Jessica Alba flashes her panties

April 19th, 2007 // 176 Comments

Jessica Alba was spotted flashing her panties in a see through dress while shooting a commercial for Revlon with Ellen von Unwerth. Unfortunately she’s wearing the least flattering underwear possible. I think my grandma owns the same pair, only hers is — wait did I just imply I’ve seen my grandma in her underwear? Aaaauugghghgg! *shoves a spoon into my eye*

EDIT: I’m moving this up since it’s way more fun to look at than Lindsay Lohan’s possibly fake MySpace messages.

jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-01-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-02-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-03-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-04-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-05-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-06-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-07-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-08-thumb.jpg


  1. raspie

    #132: notice the shadow-like faces in the veil between her legs?

    Also: what is that shinny ball next to her face in the last pic?

  2. Carsten5577

    A very average-looking mongrel.

  3. Lowlands

    Who’s that dwarfmonkey on these photos anyway??Ok,i’m outta here.

  4. 1MILFhunter

    If my grandma wore panties and flashed me like that, I’d want to do her too.

  5. LilRach

    She looks great and everything…….but why would you wear white underwear under a black see through dress???? Also why such ugly undies with such a gorgeous dress???

    Why? Why? Why?

  6. justme

    She ain’t no nappy headed ho, that’s for sure..

  7. Jimbo

    Jesus Fucking Christ.

    schack’s a dude.

  8. Phazon

    I wanna fuck that ass.

  9. Ellie

    Ok… I know this has nothing to do with this post but:

    I’m turning 21 Sunday and I have no idea what to do (besides drink). Anyone have any party ideas???

    Back on subject: She’s fucking hot.

  10. wedgeone

    Ellie – how about a dress-up tea party? My dad used to celebrate my birthday that way. I felt like a princess. At night he’d still come into my room even though I peed the bed to try to keep him away, but still, it was a nice day.

  11. Ellie

    Wow! That happened to you too?

  12. irapback

    I would cut a bitch for her face. what a beauty.


  13. Ruby

    Jimbo!! No shit? Are you serious? LMFAO!!!

  14. BarbadoSlim

    @145, wait, wait, wait! Is he fucking serious, lady was a doode? They really went on that date?

    So anyway, did ya score Jimbo?

  15. She’s not even that famous,,only can recall 2 movies of hers..In the Blue and Idile Hands, looks like she wanted us to see her grandma panties…

  16. Jimbo

    Ruby – No I did not post that. I never saw Shack last night. I was at the Hard Rock from 6 until 9 drinking way to many beers.

  17. DrPhowstus

    Happy 4/20 to all you cool fucking weed smokers. They rest of you can smoke my pole. Except schack apparently.

    @146 — I think it’s time to cue Aerosmith… he scored an empty netter.

  18. Ruby

    Slim – that woulda been too fucking funny.

    Well, you get an “A” for effort, Jimbo. Let me know when your next conference is near NY. I’ll have a drink (or three) with ya.

  19. Jimbo

    That sounds good Ruby. I am always looking for a reason to go to the Big Apple

  20. biatcho

    Cmon, you knew she wouldn’t show. Google “schack” and the first hit is “ALL TALK”. and talk. and talk. and talk…

  21. Jimbo

    Biatcho – Yes I knew she would never show and I was willing to put a expensive dinner on the table to see if she would. That is why there is always plan B. Plan B was getting hammered at the bar

  22. BarbadoSlim

    Well, she should be making an appearance soon, wherein she’ll have to explain her “failure to represent.”

  23. Jimbo

    She is around. I already go an e-mail from her this morning

  24. jackspratling

    Wait, I’m so confused. I come to the superficial to watch the train-wreck that is the life of celebrities, and instead, 156 posts later, all I get are anonymous posters trying to socially interact Internet? Can’t I at least get some witty comment like “What I wouldn’t give to be balls deep in Alba’s colon?”

  25. veggi

    This is regoddamndiculous. This post still?
    and @156. That wasn’t witty.

  26. Sparkles13

    Ok, so I know she’s terrible at acting, but she is the bees knees. What a beauty.

    I can forgive the excessive amount of makeup only because A) it’s a photoshoot B)said photoshoot is outside.


    Gorgeous…but does she have any real talent? Anything I’ve seen her in, she comes off wooden, unimpressive. When she’s on Leno or Jimmy K., she seems very plain and unexciting. I guess God sent all her assets one way, cause she’s boring.

  28. diavolobella

    I hate to break it to you, but those aren’t panties. The dress has a body slimmer (it’s like a one piece control swimsuit – for you guys out there) built into it. It’s basically a bunch of sheer fabric attached to a body slimmer.

    So no granny fantasies for you today, unless your granny wore a body slimmer, in which case, fantasize away.

  29. captainpyro

    #26 Bad ass! Probably only 1 out of 1000 people that visit this site caught that. LOL

  30. Forbidden

    when will this mega-overrated chick totally disappear? there’s gonna be Sin City 2 and Sin City 3, if she’s not on the 3rd one we’ll only have to wait until the 2nd one is released, a few months after that hopefully she will disappear, lets hope she’s not featured on the 3rd one, because to see digitally enhanced images of her in revealing clothes attempting her hardest to look sexy shaking her ass being flashed again and again in 1 movie is enough. It’s gonna get real boring if that scene keeps being repeated. Is it really the only way they can make Jessica Alba look fuckable and good looking? Haha, I see WAY hotter chicks looking WAY hotter everyday, and they don’t need to be on a professional makeup artist’s chair for 5 hours, they don’t need to have a stylist, they don’t need to be told what clothes to wear, they don’t need airbrushing, photoshop and digital enhancing and they don’t need a professional photographer to look 10000 times hotter than Jessica Alba does. Man is Alba pathetic. She owes her success to the movie Sin City because she was playing a whore, showing her ass and shaking it in scenes being flashed only to make viewers horny so they would go see the movie, and it took like 6 hours in the makeup chair with a team of preofessional makeup artists, professional stylists etc to be able to make her look hot, and still it wasn’t too much. Other than the bare naked whorish ass shaking and dance moves intended to make people horny, she looks so so, nothing special compared to the kind of REAL hotties there’s outta there. She owes her success to that and still dares to claim that “she doesn’t want to take sexy roles” or that “nudity is against what she is” and gets mad because an image of her appears on the cover of Playboy… LMAO!! how PATHETIC can this chick be? how come she’s gonna act in Sin City 2 again if she doesn’t wanna take whore roles and if nudity is against what she is? Because that’s the only way for her to have people think she’s hot and to have people interested in her. She’s not good looking enough to be considered sexy if she doesn’t take whore roles. She’s no Angelina Jolie. Plus, she’s BORING as hell, and as an actress, a total joke. Pathetic and fucking stupid! Disappear already mega-overrated idiot!

  31. Forbidden

    btw, what’s up with that waist as wide as her hips and flat butt? isn’t Jessica Alba an icon for desperate female fatties really?

  32. Forbidden

    is there still any desperate loser from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wyoming… etc who would dare to say this chick is hot? during the Sin City days I understand, but nowadays, ROFLOL!
    seriously, is there anyone other than desperate ugly female fatties who still think this chick is hot?

  33. Forbidden

    I never saw any hot or good looking chick, damn, any non-ugly chick say Jessica Alba was good looking or compliment her looks in any way. It’s all ugly chicks who do mostly (about 85-90%), the rest are ugly desperate losers from Oklahoma, Alabama, Wyoming, etc, who have not seen a good looking woman or a hot chick in their lives.

  34. Forbidden

    And fuck, I never found Holly Madison too hot, but in her pic in the ads next to Jessica Alba’s pictures, Holly looks like a fucking megahot goddess.

  35. Lowlands

    They should Jessica Alba send back to Mexico.Maybe she’s more capable of working in a tortilla-bakery.

  36. OxfordAngel

    Sorrey but she looks like an underage thai prostitute, she looks better without all that shit shes wearing

  37. alaskanchicsickle

    @162 You protest too much I think. I mean, really, what is your obsession with professing your non-obsession with her?
    Also, Angelina Jolie is no Angelina Jolie these days.
    Jessica Alba is pretty decent, she’s not spectacular, but she’s not ugly either.

  38. Lowlands

    Jessica Alba has the perfect length for the tortilla-delivery service.Just pile the fresh baked tortillas up on her head and send her from door to door.

  39. woodhorse

    I thought she was white. I make pretty good tortillas for a white girl but I can’t deliver them piled on my head. You must be thinking of the Netherlands. I hear the white people up there carry things in their boat shaped hats.


  41. #28.
    i love you.

    and id go lesbo for her, christ.

  42. john

    i think she is gorgouse

  43. tom

    omfg shes is sooooo!!!!! fuckin hot i really wanna see her naked and fuck her push mi dick up hr mouth and suck her tits and boobs

  44. Jessica alba is a great person.

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