Jessica Alba is a tease

April 28th, 2006 // 112 Comments

  1. BarryBonds

    J. Alba is a cunt….until she shows her bare ass she is a cunt.

  2. Bliss

    Why is this such a big deal? A nipple folks, get over it. Alba or not.

  3. Yep #102… Dudes Get A Nice Lookin Lady And Have Sex… Then U Should Stop Lookin For Some Stupid Nippple Slip… Peace Out…
    BTW Jessica Alba Is pretty, but 2 me shes like all latinas girl i saw everyday on my hood…

  4. masterofpuppies

    #103 – I agree; I grew up in the ghetto in L.A., and she looks just like any other chick there. IMHO, don’t see any difference, except that she took a curling iron and some Silk Therapy to her bleached blonde hair. I think that deep down, she secretly yearns to be white (as in not of hispanic or latino heritage). BTW, she does look like a total tranny in that first pic.


    #104 – They should have that in the fucking tourist brochures.

    I was in L.A. a couple of months ago, splitting my time between Disneyland and my hotel room. I’m a real culture whore, so had I known there were Alba look-a-likes walking around in the ghetto’s, I would of spent my time trying to get my end away (Instead of queing up for Indiana Jones and staring at the teenage ass.) So I don’t make the same mistake twice – where the fuck is this ghetto and will I get shot?


  6. 1) I also grew up in some of the shittiest barrios in Los Angeles.

    2) I saw some fine latina chicks, but never as fine as Alba. The majority of what was around were cholitas with too much eye make-up and too many babies.

  7. Edna Bambrick

    Don’t make fun of poor Jessica until you’ve experienced the horror of her situation. A few weeks ago when I went to receive communion the same thing happened to me.

  8. LickyLicky

    What’s the deal with latinas shaving off their eyebrows and then drawing them on in a look of permanent surprise? Black lipliner is also a big question of mine… or is it brown and just so dark that it looks black? And those two little pieces of hair, pseudo-bangs, that get left out of the ponytail? I saw a girl once who had those and she was doing a repetetive task so they looked like windshield wipers. All I wanted to do was give her a hairclip to pull them back.

    Is it just me?

    Does my whiteness make me not able to understand it?

  9. Parishilton_the2nd

    and i want to give it to herrrrrrrrrr

    and thank god himself she doesnt wanna be associated with latinos. who would? honestly if she did, and she would say it every damn time she opened her mouth i wouldnt wanna do her anymore. because then she would sound like that IDIOT JLO.. or jennifer lopez as she would presently like to be called. because im guessing she realize that it made her look unclassy, as well as going out with puff daddy, who is black, and dressing like a ghetto whore bag, even thought shes obviously a fkn billionaire… dumb conceited bitch

  10. Parishilton_the2nd

    oh and lickylicky, thank you. thank you for saying what ive always wanted to say, but never found the time or place to say it. thank you and god bless you your smart….


  11. Parishilton_the2nd

    oh and if anyone really gets offended on this site, they should run into their room and smash their face as hard as they can into their mirror over and over again until they drop down, unconscious. because offending people is what this site is all about. havent you ever watched family guy?? its a JOKEEEEE. god get a grip bitches…

  12. poopface

    death to the usa
    death to the living!!!!

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