Jessica Alba is a redhead now

September 28th, 2009 // 54 Comments

Because apparently nothing happened this weekend besides Khloe Kardashian’s wedding – so still basically nothing – here’s Jessica Alba sporting her new red hairdo yesterday in LA. I was going to assume this was for a role, but when’s the last time Jessica Alba’s been in anything? That people watched, I mean. Sorry, I should’ve prefaced that.


  1. foof


  2. Nice SPINAL CORD. Gross. She’s a pretty girl and pretty girls should eat. At least occasionally.

  3. Savalas

    Let’s see if that carpet matches the curtains!

  4. Is it me or does she look like she should be beating her kids at Walmart in that outfit?

  5. Ew- she should have gone darker red than that. She looks like a mexican Raggedy Ann.

  6. Ew- she should have gone darker red than that. She looks like a latino Raggedy Ann.

  7. Snarky

    Her bra doesn’t fit.

  8. Sport

    Always used to think she was HOT, but I havent seen a smile in 5 years from her and she comes across like an arrogant bitch. Heads Up – YOU CANT ACT, looks is all you got so smile once in awhile…

  9. Renee

    Is it me, or does anyone else not see the big deal over her. She’s always been too skinny imo and has no shape. Her body goes straight up and down like a boy with a semi pretty face. Hey, if a girl is pretty or has a nice body I will say it but I just never saw what the facination with her was.

  10. sway

    Gross! Gingers!

  11. Jl

    #5& 6 Dear Francesca,

    You do realize you sound like a moron right. Thank you for being politically correct and calling her a latino instead of a mexican like you originally did. And NEWSFLASH..she’s WHITE too. But I’m sure your absent brain is not able to absorb the concept of mixed raced people which explains why you need to throw in that part after the ragedy ann reference.

  12. Didn’t Jeter give her herpes?

  13. Bub

    Good grief she literally bores me to death.

  14. puhleez

    I sat next to this amazing woman at a restaurant in Brentwood and she is wonderfully gorgeous even in person. This was right after she had her baby and she wasn’t even fat. She is stunning to look at!

  15. stupidass


    why do you do this? you do realize that your hair is dull maroon and nothing resembling the beauty of real red hair right?

  16. KK

    renee, you’re right. she has no shape and looks like a young boy.

  17. el ces

    I like it.

  18. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    It appears the kid drained the big titties. Farewell big titties.

  19. mamamiasweetpeaches

    My daughter is ten and sometimes when she picks out her own clothes it ends up looking like THIS. And she trys to leave the house like this! In October!

    Is it just me or has Jessica Alba not smiled since having a baby? You’d think babies would make people happy, right? Not her!

  20. Fat Chicks Suck

    She used to be one of the hottest chicks out there – she had a perfect body. Anyone that thinks she is/was “too skinny” is insane in my opinion. I don’t think she looks that great here…but her weight has nothing to do with it. She’s boring, she popped out a kid, and she just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. Her body isn’t terrible – she looks better than 99% of the women I see walking around. She just doesn’t excite me anymore.

  21. rightaboutnow

    I sure hope someone is licking that because she is a girl who has earned the right to be orally pleasured all day long…and by the look on her face it appears that it’s been a while since her puss got the star treatment.

  22. Prettybaby

    Wow. Kudos to you Jessica. You went from hot to hideous with one poorly chosen hairdo. Ugh. UGLY

  23. Tweedle

    I like her hair and I like her body, and she’s obviously stunning. As for her not smiling, why don’t you try living a life where you can’t walk down the street without dozens of assholes screaming at you and trying to take your picture every single time. And knowing that these pics are going to end up on a site where people have nothing better to do than commenting on how awful you allegedly look. I’m sure it gets old.

  24. Bob

    I love her body. I think she’s perfection. She shouldn’t get any skinnier, though. And you can tell that she really shouldn’t be THIS thin. She definitely has a “curvier” body type.
    Anyways, I think she’s gorgeous.

  25. Bob

    I love her body. I think she’s perfection. She shouldn’t get any skinnier, though. And you can tell that she really shouldn’t be THIS thin. She definitely has a “curvier” body type.
    Anyways, I think she’s gorgeous.

  26. Sport


    She has nail polish ON in some pics and OFF in others – same clothes. She’s a shapeshifter!

  27. mel

    @27: It could just be that at some point between photos she had her nails done.

    Also, that color is horrible on her. Absolutely horrible.

  28. Damn…she could have green hair and still be smokin hot…

  29. Gone red and thinner. Is she losing weight for a role?


  30. The Rough report

    Not for giving hot chicks attention but sourpuss never look so good even after poping up…

  31. @#12

    She’s actually a quarter Mexican.

  32. I like it. She should cut her hair short like that too.

  33. Look Away

    It’s so nice to see all the Pro Ana women in Los Angeles. Miss. Alba is one of the better examples. I just love to see her skinny backbone protruding from under her shirt. Ain’t she a beauty.

  34. Anna


    Didn’t anyone ever tell you that once you have kids your life is over. Well, just look at her, do you need anymore proof.

  35. RtSS

    Wow… Image #17 getting out of the vehicle, she’s got nice tone on that thigh. Way to go Jessica, you’ve come back from that baby! You are the best, and have been the best since you’re Dark Angel days. Call me.

  36. Rhialto

    Women are always up to something when they change their hair color.Girls!?

  37. Darth

    She looks in shape too.She’s ready for something big.

  38. kitty_kat

    Whoa! She’s seriously lost a lot of weight! She was always skinny, but I don’t remember her being this skinny. She’s lost all of the curves that made her attractive in the first place.

  39. Poor Jessica


    Even if you starve yourself and work out 24/7 your waist will never be as tiny as Megan’s. You see, Megan Fox was blessed with an amazing shape. You, on the other hand, might as well just give up and start eating so at least you don’t look scrawny and gawky. You were just not born with a waist, sweetie. Just accept it and move on. I know it is pretty sad when men get a hard on just seeing Megan Fox fully clothed and you have to resort to walking around in public practically showing your whole black lace bra.

  40. Mama Pinkus

    someone needs to take that gal to a barbeque

  41. qtpie

    I like her cute little neck tattoo! Very feminine!

  42. rachel

    that hair color makes her look like ashlee simpson in some of these photos…which is not a look i’d be going for.

  43. lh

    She looks like the Hispanic lady who cleans the bathrooms in my dorm.

  44. bobx

    Alba was never classically beautiful but what the hell is this? She looks like a meth junkie.

  45. Zane

    She morphed into a Filipino ladyboy.

  46. i like it. very attractive..

  47. ickle

    Down down down..
    My food goes round & round..
    I have the tap on so noone hears a sound..
    Down down down…
    *spews blood and dies*

  48. yawn


  49. Hair color answered

    She did not changed her hair to ‘orange’.

    She went back to being brown. But because brown color does not hold onto blonde bleached hair because there is no more pigment to hold the color, the brown ‘slides’ away which makes that orange color.

    Its all chemistry.

    Watch her being brown in a couple of weeks from now.

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