Jessica Alba has hard nipples

August 1st, 2007 // 120 Comments

A newly single Jessica Alba was spotted at a Beverly Hills drugstore yesterday looking pretty distressed. I’m guessing it’s because she’s cold and forgot her bra. Or maybe she’s unhappy with the store’s selection of detergents. Or maybe it’s because I turned her down for a date. It’s probably that last one. I do that all the time and the ladies just hate it.


  1. anus wide shut

    She’s petite, so I imagine she’d squat over your mouth, let out a soft musical grunt, and release a very thin and tidy torrent of bloody diarrhea.

  2. FACE

    Doesnt dressing like that make you more noticeable? What average person waers big ass shades and a hat like that. She is obviously trying to conceal her identity. She looks like she is there to rob the place – of course, people will look at her. Stupid.

  3. Maybe the agitator on her washer is broken…

  4. wontyoujointme

    i’d suckem good…i might not enjoy it, but i’d do it…for the good of mankind and all that crap!

  5. Texas Tranny

    gay4girls, jrzmommy always make me laugh.

  6. ScottL

    Gotta love how these stars attempt to go unnoticed in a public place, when the reality is that they really want to be noticed

  7. #57 Scott, Totally, right?

  8. Bite Me!

    This is great product placement for Tide and Gain. Do you think Jessica is getting a cut from these guys?

  9. Victor

    #58…….FRIST, where you been all day? I missed you.

  10. adeliza

    I thought about that too!!!
    You know Tide and Gain are loving it.

  11. lambman

    Her face looks rough as hell.

    also, she’s like an A cup this isn’t all that exciting.

  12. jrzmommy

    That looks like a bottle of betadine at her feet.

  13. Sauron

    I barely can see her nipples but the washingpowders on the background strike my eyes more.Back to her roots?

  14. jrzmommy

    And the stuff in the background to the right is Medical supply equipment.
    Wish I could see whats in the boxes at her feet? Gauze pads?? Bandages? Does someone have a hiney cut?

  15. jrzmommy

    I see a bottle of Centrum, too on the shelf.

  16. Victor

    DAMN! JRZMOMMY, you really have studied those pictures. Can you tell what color her pubes are? Can you tell us what color panties, lace and all the details? Did she douche this morning?

  17. I’ve been here, but the computer erased all my login, so I haven’t been commenting. Too much work. And I type like a 12 year old. It took my five minutes to write this.

  18. Victor

    FRIST, if you want, you can come over for personal typing lessons. I can get behind you to give you hands on practice. Will that work for you?

  19. jrzmommy

    YES! I can………no pubes, gray panties with bacon strips and no douche.

  20. Doomhammer

    yeah, she has a nice tight little cut on her hiney and Ive got a big old meat stick that wants to violate it again and again until its worn out and discolored.

    geez, i need help.

  21. jrzmommy

    Do you think she picked up that Foot Pleaser Ultra? Hee.

  22. toddthewanker

    I think she jus got her nipples pierced thus the hardness and thus the betadine at her feet that she is trying to act like isnt hers but so clearly is. thats right, be jealous bitches.

  23. Victor

    JRZMOMMY, I can be Jessia’s foot pleaser as I LOVE WOMEN’S FEET. JRZMOMMY, I can also please your feet. Oh yeah I can also please you in many other ways also.

    So no pubes, nice……….gray panties? Just the old lady panties or what, no thong? And as far as the douche, I don’t mind that, so I can have a nice pleasant smell while I am down licking her inner thighs. No smell, no good. You need the pussy smell to make it all the better.

  24. Funny pics, because there are already shots of her taking her clothes off to do laundry!

  25. wedgeone

    There’s a $15 fine for getting Victor excited. Or, more excited…

  26. adeliza

    I do believe you need go on a date. No, make that several dates.

  27. TS

    Hell yeah, TEXAS TRANNY. Finally someone with something else to say other than FIRST. Nice Tits is right. on the money.

  28. Girls and Victor—douching may kill beneficial bacteria, if your pussy smells you need some antibacterial ointment to kill that shit!

  29. Victor

    #79 Thanks for the information Dr. EagleEye. So when we going to talk EagleEye?

  30. Sauron

    She seems to be waiting for somebody to pick up and to carry those packs in front of her feet? Good chance Hayden Panettiere is running already to carry them for her.

  31. Canadian Doctor in the hizouse

    #80–Victor we’re talking right now. Aye? My email is buried deep in my blog!

  32. Victor

    Hmmmmmmmm…….I will see if I can find it. Would really like to talk to you, rather than posting on here.

  33. Bite Me!

    @79 If girls don’t douche, Victor will have nothing to drink. And for Pete sake, will you please send him an e-mail. Talk dirty to him or what ever floats his boat. I will vouch for Victor. His is a nice guy. I am sure he would be happy to drive all the way to Montana to by you dinner.

    PS is that Sunrise picture you?

  34. Victor

    #82 Do I have access to find it?

  35. #84—If he buys me a steak its on! The sunrise pic is a close faximile especially the glutual region!
    #85–Victor–if you really are a system admin, you can get on my blog with the greatest of ease!

  36. Victor

    #82 Found the e-mail, check your e-mail, it will be an e-mail from “budweiser”

  37. Bite Me!

    This buds for you!!

    @86 I love a big juicy steak!!!

  38. That’s funny she has a hard something I have a hard something, She creeps no one out on the internet, I currently am creeping people out on the internet talking about my raging boner.
    We’re a match made in heaven.

  39. ya ya

    xxxxxxx It’s time to whore herself out to the paps since she dumped Cash and she’s got some movie coming out. “So let’s see,” She says “I think I will go out without a bra today! Yeah, that’s it!” Next, she will be whoring herself out at the beach or in another magazine spread. God, she’s boring.

  40. walker

    Why is this idiot wearing sunglasses indoors?

  41. walker

    There she is with her hat to cover that huge Frankenstein fivehead of hers. And she has her signature “I smell shit” look on her face. The usual with this overrated anorexic.

  42. She Is Wearing Bra - See Pic 3 Carefully

    Maybe she believes that by showing Cash how hard her nipples are in public that she is marriage worthy.

  43. ya ya

    Her Frankenstein fivehead is very apparent here.

    “I hope that they can get past my hotness.”

    Jessica exactly what “hotness” are you talking about?

  44. JessicaAlba

    I understand that all the money I get is from you folks buying tickets to see my movies. I am grateful. Now fuck off and get lives.

  45. Albaham Rinkon

    Rooks rike she goeen to make a hot salty bath for me and bleeche my hairs with that hair dyes by hers feets. Me likey likey.

  46. Albaham Rinkon

    Correction: Me rikey rikey.

  47. PJ

    Has anyone looked at the pile of stuff at her feet? Interesting shopping list.

  48. all she has are nips-bitch is bony, snobby, and breastless.

  49. Albaham Rinkon

    100 bitches

  50. tonycatman

    She is just perfect.

    The thing is, she isn’t that nice when she is on camera, with a face full of make up.

    If she was mine, I would lock her up in a room with no make up, and fuck her until she was an old lady.

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