Jessica Alba has hard nipples

August 1st, 2007 // 120 Comments

A newly single Jessica Alba was spotted at a Beverly Hills drugstore yesterday looking pretty distressed. I’m guessing it’s because she’s cold and forgot her bra. Or maybe she’s unhappy with the store’s selection of detergents. Or maybe it’s because I turned her down for a date. It’s probably that last one. I do that all the time and the ladies just hate it.


  1. djthecat

    she looks like she is about to moon me in the last picture

  2. THREE Little Pigs!

  3. whitegold

    I’m a little surprised to be saying this, but I think I much preferred Victoria Beckham’s hard nipples!!!

  4. Bite Me!

    This is a very good thing. She should only be allowed to go out into public with hard nipples and no bra

  5. Chauncey Gardner

    I love that she can’t even go to the fucking store without some asshole shoving a camera up her cunt. I just love it. Fuck the celebs.

  6. ali

    shes seriously pissed because he wouldn’t date her. i was there. i always am. i am her hard nipples.

  7. We-Le-Surrender....

    Clean up on aisle five… Um… I need a towel please…

  8. Victor

    #3, how about a chat sometime, like on e-mail, or some messenger service? Kind of hard to talk to you in here. Plus, this really the appropriate place to have a conversation.

  9. omfg

    omfg!! she’s so hot

  10. Victor

    Damn she got a nice rack, if she can wear that shirt with no bra. Those titties are to die for. They hold up really nice, and aren’t hanging or in some odd position. This girl I would do every sexual act imaginable to her.

  11. dolcejenny

    She looks pissed. Why can’t celebrities unravel the enigma?

    People want to see your picture, that is WHY you get paid to be in movies.

    If people didn’t care, photogs wouldnt follow her and she would be worth $0000000

    It’s a vicious cycle, Jessica Alba….but the look on your face says you have finally understood: YES you did make a deal with the devil moron.

  12. Victor

    I am just curious now. Are Eagle Eye’s tits this firm, round, and have the texture to hold up like Jessica’s tits? Just giving you a hard time Eagle Eye, if you want to ignore me you can. I will leave you alone now, obviously you don’t want to talk to me.

  13. jrzmommy

    Is she about to pinch a loaf?

  14. Texas Tranny

    I wonder if she’s wearing pretty panties.

  15. Victor

    #14 and #15 Good point on both questions. I am now wondering the same.

  16. Mmmm. My tits are very “soft” as my very pc gyno told me one day! WTF? For some reason my male gynos like to make comments to me! Go figure!

  17. adeliza

    Whoopitty God dang do.

  18. drdanny

    Jeez, that pap-guy is dumb! She’s clearly in the act of dropping her drawers. Why did he stop shooting?!?

  19. Nancy

    Where is she that Tide detergent costs $1.99?!?!?

  20. p911gt10c

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: NO woman on this earth can make those stupid fuckin oversized sunglassed look good. Not even Jessica.
    That being said, pic 3 looks like a girl who’s about to sit down to pee.

  21. Victor

    #17 can I post a comment on your site and you will reply?

  22. my comment

    Unless she’s trying to shoplift feminine hygiene products,
    this is really boring .

  23. Victor

    #20 Nancy, I think you need some glasses, the tag says $11.99, not $1.99.

  24. robin

    Dudes! She has a bra on. Idiots

  25. coquettish

    #22—comment away

  26. narconleptic

    she’s more white trash than mexican…nice boobs though

  27. cubicle POW

    She looks like she’s about to steal something, especially in the last picture.

  28. D4P

    12 – Exactly. I love how these celeb morons think they can get paid millions for appearing in movies, TV shows, etc., but still maintain their privacy in public.

  29. kitty_kat

    Oh no. I hope The Superficial guy isn’t gonna start stalking Jessica Alba now.

  30. Rich

    You can see the built-in bra in the third photo, the side and top lines. Still, there is excellent protusion through two layers.

  31. xlg

    She looks like she’s going to take a dump in the aisle in that third pic.

  32. Bite Me!

    I think she is getting ready to moon the photographer in the 3rd pic

  33. Jessica Alba has zero problems for the rest of her life.

  34. Dizzybenny

    i hate those f***cking sunglasses!!!!
    it don’t help when you have a small head you look like an alien!

  35. DancingQueen

    You know the Mexicans… they STEAL.

  36. Spankalot

    I just got done fucking her and said Bitch do my laundry now.

  37. JizzyDizzy

    $11.88 for that box of detergent?? Anybody have the address of that store? I’m getting raped by my local shop, I’m payin $13.79 for the same f’n box!!! Oh yeah, nice nips too.

  38. Victor

    #36, I take it you are talking about ‘STEALING’ Jobs from the American people. That is because half of fuckin Americans are too fuckin lazy to work, and are on wellfare, or getting food stamps. Fuckin lazy people live here in America. And I am American, but just speaking the truth.

  39. Fluffy Butt

    …. dum dum dum ….

    two thumbs up for the perky nips!

  40. wanks

    mmmm nipples

  41. Dizzybenny

    the face that she makes on the 3rd pic look like she’s crappen in her pants.

  42. Texas Tranny

    Do you think she’s into SCAT?
    That’s nasty, but I would let her piss on me.

  43. jrzmommy

    TT–Scat as in like, bee bop skeep diddly doo bop bippity-bippity-doo-wop-razzamatazz-skoobie-doobie-bee-bop-a- do-bop wow?? Or Scat as in like, poop?
    She doesn’t strike me as the Ella Fitzgerald type.

  44. Texas Tranny

    Very funny.
    Yes I mean coprophilia, because it does look like she’s taking a shit in her pretty panties.

  45. Bite Me!

    @44 Jrzmommy, I think it is the latter. After all, it is coming from TT

  46. drewski

    Seeing her nice perky boobies and suddenly my cock and the shelves behind her have something in common………. lots of GAIN!!!!

  47. JoeJoe

    Looks like the stick is finally ready to leave her ass – it’s been up there ever since she said she wanted to be a real actress.

  48. gay4girls

    jrzmommy made me laugh

  49. I hope TT didn’t mean coprophagia? Dogs do it, but that is pretty nasty if peop’s do it!

  50. Italian Stallion

    Damn, dem shits could cut glass………………

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