Jessica Alba goes grocery shopping

May 9th, 2009 // 91 Comments

Here’s Jessica Alba shopping for some groceries with her daughter, Honor. Remember when Jessica Alba was the hottest living creature on the planet? I miss those days. Now I see her and I just want to offer to carry her groceries to her car, tell her she has an adorable baby, and bid her adieu. She’s not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s just a regular woman now. I have no desire to make sweet love to her in the parking lot or ravage her in the backseat of my (very stylish and reliable) Toyota Camry. What happened? I need something to believe in, man!

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  1. marc


  2. She is so tall and hot.I know a place you can date with such girls.
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  3. just sayin

    No, I don’t remember when Jessica Alba was the hottest living creature on the planet…EVER

  4. Guest

    She is so gorgeous!!

  5. Joaquin Around

    Pic 6: Kid’s chokin. Thanks for snapping that.

  6. Randal

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a beautiful celebrity out in public and fitting the part. A true talent Jessica has to have to be able to mingle and relate to the everyday shopper. Thanks for keeping it real.


  7. Jade

    I get what you mean. I used to think she was the most gorgeous woman walking on earth (especially during her Dark Angel, pre-peroxide days.) I think now she has a baby, looking hot isn’t her primary goal in life anymore. She said she hasn’t worked out since. And she dresses badly these days. I didn’t think I’d say this, but Lindsay Lohan is hotter these days. Even though she has anorexia.

  8. Ruler

    Whatever, tards. She looks like the kid’s stupid hot nanny, not its aging, past-her-prime mother. I would come so hard in her her uterus would catch fire. Or something.

  9. Dooley

    Fish & all the rest of you apostates – you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! She is still the ideal woman – beautiful beyond belief and the stuff of heated late night dreams even as she walks as a mere mortal.

  10. jimmy

    Will she EVER smile again???

  11. Swamp rape.

    Gunther out.

  12. Me

    I think she’s very hot. She has little to no make-up on and is wearing regular clothes. That’s how girls normally look and she does it marvellously. When your girl curls up next to you on the couch to watch a movie, she won’t dress slutty and apply make-up professionally beforehand (thank God!), she will wear sweats and no make-up. And if she still looks like Jess in these pictures, count your blessings!

    Of course, if you never had a girlfriend and only know (read: wank to) women from magazines, you might mistake natural for unattractive.

  13. debutante

    WHY is she always wearing the big moose puss face ???? She always looks miserable

  14. debutante

    WHY is she always wearing the big moose puss face ???? She always looks miserable

  15. Shes still hot. The fact that she doesn’t wear tranny makeup and 6″ stilettos to the grocery store like other celebs doesn’t exactly make her dumpy….

  16. NobodySpecial

    Maybe if the freaking paps would leave her alone for 5 minutes she would smile more often. It’s just a mom with her little girl grocery shopping, but the assholes have to follow her with cameras everywhere she goes. I would be pissed off too.

  17. SuperficialIsWeakSauce

    Seriously this site is lame, any time you guys put something decent on this site like a nude picture of someone or something remotely funny your BITCH ASSES end up removing it hours to a day later. I am surprised to see that you have Rihanna’s nude pictures on here still. Don’t worry I am willing to bet you pussy weak bitches will take that down soon to.

    However you guys manage to post useless news about Jessica Alba goes shopping!!! WTF

    Grow a pair and screw the threats that the “lawyers” make and keep the photos you post on here. I am sick and tired of this and will have to resort to another sleezey gossip site if you guys keep this up.

  18. this post is so maschilist…sad!!!

  19. DiMi

    I think she’s still beautiful. She’ s just not made up and smiling like she usually is. Put her in a nice outfit and some makeup and she’ll be just as pretty as ever.

  20. Parker

    I get the same sensation. Normally I’d offer to carry her bags to her car in exchange for anal sex but now I’d probably expect her to be handing me my change at the checkout counter where I’d complain that she shorted me 25 cents. She’s offer me a blowjob under the counter if I didn’t tell the manager and I’d say no thanks, forget it. Then I’d leave with my groceries and not report her.

  21. ehh.

    she was never that hot. but, given the situation, she looks halfway decent here….she always seems like a boring bitch, though.

  22. Lisa

    To the website writer: She’s beautiful, and what you call “regular women” are beautiful too. What nature creates is incredible, & unbelievably complex. You’ll have a far happier life if you begin to recognise this. Sorry, but you don’t sound like a very nice, nor interesting, person at all.

  23. Kels

    “18. michy – May 9, 2009 4:38 PM

    this post is so maschilist…sad!!!”

    What the fuck does “maschiist” mean? Were you going for “masochistic”? If so , you just said that the post enjoys inflicting pain upon itself..
    Education system fail.

  24. Galtacticus

    I like here even more now.At least she’s not behaving herself as a whiny spoiled actress. It’s better for the kid as well.

  25. Gando

    Kids who grow up with a whole army of nannies around them and they don’t understand where groceries come from.You bet they’re having later serious issues.

  26. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Darth or Sauron are always getting me food.Where do groceries come from?

  27. ronr

    What is she wearing on her head?

  28. Adam

    Poor baby. I don’t think she’s “brown” enough for her.

  29. Richard McBeef

    @23 – masochistic means pleasure in being subjected to pain. It doesn’t mean that pain is inflicted by the one who is enjoying said pain. So what Michy might have actually meant was that this post enjoys the pain inflicted by sadists (we the posters).

    Education system double fail.

  30. AirMail56

    She seems like a sweet girl, and should be happy with a new baby. Perhaps her Mother or Aunts need to talk to her about Post partum depression, or go postal on her hubby.

  31. alfalfa

    MILF-ilicious. I’d still hit it, although I’m sure Cash is tired of the same old pussy.

  32. Richard McBeef

    That’s the face of a full blown Jeter Herpes outbreak.

  33. kanye west

    die randal!

  34. Unkle joe

    This bitch is ugly without makeup

  35. kelsey

    Hey #23 and #29, congrats on being grammar police, shut the hell up.

  36. Sheva

    She certainly looks like a miserable bitch in some of these shots. To have gotten every good break in life with minimal acting talent if you can call it that and she should be thanking God every second of the day.

    Hopefully the bad attitude doesn’t pass to the daughter.

  37. Cheese is god's way of saying bacteria be our friends.

    I likes cheese. All sorts o’ cheese. Aged cheddar can be very good, but I also git hog wild over dipping good ol’ goverment cheese in my leftover packets of Fire sauce from taco bell, mixed with Mickey D’s spicy mustard dip. I gotsta say, a fine, cave-aged swiss really dipped my doodle the other day! Boy howdy, and I can say with a certainty that time I had the gorgonzola alfredo sauce on some linguini…..let’s just say that sauce wasn’t the only white stuff that was dribbled on my clothes that meal! Whoo-heee!!!! Well, I be yappin’ ya’lls heads off bout dat cheese, but oooh lordy, does I likes me that cheese!

    I’m trying to say, I’m glad the Alba has a fresh-squeezed fuck trophy. I bet that shit was so tight, only a sprinkle of parmesan coulda fit on her fish taco. Buts now that its all blown out from the kin-berthin, I could fit a round of asiago just under that clitasaurus and hold it in place with her labiatuses. Mmmm, an dat be Gooooouda!!!1

  38. nichole

    She’s still hot. Super toned arms, slim body. Yeah, I think most of America’s women want to look like her.

  39. Cheese is god's way of saying bacteria be our friends

    Oh, and:

    NICE TRAPS HULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Bo

    This bitch is always moody.

  41. The Hispanic Aging Curse

    Yay, baggy eyes already and she is not even thirty.

  42. What… a… babe

  43. devilsrain

    Shes at the fucking supermarket for christs sake. & people wonder why they hate paparazzi.

  44. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    Why does she reject her Mexican heritage….? Stuck-up bitch, she sure is ugly now…. Adios, senorita. No mas movies for usted.

  45. Joe Schmoe

    she has a mustache.

  46. ah

    ugh i so used to hate her, but these pictures make me like her. it’s nice to see some reality and a celebrity being a good mother.

    nice jessica :)

  47. Em

    Dear Superfish,

    I am a long-time reader, first-time not-anon commenter.

    I loathe this woman, from her beady little blank stare to her flabby arms down to her incredibly tasteless slag tag. PLEASE stop acting like this creature is at all attractive. I have honestly seen hotter in actual grocery stores.

  48. Richard McBeef

    @35 – actually that wasn’t a grammar issue, it was as word usage or spelling error. the grammar police would tell you to drop a period after “grammar police” and make “shut the hell up” it’s own sentence. fuck off.

  49. Richard McBeef

    the grammar police would also tell me that i should have used its rather than it’s. Either way you can still fuck off.

  50. Jess looks great ! (Let’s face it – my sources report she had to date this ‘Flipper’ thing for a number of years – and ,like, look at your finger tips sometime after you’ve spent a long time in the tub.)
    And in other news # 92 – #93 on the last Lindsay Lohan thread. Welcome to the site. Unfortunately for you (and me) – I’ve been dribbling at this site for a number of years now and you haven’t. I look forward to some ‘blog talk’ – as they say in the industry – with you moronic shills – that type of thing, when I’ve run out of things to do.
    My guess is you’re still having a few problems with concepts like “free fall collapse speed”, “resistance” and that good ol’ Newton thing – ‘gravity.’ Check with the architects and engineers on this link with your concerns of your relevant “conspiracy inside job agenda. Boring, certainly. Incoherent, you bet. Muliple personalities…?”
    Hey wait a sec – Is that you – BRANDON M. WITTE ??

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