Jessica Alba is looking pregnanty

January 11th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Jessica Alba attended the 10th Annual V-Day event in Century City yesterday and is making her way into the maternity outfits. She looks good though. Damn good. Sadly, that will all fade away over the next few months. It’s a goddamn shame, really. That kid better do something awesome when he/she grows up. Like cure cancer or invent a delicious beer that grants me the power of flight.

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  1. Auntie Kryst

    Yea! The boob fairy came. What’s V Day?

  2. Lucky lucky man that’s tappin’ that!

  3. The Office Whore

    A story both rich and compelling and….is that a croissandwich?

  4. Jessica's Kid

    My mom’s a whiny phoney conceited plastic ice-bitch. I’m glad I destroyed her body. Now she’s got that chance she always wanted to be recognized for her TALENT.


  5. p0nk

    #2 sportsdvl, lucky man as long as valtrex stays in business.

  6. V-day = Valtrex day

  7. djfp

    In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle” “DAMN! look at them titties!”

  8. theShizaan

    Looks like the boobie-fairy paid her a visit. Yay!

  9. Auntie Kryst

    @6 Nice one! Now I understand that famous picture of Winston Churchill holding up the V sign. That dude was a major man-slut.

  10. Celebs need to quit popping out babies, babies makes you CRAZY!!!!!

  11. p0nk

    #6 frist, see, i was thinking it was vagina day, but i stand corrected.

  12. FRIST did I tell you I am the dad?

  13. D. Richards (Machine.)

    Fucking nine-months of pregnant Jessica Alba. Great..

  14. PunkA

    Hopefully, after Tango Cash Jr. pops out, those plump melons will stay ripe. I hate it when they wither away.

  15. D. Richards (Substandard.)

    #7? Yeah. everything Dave Chappelle says is really ‘immortal’.

    Eons from now, future-scientists will uncover ancient Dave Chappelle texts; thus decoding the past’s lamest of performers.

  16. she will be like a mexican pregnant halle berry

  17. Lowlands

    Soon she’ll be a wal;king skippy ball.

  18. Andrew

    Do you guys really think this is the real Alba…?

    I tell ya, this is not Alba, this is a stunt double, to be exactly a stunt double D Cup! Yummie Yummie

  19. havoc

    She’s getting some tig ole bitties…..


  20. RAT

    Holy shit another accessory baby!
    Everyone should promise not to show her preg! Now shes ruined!

  21. Sauron

    There’s a good chance that during her pregnancy the baby will grow bigger than she is.

  22. will

    Being half white doesn’t make her “Mexican”…idiots.

  23. Quentin

    Apparently Jessica’s kid’s name is Stewie.

  24. FRIST were your boobs that big when you were pregnant? I would have sucked on them for hours, even after the kid was born (fuck ‘em, he can have formula). Are they all saggy and stretchmarked now? :(

  25. Gadeval

    She is not nice but she is good looking which is why I am confused as to why she keeps trying to push herself as not good looking. She may not have slept her way into roles but her looks did play a part in the superficial hollywood world. Sorry Jessica but it seems all likely. >.<

  26. The Office Whore

    Jimbo, she dyes her hair red, to pull your attention away from her body. Does that answer your question?

  27. Sandy

    Hey Jimbo, what is with you and FRIST? Did she dump you?

  28. woodhorse

    Maybe the baby will give her a personality. Sadly, Cash Warren seems even more vacant than she. She is hot though.

  29. Victoria

    Holy mammaries! It seems like just yesterday little Jessica was a B cup. *wiping tear* They grow so fast!

  30. Trashcan

    At least she’s not flat anymore. But does this mean her cheeks & face are going to get even fuller? She looks like she’s gotta a coupla nuts stuffed in those cheeks (no that was not an attempt at a double entendre but I see it too.)

    She’s always had that look of the fat girl who lost a lot of weight. You can never really fully escape it….

  31. p0nkisanidiot

    p0nk is an idiot.

  32. #31. Agreed. She does have that skinny fat girl look.

    She looks much better now.

  33. flavio

    Wwwwooowwww, she’s already got the boobs. The sex must RULE right about now…

  34. Rick

    At least now she’s got some boobs, congrats Jessica, you finally now how it feels to not be flat chested!
    Even with boobs, she does nothing for me. Okay face but incredibly overrated chick. I don’t see the allegedly hotness anywhere.

  35. Melissa

    She looks great, but I still can’t stand her.

  36. Biff Henderson

    I’d hit that six ways to Sunday.

    Those boobs must look wonderful out in the open. Regardless of the Herpes that Jeter gave her.

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  38. Melenge of confusion

    This is another skank thrown in our faces to represent a new era of beauty. Non-white. She has fake ugly hair and dark eyes and muddy skin. She is nothing and like all dumb young whores is now having a child our of wedlock.
    Loser. I hate Hollywood. And it’s moron worshipers. Read books and plant gardens. Fuck these miserable dirtbags.

  39. doit

    Sorry people but her boobs are probably sore as hell and she won’t let anyone touch them.
    LOL @ #3

  40. RobotJox



  41. kels

    #39-shuddup. jealous hater. she’s actually MIXED (white/mexican) and she’s a lot more natural looking than most skanks out there (think Pamela Anderson and Tila Nasty Tequila). She’s a pretty girl. I hear she’s a bitch, but still pretty.

  42. ph7

    great time to get a boob job – discretely, and everything thinks it is because you are pregnant.

  43. Kimmie

    Who fucking cares!

  44. Bozidar the Perv

    I would love to piss in her mouth. Then I would probably rape her tiny tight poop-hole, doggystyle !! I just wish she would reply to my emails :(

  45. Nathan Sprinkle

    Poor kid. How many times in this kids life will it hear “I’m wanna do your mom”, or “Hey Kid, i’ll give you $50,000,000 for a topless pic of your mother”

  46. YEP, her TITS are pretty much bigger!!

  47. bleh

    RE: #43 ph7

    when women become pregnant, their boobs become bigger obviously what are you retarded?! and no plastic surgeon would operate on a pregnant woman, you dont even make sense dumass

  48. ice dragon

    Well there is some milk in them mexican titties. Hopefully she’ll be on MILF Hunter or some shit in a couple of years. ‘Cus thats where old whores go to make their fast buck.

  49. EuroNeckPain

    She is sort of pretty, but does not deserve all the enthusiastic comments about her “ideal body” or whatever. She has childish eyes, big lips and big teeth.
    The only striking thing about her, is that it is very hard to tell where she comes from. She is such a mix of nationalities, she looked half African half Asian in Dark Angel, now she has blond hair. A bit like Mariah Carey. That’s probably what humanity will look like in another thousand years.

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