Jessica Alba is liked by men

January 30th, 2006 // 40 Comments

alba-top-men.jpgAccording to a poll by Ask Men, Jessica Alba is this year’s number one choice among American men looking for “long-term relationship material,” followed closely by Sienna Miller and Angelina Jolie. I don’t know why they needed to ask 2.5 million people to determine that Jessica Alba is at the top of the list though. That’s just a waste of time and effort. It’s like taking a poll to find out what everybody’s favorite brand of tissue is. Nobody ever answers Uncle Roberto’s Brand Tissues. It’s always Kleenex.



  1. LoneWolf

    No agrument with the poll results, although there are others I’d rank higher than Sienna or Angie.

    I’m always amused by these things. She’s what American men are looking for in long-term relationship material, but only a fraction of a percentage of them have the slightest chance of a relationship, long-term or otherwise, with her. Like when a male celebrity gets married and the media says things like, women across America are bummed because so-and-so’s off the market. Like they ever had a shot.

  2. Samson

    F U…I have a shot!

    wait…you’re right…no I don’t.
    although i am convinced Natalie Portman is possible.

  3. SuperSpence

    Since I dreamt last night that Jessica and I would soon be wed — and my dreams about Jessica Alba always come true — I’d say the rest of you are in for a world of hurt.

  4. Lisa Loeb is much more long term relationship material. You know, if I didn’t love the cock.

  5. tothemax

    Sienna Miller is number 2? After all the bullshit that she and Jude put eat other through last year, why would anyone think that either of them is relationship material?

  6. innit

    Screw wondering about Sienna Miller… why would someone want a long term relationship with someone who likes to cut themselves?

  7. SuperSpence

    –Posted by innit on January 30, 2006 03:34 PM
    Screw wondering about Sienna Miller… why would someone want a long term relationship with someone who likes to cut themselves?

    REPLY: The upside is if you get tired of her you don’t need to call a divorce lawyer. Just wait for her to go too far with the cutlery and then move on with your life.

  8. ohyeah

    Forget the cutting; the whore has been married, what, two / three times? She stole another woman’s man because she can’t find an available one, and she’s relationship material? Yeah, maybe for Dennis Rodman. They would make a good couple.

  9. MortyFishbein

    Um, this girl is generically attractive. Sienna Miller number 2?! In front of ANGELINA JOLIE??!!

    Obviously, the guy who compiled this list asked 3 Mid-Western men who’d he’d most like to take to the barn raising, after-raising hoedown and then take in hay in loft after said hoedown.

    The only list I have that Angelina Jolie wouldn’t be at the top of is the “Who’d I’d Most Like to Help Me in Fight” and that’s not because I don’t think she can’t (I’m sure she can beat a bitch’s ass quick) fight, I just don’t want anyone to punch her in the face.

  10. Jessica makes sense. Maybe Sienna miller is up there because she’d take you back after you do the maid. And maybe Jolie is there because people figure that “hey, i’m AT LEAST as good looking as Billy Bob Thorton”

  11. aura

    Jessica Alba’s pretty and comes across as very sweet, so it’s no surprise she’s #1 on this list. But why are people shocked that Sienna Miller is 2nd? She’s also very pretty and comes across as sweet… but unlike Jessica, it’s public knowledge that Sienna has low self-esteem. Guys like that.

  12. Kelly

    LOL Kmac. So funny that men would pick Jessica Alba for long term relationship. I don’t think the girl has been in a long term relationship. Yes she is cute. . .

  13. andrewthezeppo

    What terrible choices. Alba is an attention whore, they might as well have piked Eva Longoria for number 1.

    Sienna Miller is so dull, its like she doesn’t even have a face….also coke whore who slept with the new Bond gross.

    Angelina lol…Billy Bob was the first guy to adopt Maddox….enough said

  14. Ah…tissues and Jessica Alba. A familiar combination.

  15. M@ce

    Coming in 4th for the tenth consecutive year is, of course, “Anything with a large rack that will bring me beer”.

    Still #1 in my book!

  16. innit

    LOL @ ohyeah — those two attention whore clowns would make a perfect match!

  17. SoCalGal420

    The problem with “Ask Men” is that they only consider “It” people. I SEE MUCH HOTTER Latin chicks everyday than Jessica “Generic Latina” Alba. Blah! I am soooo over this bitch! GQ had her on the cover all “Oh, she’s smart AND hot!” and then in Jane mag tried to be on some high horse about NOT doing nudity since that’s “what whores do; do I look like a whore?” Bitch, who the fuck are you if not a cock tease? Is that not also whorish considering that in ALL your movies (and lame ass TV show for that matter) all you ever are is bitchy eye candy? And in Sin City the STRIPPER was naked in the novel; she gyrated with a lasso, is that stripping now? Fuck this cheesy broad! And enough of Angelina too, my gawd! She’s not hot to me post-Hackers/Foxfire

  18. ShanDourdan

    Sorry but I don’t get the Jessica Alba appeal. Sure she’s pretty but I don’t see anything special about her, I’m with some of the others on this one, I’ve seen much prettier latina girls( if we’re going to go by that). I think she’s mediocre to say the list.

    If this is a ‘long term relationship’ list and not a ‘hottie’ list then this has to be the most screwed up list I’ve seen.

  19. KIS

    Jessica is number one with her fake boobs. Sienna would have been number one if Saddie Frost had not planted the nanny on Jude. Saddie knew Jude would come crawling back and Sienna would be left free to sleep with his friend.

  20. ShanDourdan

    Hmm *least* even…

  21. xd

    She may be AskMen’s this year number one choice among American men looking for “long-term relationship material”, but she ranked number 78 out of 99 in the AskMen list of sexiest women of 2006, being Adriana Lima number 1. That is so fair… because the Jessica A. moron herself is the most over-rated person to ever walk on earth. She is just an average looking woman, of course there’s BILLIONS of women out of there who look waaaaay MUCH hotter and prettier and everything than her. If anyone saw J.Alba walking on the street and she wasn’t famous I’m sure very very few people would turn their heads. Of course she would be invisible next Angelina Jolie not to mention next to Adriana Lima.

  22. BlackMamba

    jess alba is nice to look at but has no distinct personality, unlike angie jolie. Why would men want to spend their lifetime gazing at a lifeless but pretty doll? beats me

  23. lina77

    Have to agree, Jessica is pretty but there are great looking girls everywhere. See them everyday. The difference is she’s in the public eye. Sometimes these polls confuse me! But its not her fault, the media has its way to convince us of what is pretty and what’s not.

  24. hermanita

    xd that was a great post! I agree. Most latinas are very beautiful and I’ve seen much prettier ones then Jessica Alba. And if we talk not only latinas, but all nationalities then I’ve def. seen ALOT of prettier girls then her. Like you said, if she walked on the street (and wasn’t famous) I wouldn’t notice her. As to Sienna Miller, eh?? She’s OK, but not ok enough to make the top 10. Or the list. -_- Angelina..she’s very hot, but too much talk about her. It was better when she wasn’t in the spotlight as much, kind of mysterious. Now she annoys me as much as Paris Hilton.

    By the way, am I the only one to notice that Alba hasn’t changed since she was a teen. She still looks 15-16 to me. ADRIANA LIMA’S MUCH BETTER! Good think she was voted hottest woman.

  25. HollyJ

    het’ro was I, ere I saw Alba

  26. HughJorganthethird

    “Lisa Loeb is much more long term relationship material”

    Yeah right. Why do I think she wears those stupid fucking glasses during sex? Oh I know because she’s been wearing them in every photo I’ve ever seen of her for the past 10 years. Ever heard of contacts Lisa?

    Then again put those specs on Alba and I’m all fucking over it.

  27. outfile

    god, angelina jolie is such a tramp. i bet she would be a bad lay, AND only talk about herself and that dumb kid of hers with the mohawk.

  28. derekd

    I’m sorry, but Jolie is looking busted lately. Even though she is a spinner and spinners rock(in my opinion). So it is no surprised Alba surpassed her. The only thing that Jolie REALLY has on her though is that she looks like she can really slut it up in bed while Alba gives me the impression that you will be hearing “ewwww!!!” more than once. Looks, Alba =10 outa 10. Jolie= 9 outta 10.

  29. Ok, for everyone who says Jessica Alba is a “generic” beauty, get the hell outta here. She’s an undeniable fox. She’s the only celebrity i’ve NEVER seen a bad photo of. Even those spying papparazzi pics. She’s gorgeous…

    Sure other women have bigger boobs but not too many have nicer faces, and that’s what counts anyway. Besides Jessica Alba seems like she’s nice enough to talk to you if you happened to meet her. I think Angelina Jolie would try to adopt me or something.

  30. Cindylover1969

    Finally; a news story even less surprising than “Bush insists he’s right.”

  31. i eat coins

    jessica alba is conceited…I guess I’m the only one who’s read that she’s a bitch on at least two articles. Wasn’t she the first to go on Punk’d? She was a bitch then too…

  32. Larry

    So funny. So INTENSELY funny!

    Men are so stupid. We have NO CLUE.

    So, Jessica Alba ….

    Which girl is the one you’d most like to tug yourself to on a lonely weekend? Sure.

    Which girl would you most like to have tied up in your dungeon? No problem.

    Which girl would you most love to have your pals see in your arm? Of course.

    Long term relationship? Long term relationship? JESSICA ALBA, the human doiley? A superficial little puff of a thing, self-absorbed, uneducated, without much to say except “I want this” and “stop doing that?” Someone who’d be satisfied with YOU for about eight seconds, if you are very lucky?

    No wonder no one is happy. Except me, that is. People are 100% pure entertainment.

  33. becca11

    Jessica is gorgeous, I dont see how this is weird to anyone. ” I see more attractive latin women everyday ” people, no one knows them… generally famous people will be at the top of these lists because lots of people know they exist. I on the other hand do not see these attractive latin women all the time. The most exposure I have to latin women is seeing the latin women that work at my on campus dining facilities… and they don’t really come close to Jessica Alba.

  34. AussieBaby

    Sorry to be rude to those who love Jessica(including my boyfriend), but i dont think she is that pretty/hot. She seems nice enough, but come on guys she still looks like she is 12 years old. Though if boys/men like that school girl type it is up to you lol. Not saying i dont like her acting she is so cool in Dark Angel(which my bf loved when she was in heat)and Fantastic Four,even in the movie Camp Nowhere. I think she has a great personality and even has the bod to match! Though I found out from the site “” that (possibly true) that her bod was/could have been created the way it is now because she was anorexic/bulimic in 2001. I hope she over came that problem (if that rumor is true). I dont blame guys that think she is hot. *womens tip to men/boys* Just remember you may find a girl like her, but she will never be her(personality wise). So don’t just incase you do find a girl that looks like her, always check our her personality/trait last thing u need is a Jessica Alba look alike with a evil, controlling, money laundering personality/trait lol. So good luck guys cause, there is only ONE of JESSICA ALBA and sooner or later you will have to see her go to some guy who may marry her, and you will be stuck only to be able to look at her from posters you have in your bedroom. (sad though huh) lol! Hope this wasnt too long lol

  35. pixiewoman

    I agree about these women….yes, Jessica Alba is pretty. But Sienna and Angelina are way overrated. I think I’m going to club someone with a two by four the next time I hear mention of Brangelina and/or her fugly lips.

    If men were going to vote #1 for a hot Latina, they really should have gone for Salma Hayek. She is out-of-this-world gorgeous and has a personality, not to mention she’s a philanthropist. Her body’s amazing too, unlike stick-thin Jessica. It’s funny cause Jessica always refers to herself as a “curvy” woman, but she ain’t got nothin! News flash Jess: being “curvy” means you DON’T look like every other Hollywood bimbo. Jessica’s pretty enough, but she’s no Salma.

  36. sexydarin

    Jessica ain’t “stick thin”. She is slender. She has a perfect body in my opinion because i like cute faced girls with slender bodies and small boobies. Her face is delectible. Her whole being is delectible. She’s drop dead gorgeous to me.

  37. darwinsaliva

    This is the longest comment ever, so don’t read it. I certainly wouldn’t.

    I have mixed feelings about Miss Alba. I’ve never really seen any of her movies, so I’ve never seen her in action. I’ve only seen some of her pictures and interviews. I’ve heard that there’s something seductive about the way she moves. I

  38. darwinsaliva

    sorry about my typos people, i’m new at this posting thing

  39. IvyLeagueB*tch

    I agree with 19 and 24. Jessica is pretty, but not that pretty.

    My boyfriend thinks she’s averageish pretty. I don’t get why everyone thinks she’s soso so so hot though. I’ve seen prettier Latina girls in real life.

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