Jessica Alba buys lingerie

December 23rd, 2005 // 16 Comments

There’s really no point in mentioning how hot Jessica Alba is, so I’ll just leave you with this image of her buying lingerie and let your imagination fill in the rest. And in case you have a poor imagination, let me help you out: picture Jessica Alba wearing a lab coat riding on top of a rhinoceros while reading the morning paper. Not hot enough for you? Then picture two rhinoceros. Oh, baby, now we’re talking.


  1. xd


  2. Tha-Flash

    OMG… A star… Buying lingerie, who would have thought!

    Fantastic news!

  3. silvrlite

    She also came into the Apple Store in Soho and acted like we were her personal shoppers for iPod accessories. But then again, everyone in Soho does that.

  4. Bob Denver

    Aren’t the people who work at Apples Store’s basically personal shoppers? That’s how I treated the people when I went in there once. You get paid for it, so stop bitching that you have to help a customer.

  5. curiousone

    girl can’t act worth of ….

  6. hafaball

    See, if you guys showed her in a Barnes and Nobles every now and then, we might start having a different impression of her, but seeing how if asked, she’d probably say, “No, I don’t know anyone named Barnes and Nobles, did I meet them at a party?”

  7. cornelius_prot

    It’s Barnes and Noble, hafaball. So, in attempting to make Alba look like a non-reading dumbass, you succeeded in making yourself out to be an illiterate bitch. Must be a nice feeling. Merry Christmas!

  8. MrPloppy

    “Jessica Alba buys lingerie”. What kind ? , what was it made of, and where are the pics? . Damn it I need closure on this story.

  9. drowningfool

    Looks like the only difference between hafaball and Jessica Alba is that one of them is rich and famous and the other one is just a retard. Unless hafaball IS rich and famous in which case I’m the retard…wait a second….hafaball…who could that be…KEANU REEVES! What did we tell you about posing as common folk on the web and trying to look smart?

  10. Buster Hyman

    Damn…an I used up all my urinal cakes, canola oil, and peanut butter on Brit Spears , Paris H, and Steven Hawking……better get back to the store for a re-load.

  11. Captain Awesome

    I hope its lingerie made of licorice.

  12. derekd

    Ok she’s got the looks. Who am I kidding shes fuckin’ gorgeous but for the love of all that is precious and holy GET SOME ACTING LESSONS!!! Oh and Jessica don’t go to the school Keanu Reeves went to. Just in case your reading.

  13. Bogart

    I heard people talking about these pics on the radio and they made them sound really hot, but the pics don’t really show much. Too bad there’s no hidden camera in the dressing room.

  14. Sheva

    She only bought this stuff because it makes you a better person. I read that in the Victoria Secrets catalog.

    Wish she was under my tree. :(

  15. hafaball

    wow, you put an S here and there and they bite your head off…O.o and yes, I am Keanu Reeves. “Whoa,” see, it’s me assholes. :D

  16. thatoneguy2

    Posted by Captain Awesome on December 23, 2005 09:05 PM

    I hope its lingerie made of licorice.

    i found that i prefer biscuits and gravy.


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