Jessica Alba has hard nipples

August 1st, 2007 // 120 Comments

A newly single Jessica Alba was spotted at a Beverly Hills drugstore yesterday looking pretty distressed. I’m guessing it’s because she’s cold and forgot her bra. Or maybe she’s unhappy with the store’s selection of detergents. Or maybe it’s because I turned her down for a date. It’s probably that last one. I do that all the time and the ladies just hate it.


  1. crazy otto

    one word…..YUMMY!!!

  2. dr.kevinpothead


  3. nat

    She’s buying tampons!!!
    that’s why she looks distressed- because they captured it on film.

    she’s got the red.

  4. ???Zomeone pleaze fuck Victor…zoooooooooooonnnnnnnn???

  5. Sheva

    That’s a nice figure Alba. Wonder what the real story is on her breakup.
    No clue but I want to take a shot. I love her skin tone. Lovely.

  6. 28inch

    It baffles me that nobody ever considers that her tits are fake. Sure, they’re not huge, but they are pretty big and round compared to the rest of her body. As a female with real boobs i’d vote fake on this pair. I mean, the girl has admitted to anorexia in the past and still has protruding ribcages to this day. Before anyone mentions her arse, that’s tiny too nowadays. If its a boob job it’s a damn good one but a boob job nonetheless.

  7. ya ya

    No Jessica. We are not buying tickets to see YOUR movies, because your acting SUCKS ASS, Bitch! And they are not YOUR movies idiot, you are merely a BIT PLAYER who got lucky by whoring yourself out in movies and in horny guy’s magazines.

  8. Jens

    I had hard nipples once.

  9. Greatestntheworld

    Damn….. She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine.

  10. Kingnitro

    Man, pics like those make you realize what a P.I.T.A. the Papparazzi is to celebs! Following people in a supermarket? Give me a break…

  11. Alexander

    She’s really hot. We need more of her, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barrios, etc, etc, etc. And less of Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Kristin Dunst. No more fake, no more fat and no more ugly please! This site is going downwards and the new readers are getting dumber and easier to fool.

  12. TimD.

    Those plastic surgeon boobs rule.

  13. uknow it 2121

    theres no way in hell those things are fake. if you were getting implants, dont you think you’d go higher than a 34A?

  14. S4R4H


  15. I love the sun glasses they are so cool no matter what Jessica Alba dose she always looks grate to me and my friend Emma. Ps Jessica can you send me and Emma a email we think you are fab!. your number one fans.

  16. well i think everyone needs to get off her tip just because of that i will still be her number one fan no matter what she go through

  17. well i think everyone needs to get off her tip just because of that i will still be her number one fan no matter what she go through

  18. ELLIE


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