really need to fight over it with me, or agree with me, you can contact me Love you pete.



    dat was fuckin grosse he is a sick bastard nd fall out boy are shit!!!!!

  4. Devann

    Well who cares if his dick is out there to the world, he is so hot and the dick makes him even more hotter.

  5. gabi

    i love pete wentz…who cares if he takes pics of himself that way…maybe thats just they way he likes to be…hes amazing and gorgeous i love you…and who cares if they are on ur fone…i believe that u def didnt send them to be on the internet…no one would…but i love u and ur band=]

  6. Jess

    Bullshit. C’mon… some days you’re not in a good mood – some days you are. Does that really mean you can hate someone? You’re all so flaky, you’ll love her tomorrow and hate her the next. Beeatches!

  7. ana

    What i really hate about this is that people probably done worst things then what “pete” did, everyone that talk’s bad about pete why don’t you just admit “you mad cause you can’t be like him”. Anyway, “pete” {ur the best} (ATT.Ur #1 fan)

  8. Jessica Tackett

    GOOD ADVICE!!!!! Wats the big deal? its not like you killed anyone. b-sides they sould hav thanked u because u looked SO much hotter than hef.

    luv u pete,

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