Jessica Alba flashes her panties


Jessica Alba was spotted flashing her panties in a see through dress while shooting a commercial for Revlon with Ellen von Unwerth. Unfortunately she’s wearing the least flattering underwear possible. I think my grandma owns the same pair, only hers is — wait did I just imply I’ve seen my grandma in her underwear? Aaaauugghghgg! *shoves a spoon into my eye*

EDIT: I’m moving this up since it’s way more fun to look at than Lindsay Lohan’s possibly fake MySpace messages.

jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-01-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-02-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-03-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-04-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-05-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-06-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-07-thumb.jpg jessica-alba-panty-flash-revlon-08-thumb.jpg