Jessica Alba is really hot

May 31st, 2005 // 3 Comments

ja30.jpgEver heard of a little thing called Complex magazine? Yeah, me neither. Which is weird cause my penis and I were talking and, it turns out, Complex magazine is the greatest thing ever. At least based on these pictures they took of Jessica Alba. My penis did make some interesting points about how the shoot woulda been hotter if Alba had been naked, and even though I said, ?Well, that?s true,? you have to understand that chicks getting naked is pretty much my penis? answer to everything.


  1. 3xthreat

    The more I see alba, the more emotional baggage I think she has.. I bet dating her is a lot of hard work and then the pain and effort resets itself every time you sleep with her. and then the effort repeats itself. viscious cycle.

  2. i really like this i think it pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I never imagined I would receive 41 million hits … everything is in the title! I like to give a little cry of surprise Travis Oscarson for that!

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