Jessica Alba is looking pregnanty

January 11th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Jessica Alba attended the 10th Annual V-Day event in Century City yesterday and is making her way into the maternity outfits. She looks good though. Damn good. Sadly, that will all fade away over the next few months. It’s a goddamn shame, really. That kid better do something awesome when he/she grows up. Like cure cancer or invent a delicious beer that grants me the power of flight.

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  1. Jackson Browne

    whoever tries to say Jessica Alba is not hot is either blind or bitter because they’ll never be in the same room with a lady as hot as her. Her skin is like candy …flawless, body is insane, naturally tan smooth skin, her lips are to die for and the list goes on. There is not one thing that is not attractive about this woman that is why is tops every list of hottest and sexist woman.

  2. CJ

    Hahahahaaaaa!!! #40 is dead on!!!! Sore as hell and not having it!!! Too true to be on here!!!

  3. she is a nice gal, her profile is seen at, there are a lot of her hot pics and soft blogs..LOl

  4. Dan

    I really don’t know what some people see in her. Her face is ok, but she’s nothing to gawk at. I see much prettier girls daily, and definitely hotter because you can call this girl cute but definitely not hot. She looks like a boring mother. She’s so unsultry.
    The media hype I guess. Some people are like robots. If the media tells them a stinky turd is hot, they’ll say that stinky turd is the hottest thing. Ah, think for yourselves.

  5. No

    #51 you need to stop watching so much TV and get out a little more, you’ll see women. Not only have I been in rooms with ladies much hotter (and prettier) than her, I’ve done them too. It’s not that difficult at all (to see ladies much hotter than her).

    Whoever says Jessica Alba is not hot has the sense of sight and a taste. She’s cute like the girl next door can be cute, but the last thing I’d call her is hot.
    She’s nothing special. Only looks good when extremely coated in makeup and extremely photoshoped and digitally enhanced, and even then, not that much.
    Considering this is how she looks like without that, I say ewww, keep her all to yourself man:

    Her is skin is like, normal, tends to break out and be oily. Body is UGLY, stick skinny, total lack of curves, flat saggy booty, no boobies (well, now she’s pregnant she grew her flat chest to a C cup, but after she’s done with her pregnancy and breastfeeding thing, her boobs will get back to their original size (flat), only full of stretch marks and saggy), fake tanned (man she was pale as butt in her early days, think Dark Angel), she has herpes (man must her snatch look gross all warted out and nastily rashed out), her snatch won’t be only full of herpes after she gives birth, also all loose, and the list goes on. She doesn’t top any stupid magazine hottest list any more than Lindsay Lohan does, so yep, stop dreaming and fantasizing about unrealistic things, get over yourself, go to a place where there’s plenty of women and you’ll be amazed.

  6. ice dragon

    Until she does porn or a tape, she shouldn’t be wasting so much of the Superficial’s server space.

  7. Miss

    #55, you sound very jealous and bitter of her beauty…her skin is normal, i think not. it’s exceptionally clear and tan . She may not be speacial to you but she does top most “hottest chick” list so many many people think she’s not.

  8. Miss

    I meant “hot.”

  9. ELE!


  10. huuu

    i love her dress… even if its maternity.. i love the colors

  11. vicky

    She is so beautiful. Seems saw her before. Did she ever posted her
    profile to a celebrity and millioniare dating site called
    “” ? I just saw her profile yesterday on that site.

  12. She still doesn’t look very hapy though… how sad!

  13. stephanie

    I don’t know that her boobs are actually a whole lot bigger. There are many bras that can do tricks, and this dress it obviously made for big boobs…. doesn’t mean that it’s always proportional for the buyers. Please note, I didn’t deny that they may be somewhat bigger.

  14. endorphine

    stop dissing goddammit, she IS beautiful, in spite of everybody’s unjustified lame offensive comments. #50, if your hypothesis is true, then I’d do anything to live in this world after 1000 years :-/

  15. Ryan

    Am I supposed to believe this chick is hot?
    I’m sorry, but I don’t see any hotness in her.
    I don’t get what other people see in her either. Media hype? Because her face is okay cute at best when she’s wearing her makeup (that picture someone posted of her without her makeup grossed me out, she’s ugly without it:, but that’s all there’s to this chick when it comes to looks. My neighbor is way hotter, and definitely a lot prettier, and so are millions of not famous regular girls everywhere. What does anyone see in her, man?

  16. GG1000

    Ugh – it’s always really gross when chicks with implants get pregnant, as the boobs do the pregnancy enlargement around the implants and they look deformed. All you guys all het up about those silicon sisters, just get yourself a couple of water balloons and wrap them up in a chamois window rag – you’ll never know the difference.

  17. Anonymous

    Hey vicky:

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  18. so sad

    55 is really bitter.

  19. lambman

    Is it just me or is her right boob way bigger than the left?

  20. Peter

    Wholly shit!! Keep the boobs, ditch the baby!

  21. monkey_b

    She is SO FUCKING HOT.

  22. icedragon

    I bet Cash hoping someone kicks her in the stomach. He might want her, but not with a baggy pussy.

  23. me

    One word: AVERAGE

  24. hello clarice

    55. 73. and EuroNeckPain are like whack..i do agree i see hot girls who are alot more accesible than a utopian dream like jalba or petra nemcova, but she is beautiful and without makeup she looks good too, the only turn off is doing a movie with dane cook, and being a bad actress cause you cant pay attention to her lines or whatever when you oogle her

  25. Hi Guy’s,
    I am confused as to why she keeps trying to push herself as not good looking.

  26. N it was ladylike, this beautiful state

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